Jul 25, 2010

Should some dogs be banned? Poll

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  1. looks like the nutters got a hold of this poll. by tonight, it will be even more skewed.

  2. i really don't think it's right to not have pitsbull any more there are alot of good in them it's the owener who need to be taking care of sorry pits bull just don't go crazy because they feel like it no sorry it's how the owner cares for her or him ...why should i watch my back everytime i walk my baby because iof someone for what they did or how they cared for there dog i know my pit in loving an will not hurt anyone why because i love her an care for her an i make should she will not turn on me or anyone ...it's the law we need to change it's the law who maybewill fixs this not saying u can not have a pit bull will sorry why take my pit bull who loving away from a good loving home an put her in a cage or kill her or give her to someone who maybe hurt an then she will trun see try to take my baby way an see who will get u it's will not be her it's will be me

  3. I have a pitbull/boxer mix. Both considered ``bully`` breeds. I`m sorry but I work in a shelter-I have had more CHIHUAHUA type dogs bite me than I have PITBULLS. Has anyone once thought that the number of pitbull related incidents might be caused by the sheer number of pitbulls in the world? If you were to go out and interview somebody that has been attacked by a pitbull that was once their family pet, how many would tell you they got their dog from a responsible breeder, rescue group? I highly doubt many would tell you one of those listed. This breed has an extremely powerful jaw that, if they bite, have the power to inflict harm. That does not mean they will. When a dog attacks, 99% I would say are provoked in some way or another. Do you think that the owner is actually going to say ``well yeah the kids were annoying the dog and I could tell but I just thought the dog would be ok``. Get real. I am not saying these dogs are the most amazing family dogs ever. No dog is. Any dog can bite. For however long humans and dogs have co-existed together there WILL be dog bites. But the pitbull that is known today, isn`t the same dog it was bred to be. I`m not saying go kill them all, but pitbull owners HAVE to be more responsible and aware that this breed is quite unique. As is every breed in their own way, but you can not just take this dog out (if it has not been properly socialized as a puppy, and most aren`t) and just expect it to be ok. Every dog has his/her limits. PIT BULL OWNERS: make sure you know your dog`s limits, before you figure out the hard way. That goes for all dogs, but with the media jumping to conclusion`s too quick, this breed can`t afford to risk it.

    To all the ignorant people out there who say EVERY pit bull is dangerous and will attack, let me ask you this: so your telling me you`ve met and properly temperament tested EVERY.SINGLE pit bull out there? I didn`t think so. So before you go all crazy talking crap about this breed and how scary it is, get your facts straight.


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