Jun 30, 2010

Pit Bull mauls 70-year-old woman and her dog in Florida

A Lehigh Acres woman and her pet dog were attacked right outside their home while starting a walk on Haskell Street. The woman who says it was a neighbor's pit bull who bit her face and arms, then dragged her down the street.

Seven-year old Prince is a fighter. The 10-pound miniature pincher is recovering from an attack by a pit bull nearly 10 times his size.

And his 70-year-old owner is doing the same.

"I got him into my arms and I'm trying to protect him and I'm trying to back up and then he started biting on me so he went to the bone on this arm and went pretty far on this arm," said victim Sonja Mattick.

Pit Bulls were originally bred to be safe with people, but no plan is flawless.  There have always been those Pit Bulls that are man biters and it seems that here lately they just keep getting more and more confused and going after people.. Many people are breeding human aggressive Pit Bulls on purpose.  These days you just cannot tell which ones are only dog aggressive, only people aggressive, or both!  It's just not worth the risk.

Jun 27, 2010

Bella aka Little Mauler AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION NOW!!

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Size: Medium

Sex: female

Age: Young

Neutered? Yes

Good with dogs? No

Shots up to date? Yes

FROM THE SHELTER:Bella was in NYC happy as a clam when they said she 'turned on' their other dog -- :(

In short, Bella was surrendered because she showed a pit bull trait -- dog aggression. Dog aggression by pit bulls in various intensities, and for Bella, she needs to be an only pet -- that's all.

So, while Bella needs to be an only pet, she is WONDERFUL with people -- she can't LOVE enough -- !!

She is being sponsored by fellow rescuer Barb who had a great situation to allow this girl some time to chill and to get ready for her next home. We are very happy for those who gave this girl a chance -- she definitely deserves it!!

It's a good thing this FEMALE was neutered before going up for adoption.(neutered being THEIR word, not mine)

And, how dare the previous owner surrender her for showing a normal Pit Bull trait!

If you are interested in this little killer, just contact SMILIN' PITBULL RESCUE or email: adoptions@spbr.org

Pit Bull people, do you see why I believe that Pit Bull people are hurting, not helping, the breed? Little Miss Bella has issues and Pit Bull rescue angels do not see a problem adopting her out. PITTY-FUL!

PS.  Check out Smilin' Pitbull Rescues tips on what to do if a dog fight breaks out -- If you are adopting Little Miss Mauler, I mean Bella,  you will need it!

Jun 26, 2010

Man disfigured by Pit Bull attack

OILDALE, Calif. -- An Oildale man is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by two pit bulls. The attack happened around dusk Thursday night at a home in the 500 block of Wisteria Street.

Family members who witnessed the attacked told ABC 23 that 29 year-old Luis Luque was attacked unprovoked by two pit bulls. According to Luque's girlfriend, he had been to that home many times before to talk to the residents who live there and nothing ever happened with the dogs.

"He just walked up to the door and knocked. They opened the door and one of the dogs went after his leg. Luis knocked off the dog from his leg, and that's when the other pit attacked his face and I started to scream," said Victoria Flye.

Dr. Vip Dev, a local plastic and reconstructive surgeon got the call to do the emergency surgery late Thursday. Luque had extensive reconstructive surgery done to his face, nose and lips as a result of the attack.

The attacked happened in front of Flye and Luque's daughter who said they are now dealing with the emotional scars. What makes matters worse for the family is that they don't have medical insurance.

Dev said he is not going to charge the family for his services to repair Luque's face, which would have cost more than $10,000.

My blog readers comment about his/her experience with their Pit Bull.

I enjoyed reading your comment and appreciate you sharing it. 

You know, as I continue to search the Internet, I'm stunned at the lame, tired excuses I keep hearing from pit bull advocates. I am the former pit bull owner from above that had to put the dog down, and this is our pit bull story.

My husband and I were young, healthy, didn't have kids yet, and both grew up with lots of family pets, and lots of dogs. We were finally in a home where we could have a dog, and we couldn't wait to get one. We were (and still are) committed to reducing the stray population, and supporting local animal shelters, and neither of us felt the need to insist on a purebred dog--for the purpose of a family pet, we felt a mixed breed was great.

And here is one thing that pit bull advocates have on their side--pit bull puppies are cute! They really are! With their kinda smooshy noses and their little triangle ears, they can totally grab a dog lover's heart at a glance. The pit bull mix puppy that we adopted did that to us, I know. Plus, she was that gorgeous brindle color that pits and bulldogs and some of those related dogs share. We talked to our vet about the temperament issue, and got the same, tired, "It's how you treat them," line that I've heard so often since.

So when reasonably kind, educated, animal- loving people hear that, you know what we think? We think, "Well, gee, obviously we have no intentions of training this dog to fight, nor are we going to abuse it in any way, including the fact that we do not intend to keep this dog on a chain. We plan on getting it spayed, appropriately vaccinated and wormed, and we will commit to exercising it every day." And we lived in the wide open spaces of high desert country in New Mexico, so we weren't in a highly populated area, although, we of course did have neighbors with children and dogs. "We will make a concerted effort to obedience train this dog, and we will socialize it with other people and dogs." And we did.

Now, the next time some pit bull fancier says that it's irresponsible, stupid, cruel, yada yada yada owners that are responsible for attacks, I am here to say that I believe that lots of those owners are well-intentioned suckers just like we were. Seduced by a pretty face and platitudes, we had no idea what we were bringing into our house.

The year we owned Maddie was insane. We introduced her to new adults and children all the time, and we were never sure how she would react to an individual. Sometimes she was just widdle puddle of doggy wuv who licked and wiggled when she met people, and sometimes she would just LOOK at someone and give this terrific WOOF!! (And it was one loud, scary-ass bark) and we knew we had to be uber careful. The same thing happened with dogs. Some she could and did play with for hours, and some we knew she would've swallowed whole if we'd let her.

I believe that because she was a mixed breed that was quite obviously crossed with something far away from the pit bull gene pool, we got a lot more advanced warning of aggression than a lot of owners get. The day she got loose, did NOT come back when called, and proceeded to chase a very pregnant neighbor down the street until she ran and shut herself into the house, was the last day we owned her. It scared the shit out of me. As soon as I got hold of Maddie and got back to my house with her, I had screaming death threats on my answering machine from the pregnant lady's husband. And who could blame the man? Maddie was put to sleep after that, and yes, it broke my heart, but I'd rather have my heart broken at losing a dog, than be haunted by the memories of someone getting severely hurt because of my stubborn pride.

I know this is long and rambling, but I hoped that it might make some reasonable people think before wading into this mess by adopting one of these pups.

Jun 25, 2010

Vicki Croke on the recent Bulldog attack in Massachusetts

Come on Vicki -- You don't have to beat around the bush to try not to hurt the Pitty peeps feelings!
Why is she talking about Rotties when the attack was by a Bulldog?
A young Massachusetts boy is hospitalized after he was attacked by a pet who then turned on its owner. Police say they had no choice but to put the dog down.

Family members say 38-year-old Karen O'Leary was babysitting for her neighbor's son and her own five year old daughter inside her Helen Street home in Lakeville, Massachusetts Wednesday afternoon. The family says the kids were playing with O'Leary's one-year-old American Bulldog when the dog lunged for little Lex Lizotte.
Lex's dad Kevin says the dog tore chunks of flesh from Lex's cheek and bit his neck, head, ear and hands.
Vicki Croke, an animal expert, and host of The Secret Life of Animals on NECN, joins Chet Curtis to provide some insight on the case.

Smooshy wooshy Pit Bull owner needs advice.

Browsing the internet this morning I ran across this snippet on  a website. It's a Pit Bull owner asking for advice.  It's scary to think how many clueless people there are out there, but it tickles me to see how naive and just plain stupid people can be.   I used to be that person and I am so glad I woke up so I don't look as dumb as this one. 

I have a 7yr old red nose chocolate brindle.I've had her since she was 1hr old.She was the runt she was only 9grms when born.She was bottle fed and thinks she's a human.She's really spoiled rotten.She's(Boo Boo) the love of my life. From the moment she came into our lives she's had cats.She's always loved her babies.In most of the pictures I've taken of her thru the yrs there's usually a cat with her playing,sleeping,or just cuddling.It started 2 weeks ago she attack a 6 month kitten(Zac). She broke his Jaw and punctured his eye I had to have him put to sleep.He was a sickly kitten but he loved Boo Boo he'd rub on her & I never knew there was a problem.Since then she's went after 3 more of our cats.2 of them are getting up in yrs ones 16yrs & one is 14.Thank God someone has been around to holler at her before she does any harm.I just don't understand why.I make her go to our room and go to her bed for discipline.I hope someone can help me understand why & maybe how I can stop it.Shes a loving wonderful pet so WHY?


Jun 24, 2010

Lakeville Bulldog Attack Seriously Injures Boy, Woman

Police Shot Dog 9 Times To Stop Attack ―  Two people, including a 5-year-old boy, were seriously injured in a dog attack in Lakeville Wednesday afternoon. It took nine gunshots to stop the dog's attack.
It happened just after 4:15 p.m. at 4 Helen Street while a woman was babysitting her neighbor. Police say Karen Bruno O'Leary, 38, was babysitting the boy and her one-year-old, 110 pound American bulldog went after him.

She stepped in and the dog started to attack her.

O'Leary's 5-year-old daughter called 911, and when police officers arrived at the house, the dog was still attached to O'Leary's arm.

An officer was able to distract the dog away from the woman and other workers got O'Leary out of the home.

The officer shot the dog three times, but then it started paying attention to the crews that were working on its owner. Another officer fired six more shots killing the dog.

The boy had run out of the home before emergency crews arrived.

The woman was able to tell emergency workers about the boy, and they found him a short ways from the house with severe facial wounds.

The 5-year-old boy was first taken to Morton Hospital, and then transferred by MedFlight to Boston Children's Hospital.

O'Leary was taken by MedFlight to Beth Israel Hospital. Wednesday night hospital officials said she was in good condition.

According to authorities, there are no previous reports involving the dog.

Jun 23, 2010

Am I the only one that sees a mauling in the near future?

Pay attention to the condition of these dogs, they sound like ex Pit fighters to me.
Kelly NUTTER (ironically that is her real name) anxiously awaits the day when they will go to their new home... WTF?

Pacific Junction, IA - It's a story you saw first on Action3news. It was in May that we brought you the story of 27 pit bulls rescued off a rural Mills county property. Sadly, some had to be put to sleep. Those that survived are in the care of Loess Hills Humane Society in Pacific Junction, Iowa. They look defenseless. As they sit in their large wire cages, they eagerly await the arrival of that special someone that will take them to a loving home.

It has been more than a month since their rescue. Kelly Nutter with the Loess Hills Humane Society tells Action 3 News that many of the dogs are extremely loving. She continues a daily observation of those she is still helping. "Right now we are still in custody of most of the pit bulls. I have sent a few out to foster, the ones that need more detailed medical help," she says. Those in foster homes will receive the care they need by foster parents who will pay the costs associated with their medical care. It's a special part of the rehab that Nutter says is essential.

Some of the dogs are missing their teeth. Many have raw skin exposed as a result of harsh conditions and prolonged sitting.

Since their rescue, many of the dogs have improved leaps and bounds over where their original condition over a month ago. Nutter believes with a little love, training, and fostering these pit bulls will be ready for adoption soon. Giggles, one male pit bulls has absolutely no teeth. Nutter believes the previous owner may have had them filed down or they could have fallen out. His face begs for love. He licks every time you say his name. While scared of his surroundings, Nutter tells me that he's like that at first and in time he'll adjust. As for the other dogs, "They probably have a couple more months. The optimal thing to do with these dogs is to get them in good foster homes," Nutter says.

After some TLC, they'll be ready to embark on their last journey to what Nutter calls their "forever homes."

San Bernardino County Pit Bulls will need to be spayed/neutered

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- An ordinance was passed Tuesday for all pit bulls in San Bernardino County to be spayed or neutered.
City officials worked with the county's Animal Care and Control Division to create the ordinance. Authorities say the objective of the ordinance is to reduce the overpopulation of pit bulls in San Bernardino County, to encourage responsible pet ownership and to reduce the number of violent pit bull attacks.

"In the past five years, four people in San Bernardino County have been killed by this breed, and just this year there have been seven attacks by pit bulls. No other breed has viciously attacked or killed anyone in that time," said First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt.

The new rule requires all pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs older than 4 months to be spayed or neutered. Also, all such dogs used for breeding will be required to be licensed.

State law prohibits any breed of dog from being deemed potentially dangerous or vicious, but the law allows local agencies to enact breed-specific programs for spaying and neutering to control over-population.

Owners or pit bulls will be required to spay or neuter their dogs within 30 days of the new rule's implementation.

Animal Care and Control will help pet owners comply with the ordinance by offering education and vouchers to those who are eligible.

Pit bulls or pit bull-type dogs represent about 20 percent of all dogs that are admitted to animal shelters. They are also one of the top three breeds impounded at county shelters and the most frequent to be euthanized.

For more information or to access San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control services call 1-800-472-5609.

Jun 22, 2010

Hinds County Pit Bulls will have to register

Hinds County residents who own pit bulls, hybrid wolf dogs and exotic animals must obtain a permit from the Sheriff's Department and hold insurance under changes approved Monday to the animal control ordinance.
Hinds County supervisors voted 4-0 for the changes.

If the owner does not meet the requirements and the animal attacks someone or is deemed vicious, the owner will be penalized. Penalties range from a $1,000 fine and 60 days in jail for a first offense to a $3,000 fine and 120 days in jail for a third or subsequent offense.

The amended ordinance also bans tethering dogs for long periods and transporting them unrestrained in the back of open truck beds or trailers. Violators will face a $100 fine for a first offense to a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail for a third or subsequent offense.

"The first couple of months may be hard on everybody, but they'll get it," said Maj. Teresa Gardner, head of animal control in Hinds County. "Our goal isn't to write tickets because then we'll end up going to court all the time. We just want people to follow the law and take care of their animals."

The amended ordinance will go into effect in July. Thirty percent of all animal ordinance fines will be set aside to pay for the upkeep of the county's animal control shelter on the penal farm campus.

The previous ordinance was less strict on ownership requirements and penalties, District 5 Supervisor George Smith said.

"I hope these penalties will be enforced and give some fear," he said.

Smith's district includes the town of Terry, where 5-year-old Anataisa Bingham was mauled and killed by a dog in February. The attack helped spur the changes to the ordinance.

No charges have been filed in the case. Sheriff's Department investigators say it is still under investigation. The case has stalled because DNA samples taken from a dog suspected of the attack did not prove it killed the girl, and law enforcement officials say the girl's family has not been cooperative with investigators.

Sheriff Malcolm McMillin said his department is working with the Hinds County district attorney's office to determine what to do next.

In March, two proposed pit bull bans in Jackson failed to pass the City Council after opposition from the city's animal control chief and several dog owners.

Smith said he encountered residents of his district who are supporters of pit bulls and oppose any restrictions.

"I tell them to check the record. They could be peaceful with this individual at this moment, but they're subject to attack at any given time," he said.

Hinds County residents who own pit bulls, hybrid wolf dogs and exotic animals must obtain a permit from the Sheriff's Department and hold insurance under changes approved Monday to the animal control ordinance.

Hinds County's ordinance does not ban any breed.
(dang, too bad)

Gardner said owners will receive warnings before being cited.

"Say we get a call that someone has 10 dogs tied out on their property. We'll go out and give them a copy of the ordinance and warn them about it. They'll have five to 10 days to take care of the problem, and then we'll go out and check on it. If they haven't corrected the problem, we'll take their dogs and fine them," she said.

Deaths from Pit Bulls in Hinds County

Thank you Jackson, for keeping your citizens safe! Finally, it seems to be catching on!

Jun 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

To all of you great guys out there that are dads to kids, four leggeds, or both,  Happy Fathers Day!

Now get off of the computer and go enjoy it!

Jun 19, 2010

Never underestimate the power of a Pit Bull!

This is not my video, I did not make it and I do not agree with some of the things they do in the video.
It's not really a Pit Bull fight, but I think it does a good job of representing how the Pit Bull is different from other breeds. I Mean, Pulling cars? Wow!

If the video is acting up and you would like to watch it on youtubes site go here

Jun 18, 2010

Another Pit Bull owner "wakes up."

It took an attack to push Gina Brashear (a Pit Bull owner) over the edge.

"They're used for fighting and guarding. It's a people problem. But if we can't do away with bad owners, we need to get rid of the breed."


Jun 17, 2010

John Elliot issues warning after his own dog attacks him.

Jun 17 2010

A DAD suffered horrific injuries when he was attacked by his American bulldog during England’s World Cup game against the USA.

John Elliot, 24, had his bottom lip torn off when his pet turned on him – and says his daughter could have been killed by the crazed animal.

He was watching the second half of England’s World Cup opener on Saturday night when he heard the three-year-old dog growling in another room.

He walked in to find the dog, named Bully, attacking another of his dogs but when he went to separate them the animal attacked.

Bully clamped his jaws around John’s arm, fracturing it and leaving severe bite marks. When John freed himself Bully leapt for his throat, but John managed to move meaning the dog bit his face instead.

After he got free John was taken to hospital where he was given 52 stitches. Because of nerve damage he can no longer feel his bottom lip.

As the drama unfolded John’s girlfriend Amy Arrol, 21, protected their ten-month-old daughter Kenzzie Elliot. Amy’s three other children were sleeping upstairs.

Now John wants to warn other American bulldog owners just what their pet could be capable of.

“You read about all these horrific dog attacks,” John said. “But until this happened I had no idea just what an American bulldog could do in this situation. I just hope that people understand how powerful these dogs are.

“We’d had him for a year, he was a family pet. The crazy thing is when I first got him the police thought he was an illegal breed and took him away for testing.

“They eventually gave him back and said he was legal.

“I’ve had lots of dogs before and I’ve never been in a position where one has turned on me like that, but this has convinced me that it can happen to anyone.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if the dog had got hold of my daughter he would have killed her.

“My lip was hanging off my face, it was horrible.”

Amy immediately called Coventry Police following the attack at their Aldermans Green Road home.

They arrived and took Bully away. At John and Amy’s request he was destroyed.

John has now given away his other two dogs and temporarily moved back to his parent’s house, in Henley Green, because he cannot face returning to the scene of the incident.

“As far as I’m concerned those dogs should be subject to tighter controls,” John said. “I’m relieved Bully was destroyed.

“When I saw him coming for my face I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen to me.

“But despite the injuries I’m just relieved that it was me and not my daughter who was hurt.”

You didn't know an American Bulldog was a Pit Bull?
Read here -- http://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/faq-pit-bulls-dogsbite.pdf

"My dogs are nicer than Cocker Spaniels!"

"My dogs are nicer than Cocker Spaniels!" says Summer Davis.
 Funny, because Cocker Spaniels are high on the list for being biters, and stupid because so called nice Pits are frequently in the news for attacking

Woman upset over police shooting of her pit bull.

BOCA RATON -- A Boca Raton woman whose pit bull was shot by a police officer says her dogs are "nicer than cocker spaniels" and the use of a firearm wasn't necessary.
Summer Davis said her 75-pound pit bull, Max, would have to be euthanized. The 6-year-old dog was shot Tuesday night when officers responded to a call about pit bulls on the loose.
Police say the dog was shot when it ran out of a residence with another pit bull and charged toward officers. Max was shot once under its eye.
A police spokesman says it is too hard to effectively use a stun gun device on an animal. He says dogs aren't a wide enough target and it is difficult to hit the animals with both prongs of the stun gun.

Jun 16, 2010

LOL Couldn't help myself.

There is a pit-bull, bull-dog, and a black lab all locked up in the local dog pound. The pit-bull decides to speak freely and says, "Ya know, it wasn't my fault I bit that kid's head off. Them kids have been throwing rocks at me for years and I just couldn't help but jump the fence one day and go after them. Now they are going to put me to sleep."

The bull-dog speaks up and says, "I'm in for a similar incident. My master just wasn't paying any attention to me since that stinkin baby came along and one day while it was crawlin around on the floor I bit its leg off. Now they are going to put me to sleep too."

Both the pit-bull and bull-dog look at the black lab and ask, "What are you in for?"

The lab replies, "Well the other day my master's lady was walking around the house naked all day long cleaning the house. When she went into the bathroom and bent over to clean the tub I just couldn't take it anymore. I came up behind her, put my front paws on her back and mounted her."

The pit-bull asks, "So when are you due to be put to sleep?" And the lab replies, "Oh, I'm not in to be put to sleep, I'm just in to have my nails trimmed and groomed."

Wierd news from Florida.

LAKELAND, Fla. -- A pitbull named Tiger narrowly escaped with his life after he was attacked by an alligator near Lake Hunter in Lakeland Tuesday.

Tiger's owner was taking him for a walk near the Polk County lake when the nearly 6-foot alligator rose from the water and chomped into him.
Tiger was fighting for his life, according to the Lakeland Ledger.His owner even tried to pull his leash to get him out of the alligator's deadly jaws. In the end, the 66-pound dog was freed.
The dog suffered scratches and puncture wounds. Those wounds allowed water to get into his lungs.
For now he's being cared for at the Christina Animal Hospital. Veterinarians said Tiger should make a full recovery, but will have to have frequent doctor visits

Jun 15, 2010

What do I want to accomplish with this blog?

As I go through a pile of emails from dissatisfied blog readers, and also the most  recent rash of Pit Bull attacks, I can't help but wonder, where's the disconnect between owners of Pit Bulls and reality?

This recent increase in traffic to PIT BULL OWNERS WAKE UP! has caused me to reflect on why I will fight for bsl, and more specifically why I write this blog.

I have been asked over and over, how in the world I could have a Pit Bull and think they deserve different requirements than other dogs, I feel like I need to explain this in depth.

What is my Pit Bull like? My Pit Bull is very strong willed, often high strung and highly aroused, but sometimes a couch potato, hard headed, goofy, very protective of her yard and home, loving towards my family, and okay with certain dogs.

I'm going to tell you, taking care of her is a full time job! I have to go above and beyond to make sure everything is always properly secured so she does not escape, because she is very good at that! I have no doubt that if she got out and ran up on the wrong dog, she would kill it. And cats? Well, no cat is safe if she can reach them! Well, let me rephrase that, no small animal is safe around her, her prey drive is off the chain! So, we know what we have to do to keep her and everyone/thing around us safe, we deal with that, we do it, and that's just something we live with. There is too much chaos in owning a Pit Bull! If I didn't have a relative on the inside, I would never have been able to get insurance, WHAT A HASSLE! Not one single insurance company in my area will insure a Pit Bull! Insuring a Pit Bull is too much of a risk for them! It is such a pain in the butt having to always check and recheck the locks and gates and make sure there are no new holes in the fences. It's too much of a hassle to make sure no dogs come up in her space when we are out walking, so I just started muzzling her so I don't have to worry about it. I'm sick of the mean looks and sometimes harsh comments we get when she is seen in public. There are too many other breeds out there that are just as loving and don't come with such a big risk.
When you own a Pit Bull, you get a ton of extra baggage!

My dog is perfectly safe in my hands, I take all of the precautions to make sure of that. But you could take my dog that is safe under my ownership, give it to my parents (who have more of a laid back doggie ownership approach) and the results could be deadly. Heck, I highly doubt that my mom and dad could even handle her out on a walk! She has almost jerked my arm out of socket so many times I cannot even count, and that was just because she saw or heard another dog!

I apologize if this offends anyone, but I honestly DO NOT believe  that dogs like these should be allowed in today's world. If you put a Maltese or a Schnauzer in the hands of an irresponsible owner, someone may get bit, but if you put a Pit Bull in the hands of an irresponsible owner someone can get killed, and that is unacceptable. Since I was an advocate of the breed for many years before I had a change of heart, I know hundreds of Pit Bull owners and their dogs. I know many that have killed dogs on more than one occasion. I know many Pit Bulls that were raised from puppies in good homes that have a screw loose in their head. I know some people that have dogs that are so aggressive they are never allowed around their children! How stupid do you have to be to own a dog that will kill your kid if given the chance? Not that it's a surprise, but there are many stupid Pit Bull owners, that can be seen in some of the "anon" comments on this blog.

When I say that we need bsl, let me be more specific. We need the following for Pit Bulls: they should be spayed and neutered, no felons can own them, they should be muzzled any time they are outside, if they are housed outside it should be inside a kennel with concrete floors and a roof. They should have to be microchipped, registered with the city, and the city should have a picture of said dog. Pit Bull owners should never be allowed to go to dog parks as they are a fighting breed. Pit Bull owners should have to pay an extra fee to own a Pit Bull, have to obtain separate insurance policy, and also be required to attend classes before they obtain one. Any new owners that move in the city should have to attend the class as well. There should be a limit on how many per household.And last but not least, any owner of a Pit Bull who's dog is involved in an attack on a person or an animal should be punished with higher fines and jail time (they knew the risk when they acquired the dog, and were not being responsible to let an attack happen, now people are paying the price for their stupidity.) Pit Bull owners have been shown to be careless, and there just isn't any room for mistakes when you have a Pit Bull.

To answer the questions before they are asked; WHY DO I THINK PIT BULLS NEED THESE REQUIREMENTS, here goes: Pit Bulls are very athletic and can easily scale a six foot fence. They will find a way to escape if there is a way. Criminals are attracted to this breed and use them illegally and sometimes as a weapon, so they should not be able to have one. Pit Bulls have been known to attack while on a leash being walked by their owner, so they should always be muzzled in public. Pit Bulls are dying by the millions in shelters each year so they need to be spayed and neutered ALL OF THEM! Pit Bulls often attack and cannot be traced to an owner so they should all be accounted for by the city they reside in so a person can be held responsible for the damage. Pit Bull owners often do not know the power and great responsibility that lies in their hands, and they need to be educated about the breed they choose to own. Often times when Pit Bulls attack  the owner makes excuses and tries to downplay what happened. If owners were not just given a slap on the wrist when their Pit Bull attacks they would probably wise up and be more responsible with their killer. Now, this is what I would like to see happen, but more than likely no lawmaker has the cajones to do it.

I truly believe that when I got my Pit Bull and started doing research on the breed, if I would have been presented with THE FACTS by Pit Bull people, or ran across a blog like this, I would never have got into advocating for this breed. While I do love my own dog, I believe that because of their tremendous strength and being bred for the sole purpose of fighting and killing, I do not think they should be in society without restrictions and strict ones at that. Every opportunity I get, I will push for bsl and write lawmakers educating them on why we need it. I have opened my mind to perceive Pit Bulls in a different way, and I strongly encourage all Pit Bull owners to do the same for the safety of everyone, including Pit Bulls. It really didn't take much for me to change my mind. Just pay attention to the headlines and that should be enough.

The main goal of this blog is to get Pit Bull owners to change their thinking about bsl. Crazy Pit Bull lovin' websites lie to us about a lot of stuff. The main thing they lie about is saying breed specific legislation is our enemy. The truth is, if there are no more Pit Bulls it will hurt their pockets, so they do all they can to keep them around.

We bitch and whine every time a Pit Bull attacks someone and say we are sick of the irresponsible owners that let them do this. We hurt when we see another dogfighting ring broken up, and we cry when we see the awful acts of abuse inflicted on Pit Bulls. Well, if your truly sick of all of those things, then start looking at bsl in a new light. BSL will ward off all of those things.

So far today I have covered why I believe these dogs should be restricted. Sorry I rambled on for so long about it. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

And Pit Bull owners, if your still in the mood to read, please read this blog post for yet another reason you should change your mind about breed specific legislation:

Jun 14, 2010

I'm very busy today, so I'll serve you up the usual.

I apologize for this but somedays I (like alot of people) are just too busy to sit down and write a long blog post.
So when I am, I will try to at least post one of the horrible Pit Bull attacks that happened that day.

So here is today's, this happens far too often in my neck of the woods!

4 Year Old Boy Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack
The child is hospitalized, the dog's owner could face charges

SANTA CLARITA -- A four-year-old LA County boy is hospitalized in stable condition after being bit in the back of the head by a pit bull.

Sheriff's Sgt. Michael Wright says the boy was playing with other children Saturday night outside his apartment complex in Santa Clarita when the dog approached and bit him at the base of his skull.

Wright described the bites as "severe."

The boy was transported to a local hospital and then airlifted to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Sheriff's officials say he is in stable condition Sunday.

The pit bull's owner gave the dog to deputies, who turned it over to animal control authorities.

Authorities say the owner could face charges.


Jun 13, 2010

Sad Sunday surprise (not really a surprise)

NEWHALL, Calif. -- Witnesses say five-year-old Jose Sadino never had a chance. They say the pit bull was crazed and attacked with a vengeance, severely mauling the boys head.

"All we saw was dog going for his head," the victim's friend Anela Flores said. "And then the dog started pulling out his hair."

The attack happened around 6:45 p.m. in the middle of a large Newhall apartment complex full of kids.

"The dog jumped out of the window, started biting everybody and then went for the little boy," Flores said.

The boy's mother ran outside as she heard her son screaming. Witnesses say she threw herself on top of her son to try and save him from the pit bull. With the help of neighbors, the pit bull was finally scared away.

"The sheriffs came in around the corner," witness Steven Rodriguez said. "They drew their guns on the pit bull and the pit bull jumped over the balcony and then finally they apprehended him and they had him in the back seat of the sheriffs car, but it was already too late."

The pit bull is in the custody of animal control and will most likely be put down and there is no word on whether the owner will face any criminal charges.

Jose Sadino is in critical condition but his family says he is expected to survive.

Jun 12, 2010

The Saturday Special (Pit Bull owner)

                                                   Sadly, this is a very familiar scene.

Jun 11, 2010

Gah, these are good Pit Bull bsl quotes I found.

Pit Bull quotes...

"Pit bulls were bred for dogfighting, fight with little or no provocation and have a high tolerance for pain. Unlike guard dogs like German shepherds they don't attempt to simply restrain their opponents by biting and holding -- they try to inflict maximum damage by biting, holding, shaking and tearing."

"How many breeds of dog need a crowbar to pry open their jaws?"

"Due to increased likelihood of aggression, pit bull owners need to have a higher degree of accountability for training, controlling and breeding these dogs."

"The breed is the problem. We don't allow lions to roam free because they are dangerous. Why should we allow something else that is BRED FOR KILLING."

Center, Missouri -- bans Pit Bulls


Center MO. -- Stepping up to keep everyone safe!

Center, MO — The Center City Council has approved new animal ordinances.
The first bans pit bulls. The second would allow the council to declare an animal to be dangerous if it bites or chases a person or attacks another animal.
Animals that violate the law would have to be removed from city limits or destroyed. The ordinances were drafted after complaints.
Several other Northeast Missouri communities have discussed or enacted similar bans.



I will follow up as new info becomes available.

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Pit Bull mix was horribly abused.

Found Dog Victim Of Suspected Abuse
Investigators Believe Dog Was Used In Animal Fight Training

A dog has been found severely bleeding, covered in ticks and with a face so swollen, officials couldn't tell what breed it was.

Veterinarians said they believe the dog's face was swollen because his collar was on too tight and for so long it began to grow into its neck.

When officials found the animal wandering around Valencia County Friday, the collar had been ripped off, leaving behind a deep gash that was gushing blood.

The pit bull mix has been named Trooper by those who are fighting to save its life.

"We just had hopes for him," said Erik Tanner of Valencia County Animal Control.

Trooper was also found covered in ticks and starving with visible ribs, said officials.

Officials are investigating whether Trooper was used as a bait dog or prey for other animals being trained to fight. Officials said Trooper's wounds lead them to believe that at one time his mouth was wired shut so he couldn't defend himself against his aggressive attackers.

Trooper has had surgery and needs to gain at least 20 pounds to get back to normal health, caretakers said. Veterinarians said the dog is happy, friendly and gentle and will be adopted out in a few weeks. for adoption information, you can call Animal Amigos at 888-828-5822.

Valencia County Animal Control is investigating the incident and trying to track down Trooper's owner. They are pursuing animal cruelty charges.

If you have a tip or want to report animal abuse, call 1-877-5-HUMANE.

To watch the video - Go here http://www.koat.com/news/23863875/detail.html


With all of the horrible cases of abuse like this against these poor souls, we should be urging to get regulations on the breed passed so it will stop.
More than likely as the article says, dogfighters were probably involved in all of this. This is why we need to wake up!
All of the signs are there that they need our help, they are just waiting on us to do something!

Jun 8, 2010

My first hatemail. Awwww

From: Rubia Rubia lolita.cruzan@gmail.com

Your blog sucks. Pit bulls are just like every dog. I am a pitty owner and they need love just like ever dog! you are absouletly ridiculous. It people like you that ruin pits. I hope you know that labs bite more people each year than pit bulls.
you suck.

It is people like me that ruin Pit Bulls?

I don't think so.

If you want the truth, here ya go.

People like you that think Pits are like every other dog are responsible for ruining Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull rescues that adopt to anyone that claims to be a responsible owner is ruining Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull advocates that say "love them and treat them with kindness and they will be like any other dog" are ruining Pit Bulls.

Breeders that are making more Pit Bulls, are ruining Pit Bulls.

Dog fighters that are fighting these dogs, are ruining Pit Bulls.

Animal shelters that adopt out Pit Bulls are ruining Pit Bulls.

But really the true culprit are Pit Bulls.

They are doing exactly what they were bred to do which is fight and kill.

By advocating for these dogs, you are enabling them to keep on wreaking havoc in our world.

Stop making excuses, please. We are all sick of hearing them!

The Truth Hurts

My blog is not even a week old yet, and already I've had mostly nothing but warm welcomes. Thank you everyone!

Jun 7, 2010

Why do I think the way I do?

I have talked with several Pit Bull owners trying to get an idea what they think about what I am trying to do. They are against it. Only one that I know agrees with my thinking. Let me try to explain the reason behind my logic, in hopes of getting more people to support this thing. If we want different results, we have to do something different, right?

I used to go on the defense when I heard someone say "Look at the kinds of people that own a Pit Bull." Or "Pit Bulls attack more than any other breed."
I would personally take offense to remarks like that because I have a Pit Bull.
But if you really think about it those comments ARE true!
Pit Bull owners do me a favor, please. Just for a minute remove yourself and your dog out of your thinking.
What kind of people do you see that gravitate towards owning Pit Bulls?
You picture trashy thugs, gang bangers, drug dealers, dogfighters, etc. (exactly the kinds of people who we don't want to own one).
In my head I also picture people that want to be rescue angels, that have no idea what this breed is all about (a very dangerous kind of person because they treat Pits as though they are just like any other dog.)
Either one of these people are very dangerous with a Pit Bull.
Yet these are the type of people that are getting Pits every day!
We can help make it harder for people like this to get a Pit Bull. We can help by pushing for laws directed towards Pit Bulls. We don't really need laws that affect all breeds because Pit Bulls are the number one breed causing trouble, and also because Pit Bulls are being hurt from every possible angle!
We need to realize that non Pit Bull owners are terrified of our dogs and with very good reason! There are Pit Bull attacks in the news on a daily basis!
I understand that the people that care enough to read blogs like this are probably the ones that keep their Pit Bull out of trouble because they love them so much. I understand that their Pit Bull is probably not the problem.
The problem is the other Pit Bull owners. There could be 500 thousand websites on how to properly take care of a Pit Bull, but the majority of Pit Bull owners are the ones that do not care and will not do everything it takes to keep their Pit Bull from causing mayhem.
We do not need to advocate on how to be a responsible owner. We have been doing that for years and it just isn't working.
What we need to do is push for laws that make it very hard for just anyone to obtain a Pit Bull, and then if they do get one they should have to register them and go to special classes to learn the REAL behavior of a Pit Bull and how to handle them.
Certain people like felons should never ever ever be able to own a Pit Bull! Also, rescue angels have to know that these dogs were bred to kill, and no amount of love and training will curb that natural behavior, period.
Why do Pits need regulations you ask? Because they were bred to be a weapon. These dogs were designed to fight other animals and kill them. That's why they have a barrel chest, the strong jaws, a thick hammer-like head, and are very tenacious. Pits can take down a bull weighing in at over a thousand pounds, so a human can easily be seriously hurt or killed, that's why. If you want to be mad or hate someone or something, hate the monsters that created them. Don't hate me. I'm just telling the truth in hopes of helping them.
I am sorry, but it doesn't matter that YOU, just ONE good Pit Bull owner, never lets your dog get into mischief.
For every one of you, there are 5,000 idiots that WILL NOT control their Pit Bull.
We cannot let these attacks on people keep on happening.
I am also very concerned about the abuse these dogs endure. If we had some laws, it would help stop these things.

Just something to think about.
Now I'm going to the beach! :D

Oh I left out one very important thing that has to be said!
All of the websites that target the Pit Bull owner audience tells us that bsl does not work, and all it does is take good Pit Bulls out of good homes. THAT IS NOT TRUE!
I am not saying to push for an all out ban (although that would be even better.)
I am saying that for the protection of the public, and for the dogs themselves, we need strict regulations. Please stop drinking the kool-aid that anti bsl websites are forcing you to drink. We need a new way of thinking and
Prevent The Deed, Regulate The Breed
is it!

Jun 6, 2010

A little humor amidst the horror.

If regulations against this breed will save us from COMPLETE MORONS like this - Then so be it!

What happens when Pit Bulls escape containment?

Runaway Pit Bulls Kill 20 Sheep In Huron County

HURON COUNTY, Mich. -- Two unlicensed pit bull dogs are accused of killing as many as 20 sheep at a farm in Huron County’s Rubicon Township, about 70 miles east-northeast of Saginaw.

Huron County Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson said Carol Roggenbuck, who was boarding the sheep for a Port Hope farmer, saw two pit bull dogs attack the herd on their Rasmey Road property just after 8 p.m. Thursday. She was able to scare the dogs away before calling 911.

A deputy searched the area and found the suspected dogs at a home approximately one mile away from the farm.

Hanson said the deputy noticed blood on of the dogs and that they both "smelled like a gutted animal.”

The homeowner told the deputy that his two 2-year-old male pit bulls did in fact run off earlier in the night.

The animals were confined and transported to the Thumb Animal Shelter to be held while charges are being sought.

The value of the dead livestock hasn't been determined, but the dog owner says he has offered to compensate all damages.

The attack remains under investigation.


Jun 5, 2010

Pit Bull regulations please.. FAAAAST!!!

Now how would you like to live next door to this one?

The owner is very sympathetic to people's feelings of being terrified of the breed, wouldn't ya say? I mean, I guess he knows 100% without a doubt that if a mother walking by with a baby in a stroller, his unleashed Pit Bully wouldn't do a thing. Or someone walking their pet on a leash.
And, for a breed that is known for it's ability to scale a 6 ft privacy fence or better, do ya really think that 4 ft chain link fence will contain that beast?

Is ownership of pit bulls worth the risk? A good article.

This is my fav. part of the article.
"Can we as a community be certain the pit bull danger is not a threat if our city does not impose a pit bull ban? Sexual predators are required to register as offenders so parents are aware of the potential dangers lurking in their neighborhoods. At the very least, pit-bull owners should be required to publicly register their dogs to make the community aware of this potential life-threatening danger as well."

BY TAMMY S. DEVOLL • Opinion Shaper • May 30, 2010

In light of the many pit bull attacks that have occurred, especially the most recent incident in our own back yard -- specifically Columbus -- I thought the subject of responsibility of ownership should be addressed.

First and most importantly, it must be established the pit bull is classified as a vicious breed. What this means is that legislation has labeled this breed as such because this type of dog has maimed and killed so many people. Many states have established pit bull bans and enacted many restrictions pertaining to the ownership of pit bulls because of the instinctive vicious nature of these animals.

During a three-year period between 2006 and 2008, it has been documented that pit-bull-type animals have accounted for 59 percent of fatal dog attacks, killing 52 Americans. Families bringing these types of dogs into their homes should seriously consider these statistics because it could literally mean life or death for a member of their family and/or friends. Many who own pit bulls as pets argue their dogs were raised in a loving and nurturing home, insisting their dogs are as harmless as a babies. However, this is what most owners truly believed before their harmless dogs unmercifully attacked innocent victims. Is ownership worth the risk of bringing a potentially dangerous animal into your home?

The difference in this type of breed compared to other types of dogs is when pit bulls do bite, they do not let go, and this is an instinctive biological fact specific to this type of animal. No person can be 100 percent sure of what will trigger an attack, but one fact that has been proven is that when an attack does occur, this breed is relentless and will not stop until its victim is dead or somehow forces are able to incapacitate the dog. The ability to stop an attack is another frightening issue as well because the pit bull is known for its ability to finish a fight, continuing on broken legs or even stumps until its intended target is dead. Any breed of dog will bite if provoked, however, the difference between a more docile breed is it will more than likely bite once and usually the bitten area will be a leg or a hand, not intentionally the neck as the pit bull targets.

Many states, including Ohio, are taking a stand for victims and future victims and have banned the ability to own the pit-bull-type breed. A few Ohio cities now are enforcing the breed-specific laws. Some of those who have banned pit bulls include Bexley, Cincinnati, Reynoldsburg and Wooster. These are only a few of the many cities in Ohio that have decided it is not worth the risk of having this vicious breed in their communities.

Breed-specific (pit bull) laws consistently are upheld in both federal and state courts. Community leaders should actively investigate liability issues they might face if pit bull attacks were to occur in their cities and strive to enforce strict regulations regarding ownership of this type of animal.

Summer is quickly approaching, and children will be outside enjoying themselves more. Can we as a community be certain the pit bull danger is not a threat if our city does not impose a pit bull ban? Sexual predators are required to register as offenders so parents are aware of the potential dangers lurking in their neighborhoods. At the very least, pit-bull owners should be required to publicly register their dogs to make the community aware of this potential life-threatening danger as well.

Devoll is a Zanesville native currently attending Colorado Technical University, working toward an MBA in business administration.

Jun 4, 2010

How Pit Bull "lovers" are hurting, not helping, the breed.

Read this crock of bs that MCABSL is passing off to people. A friend of mine forwarded this email to me that he got from them.
Wise up PB people! Read how they say they are trying to get it into the hands of non-PitBull owners and once they read alittle they are hooked! Listen I will be the honest one here and tell you that the average person DOES NOT NEVER EVER EVER need a Pit Bull.
See it is people like these, that are enabling people and pets to get killed.
By passing Pit Bulls off as if they are just like any other dog.

A message from MCABSL


Ruby the Pit bull and I are excited to announce the book we’ve worked on steadily for the past ten months has been accepted by a publisher. They have put “RUBY’S Tale” on the “fast track” for release in July or August. Come mid-June, you’ll be able to order your own copy at her website! Later it will be available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and other book stores as well. The book will includes lots of color pictures and will come in at around $14.95

Visit Ruby’s fun website to find out more …. www.rubystales.com

RUBY’S Tales is not being promoted as a book about a Pit Bull, but rather about the incredible life of a wonderful dog that just happens to be a Pit bull. And while Ruby is a great dog, she’s not the exception to the breed. In promoting the book this way, we hope to get the book in non-Pittie owners hands too. Once they’re into the story, they’re hooked! It’s way more book then you expect…

Drop Ruby a note if you like. Tell her that you want your name on the “Early Bird’ list for a book. When you let her know your interest in ordering “RUBY’S Tales”, it will help ensure you’ll get your copy as soon as they are available.

Perhaps you have a question or a comment. You can contact Ruby by E-mail: rubystales@aol.com

Ruby's Tale Book Summary

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Ruby went to school, became certified as both a therapy and service dog. She was inducted into the Minnesota Veterinarian Medical Association Animal hall of fame. She also worked as a “co-host” at a radio station and is the veteran of stage plays including “Cheaper by the Dozen”.

Meet the fascinating people, celebrities and dogs Ruby has worked with, lived with and helped along the way. Wait with Ruby and her family in the blistering South Dakota sun when the motor home broke down, only to wish they hadn’t been rescued when the tow truck operators tuned out to look like those cannibal woodsmen from the movie “Wrong Turn!”

As a finalist in a national Milk-Bone contest, Ruby was flown to Hollywood appearing on “The Bonnie Hunt show” Then it was off to Chicago for a photo shoot. Again it’s a driver, a limo, and a four star hotel. Not too bad for a dog nobody wanted and left to die.

But the kindly canine found “All that glitters is not gold” in corporate America and then cancer came a calling. Once again, with help of a mysterious Angel, Ruby rallied her indomitable spirit to survive. There’s more, much more.
Ruby’s story is multifaceted. There is fun, gritty drama, high emotion, sadness, anger, wonderment, excitement, tenderness, betrayal and laughter. (Whew!) It is a living, breathing story that will leave pittie owners cheering.

Pit Bull Dog Owners WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

I hope that Pit Bull owners will read this and it will help them understand how regulations on Pit Bulls and their owners, can only help protect people and pets, and also the breed which they claim to love so much!

I keep up with Pit Bull attacks on people and animals. Naturally, since Pit Bulls were originally bred to fight other dogs (and are still being bred for that to this day!) They have it in their blood, and they do it often. It's just what they do!

I track Pit Bull attacks not only in the U.S., but worldwide. And let me tell you, it happens too often. And yes, WAY MORE FREQUENTLY than other breeds!
It really does not matter what the cause of these attacks are. I've heard them all! From not being properly socialized, being chained up, not being trained, being provoked, having a bad owner, being abused, irresponsible owners, blah blah blah! Enough with the excuses! The fact of the matter is, these dogs were bred to kill other dogs! And that is exactly what they are doing! When you couple that with the fact that they often end up in the hands of people that cannot control them, you have a catastrophe waiting to happen.
I am tired of hearing the stories of maulings, and deaths. I often wonder when people will say enough is enough and start putting restrictions on the dogs and their owners.
Don't get me wrong, I do not hate Pit Bulls. No, I hate the people that deny their dogs history, and what they were bred for, and their dog kills someone or something! It is unnaceptable!
I have A Pit Bull myself. She is a great pet to my family. She is great with my kids, and she gets along exceptionally with my other dog. That is because I know what she was bred to do, and she is NEVER given the chance to do it!
I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of people that could say the same thing about their Pit Bull. But they do not realize what these dogs were bred for, and they LET an accident happen.
The problem arises when you assume that just because that dog is fine with your own family and your own dogs, that it will be fine with everyone else and every other dog that it meets.
I know that my dog is a powerful and scary one. I comply with all of the rules on owning a dog in my city, and I go beyond. I have a tall privacy fence. My dog never goes outside off leash (except in my fenced in backyard where she is watched.) My dog is never left unattended in the backyard - EVER (because it only takes 2 minutes to dig a hole and she could get out.) I have insurance on my dog. I have a gate up at my front door so she cannot run out. I never leave people alone with my Pit Bull, she is spayed (because millions of Pit Bulls die in shelters every year.) I know that my Pit Bull is safe with everyone in MY house, but I would never trust her with people or pets outside of my home.
I am the minority.
I am one of the few people that thinks about what COULD happen before it happens, and prevents it from ever happening in the first place. Which is what regulations on these dogs also does, and that's why we need them!
So why, you ask, would someone that seems to be as intelligent as me regarding Pit Bulls, have a Pit Bull?
Well, long story short, I felt sorry for her and I rescued her. I also happen to love the look of Pit Bulls. I also was one of those that believed you can love the aggression out of them. Wrong! I have no doubt that under the right circumstances, my Pit Bull could & would kill another dog.
So, let's move on to learn about the different types of Pit Bull owners. First type Pit Bull owner gets a cute cuddly Pit Bull as a pup. They think if they raise it with smooches and bellyrubs, it will be like any other dog.
That is a huge mistake! Pit Bulls were bred to fight other dogs in the pit, and the dogs that were the most aggressive fighters and killers were regarded as top notch, and ALWAYS bred! That means that the cute lovey dovey Pit Bull you have, comes from a line of killers! Yes, even mine does!
This type of Pit Bull owner spews the "punish the deed - not the breed garbage".
I'm sorry but people are dying. I'd rather prevent the deed that we know is going to happen, then punish it after the fact... Your dogs dirtnap means absolutely nothing when a child is dead!
Attacks from dogs owned by this type of person usually happens because they think that since it was spoiled and given smoochie woochies, it could never be mean. So, they let the dog outside off leash as a common practice. Everything is fine until Fluffy walks by and the natural Pit Bull instinct to kill kicks in. That is why you hear the same sad story of how he had never done anything like this before.
Whenever I hear those stories it makes me think of the scene off of The Green Mile where Hal sais: "How many years you spend pissing on a toilet seat before someone told you to put it up?"
Yes, No Shit Asshole! You have a fighting breed. It's not a matter of ARE they going to attack, it's just a matter of WHEN!

The second type of Pit Bull owner is your wanna-be, I have something to prove, or I have something that needs to be protected type of owner.
This owner has the Pit Bull strictly for one reason.
a) to protect property
b) to make people think he is tough
They aqquire a Pit Bull with the sole purpose of having an aggressive dog around.
When you take a dog that has such enormous strength, and will to please it's owner, plus it's natural tendency to be blood-thirsty, Pit Bulls are the perfect choice because they are natural born killers. They were bred to fight and kill so it really does not take much training at all. They learn quickly, and feed off of being praised by their master when they are aggressive. Nobody stands a chance when that pooch decides it's time for a snack.
So, why do we sit around and do nothing when these dogs are causing so much trouble in our communities?
Why do we continue to fail the innocent people that have been, or will be attacked by Pits?
As a Pit Bull owner that knows what these dogs are capable of, I am for Pit Bull specific laws.
And I also encourage other Pit Bull owners to stop singing about how much you love these dogs and let your actions speak by pushing for Pit Bull laws.
Most Pit Bull owners out there are probably as sick of the horror stories as I am. Bsl can help curb these incidences.
Alot of Pit Bull owners also claim to hate how these dogs are so horribly abused. Bsl will help stop that as well!
So stop preaching about how sweet your Pit Bull is, and step up to actually do something that will make a difference!
Stop buying Pit Bulls from the dogfighters that masquerade as a breeder of sweet family pets. Yeah right! More like legal Ak-47s!
Stop supporting people that are trying to stop bsl (bad rap, best friends, etc.) They are just as bad and are helping dogfighters to keep fighting their dogs! And also helping to keep innocent people and pets to get killed.
And, as I was once told, when it comes to animals -DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!
Do your research on the organization and you will likely find ties to puppy mills, dogfighting, and a long list of other illegal doings!
Last but not least, Pit Bull owners...

No matter how cute and well behaved you THINK your Pit Bull is - YOU HAVE A KILLER ON YOUR HANDS!
Do not allow your killer to get out and get into trouble! Do not deny your dogs fighting heritage, because when given the chance, they will fight! And all too often, a person ends up getting seriously hurt or killed trying to break up a dogfight. I am just telling you this so you will know what the truth is about your fighting dog. Chances are you have visited PitBulllovers, badrap, stopbsl, and others. They are feeding you lies and will tell you your little wiggle butt will be fine if you love them. It's all lies! You should be thanking me for telling you the truth, which is what the Pit Bull websites don't want you to know, until you have to find out the hard way and then it is too late.
Just take off your blinders and pay attention!
Bsl is the best thing that ever happened to this breed!

I know it seems like a hypocrite. I'm not though. Just because I have a Pit and know what to do with it, I could point you to 50 right now in my own neighborhood that are clueless to what they have. There dogs go out unleashed and roam, they terrorize kids and elderly, and an attack will happen one day it's just a matter of time! It is what it is.
I love my Pit Bull. I know what she could do if given the chance, so she does not get that chance.
The problem is that probably 99% of Pit owners do not understand the powerful animal that they are in control of and shit happens.
The other problem is that I am sick of seeing these "accidents" happen when they could be avoided if the breed was regulated.
I am seeing more and more everyday, because I have opened my eyes and realized what I have, and I know these dogs are something serious. They are not for the average pet owner!
Too many people and loved pets are dying and it just ain't worth it!
To other Pit Bull owners that are out there and will get mad about what I wrote, take a step back, and really think about what I've said. It is the truth and you should not deny it. If you love these dogs as I do, and you hate to see what has become of them, then you know that the only way to stop what is happening is bsl.
I hate it just as much as you do that it has come to this, but there is no other way around it. As long as they go unchecked, tragedies will continue to happen.