Jul 12, 2010

Pit Bull bites boy in the face.

This punk walks his Pit Bull to the animal control officers truck after the dog bit a child in the face.

An 8-year-old boy suffered a "nasty gash" to his face when he was attacked by a Pit Bull yesterday afternoon.

The boy, who was rushed to Middlemore Hospital by ambulance, was believed to have been visiting an address in Hindmarsh St, Henderson, when he was bitten on the side of his face by a pitbull terrier.

The dog was taken away and destroyed last night.


  1. i am so glad that blogged this!!!
    i grabbed the photo and added it to my pit nutter salute collection.

  2. ha ha, Pit nutter salute.
    My mom saw the picture and said see this is exactly what I think of when I think Pit Bull owner.

  3. And they wonder why there's a stereotype.

  4. Pit nutters only have that one finger it appears. I say their pit ate the others.

  5. You know, I'm a pitbull lover,dog lover in fact, and clearly its the owner's fault for not socializing the dog and not keeping a watchful eye, obv. he doesn't give a shit....i feel horrible for the little boy, he's veryyy brave! I still don't believe pitbulls are bad dogs, yes they are capable of things like these but what dog isn't? It's just the way the owners train the dog. I hope the asshole's in jail!

  6. I think the owners are to blame. I would like to take that guy and bust his head into pieces.


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