Jul 20, 2010

Favorite Pit Bull quote--

Like a hand grenade, they are inert until you pull the pin. Once the pin is pulled, there is nothing you can do to stop the explosion.
--Gary Wilkes


  1. You pitbull haters got a lot of intelligence and a lot of great ideas, promiscuously intermingled with a pile of bullshit and negativity. -Barb

  2. barb has been waiting for days to use this line. i wonder who she stole it from?

    this is a great quote by an UNBIASED EXPERT.

  3. I googled it and it came
    From an army forum. I didn't even think about that.

  4. pit bull owners like to repeat things that they hear and adopt things as their own that they like. for example NANNY DOG. i don't find any mention of it prior to 2001 EXCEPT one literature reference from 1904 and it's not a pit bull, bulldog, bull terrier, staffy bull, boston terrier etc. i hope to blog about this soon.

    you can always count on pit nutters to deceive. i am always looking into the 'famous' pit bull owner list. astonishing how wrong they are. so far i have found two REAL famous pit owners that don't make the list which further leads to me to believe that they are making this list up.

  5. I find it amusing that people that don't want to see individuals killed by dogs nor thousands of overpopulated dogs killed are called haters by people who think they have the monopoly on intelligence, education and a love for animals.

  6. Why doesn't the AKC regulate the pits or any breed for that matter - if a dog is found to be agressive, make it manatory that the bloodline for that dog be spayed/neutered. It would make breeders be more selective in who buys their dogs and breed the "game" out of the pit bloodline.


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