Jul 6, 2010

Comparing Pit Bulls to Chimpanzees.

I've been watching a lot of the Animal planet shows about Chimps attacking their owner. So I was reading some stuff on the internet about Chimp ownership and believe it or not if you change up some of the words, it sounds like an article about Pit Bulls!

Original article:
Chimpanzee and monkey infants are irresistibly cute, and it might seem that raising one would be just like raising a human child. As infants, chimpanzees are affectionate, needy, and a delight to interact with. But chimpanzees grow up, and their unique intelligence makes it difficult to keep them stimulated and satisfied in a human environment. By age 5 they are stronger than most human adults. They become destructive and resentful of discipline. They can, and will, bite. Chimpanzee owners have lost fingers and suffered severe facial damage.

The article revised:
Pit Bull puppies are irresistibly cute, and it might seem that raising one would be just like raising a human child. As pups, Pit Bulls are affectionate, needy, and a delight to interact with. But puppies grow up, and their unique intelligence makes it difficult to keep them stimulated and satisfied in a human environment. By age 1 they are stronger than most human adults. They become destructive and resentful of discipline. They can, and will, bite. Pit Bull owners have lost fingers and suffered severe facial damage.


  1. you really going to catch shit from the pit nutters this one SME!

    the doctors shouldn't have saved this poor woman. sometimes there are things worse than death.

  2. Did you also see the other chimp attack on a man named St. John, I think, Moe was the chimp. Moe did not do the attacking. I actually saw this man in person. I did see him on this show and he had his nose on, that did help. But he didn't look that good when I saw him. It is a mystery to me why the legislators broke their necks to pass a law over one chimp attack when pits are doing the damage they are doing. And the pit nutters don't seem to care about that damage. I care about it and any sane person should care about it.

  3. I did see that one, how horrible!
    I know, I've actually wondered the same thing. There have been far more and equally as bad attacks by Pits so why in the world are they allowed unchecked in society? It makes no sense.

  4. Thats easy. Chimps are "exotic" animals while pits are "just dogs".

    Legislators and laypeople understand how dangerous some exotic animals can be, so when a chimp attack happens they immediately jump and write a bill or something to limit the sale of and ownership of exotic animals. Thats a good thing. It helps both people and the exotic animals.

    On the other hand you have pit bulls. They are "just dogs", which have been completely integrated into our society. Dog attacks have become common place and people just don't see dogs as a whole, or a certain breed, as inherently dangerous. So either nothing happens, or it happens so slowly it gets pushed to the back burner and forgotten about.

  5. Perhaps just wanting to own a 'pit bull' classifies someone as a bad dog owner.
    Kind of like how driving a monster truck around town would make you a bad driver, or how juggling live grenades would make you a bad clown. You are placing your own fickle desires above the safety of those around you.

    I like certain pit bulls, but I never trust any of them, as in my experience even the 'sweetest' ones have a tendency to become overexcited and aggressive, even in play. When they do, they are potentially harmful to anyone around them. We don't let people keep other dangerous animals for recreational purposes (chimps, venomous snakes, tigers, gators), so why is it different for these dogs?


  6. Bo is on to something. Studies have been done that show owners of aggressive breeds are far more likely to have committed crimes. Here is some interesting reading


  7. current on rabies and the owner requested euthanasia.
    the difference between people who own normal dogs and the people who own mutants.

  8. The domestication of Pit Bulls is vastly overstated...If anything they have been hyper-selected by the dog fighters and felons into something that merits it's own classification.

  9. You are all jokes. You are all so ignorant as you spew false assumptions without doing any legitimate research before you post miss guided, un-realistic statements. Guess your lives must be great as the old saying goes ignorance is bliss. You are going off the garbage laced in the media. I have 12 pure bred adba/ukc registered pit bulls and 45 rescues (10 from fighting rings) at present time and all are great with humans (which, if any of you did some research would know that the ones that become aggressive to humans are not natural characteristics for the breed) and I have been raising and rescuing pit bulls for 18 years and my kids, family and I have never been bitten nor come close to having a pit bull ever attempt to do so. Do some research before you come off looking so narrow minded. Go look and research to see what breeds attack and bite more people, it is not pit bulls. They are not even in the top 10. Rottweiler’s and presa canario’s have a more powerful bite (by about 150 psi ) and are more prone to attack humans so why aren't you bashing on them? That is like going after a Taliban solder yet leaving the leader bin laden alone and not going after the worse one. Pit bulls, as every breed have a few that are aggressive towards humans but even the old dog fighters would cull human aggressive pits so real pit bulls are not naturally aggressive with people, and they are proven to be the most loyal of any breed of dogs. Granted, pit bulls and other large breeds can do more damage as they are more powerful but look at how many small “toy-sized” dogs bite and hurt small children (by far more than pits as pits are great with kids due to their extremely high pain tolerance) but yet you all seem to think it is ok for people to own Chihuahuas, Pekingese, toy poodles who are naturally aggressive towards humans, especially little kids who they can do serious damage. What does it matter how big the caliber of the gun is if it can still harm and/or kill someone and see I am giving real facts of dogs psychology and background which is the opposite of all you just going on what you read in the news (weren’t any of you ever taught not to believe everything you read until you get all the facts – once again here is that ignorance is bliss thing). Pit bulls are not naturally aggressive and even the most aggressive fighting dogs I have rehabilitated and adopted out love and cherish human companionship. You all need to stop talking garbage you know nothing about and realize how pathetic you all look and why us pit bull people can't stand you. You are too narrow minded and don't do any research before you start trashing something and you go off the first thing you hear and believe in it without researching (more ignorance). There are bigger and worse culprits out there and yet you are going after one that is not as likely, nor prone to attack a human. Rotts and presa’s can and will do more damage and is documented on sites that don't promote bsl like this one. The only sites that bash pits are bsl sites. If you do any real research from bias and unbiased opinions from real, creditable sources (and no, peta is not creditable) that actually study dogs and work with them (not an uneducated journalist with no background in the subject matter) will all say pits are very social and a friendly breed. All your posts are based on uneducated reports in the media. Have a nice life seeing how your ignorance will make it so blissful.

  10. Anon 9:19 did what most pit bull owners do when confronted with information they do not like.

    Anon 9:19 got very emotional and posted a block of text without a single paragraph break. The text does not succinctly represent a point of view. No thought was put into its organization or flow. It would earn a D in school.

    It is painful to read something like that. I can't believe that the people at Bad Rap sites sit around and read posts like this. They probably don't realize how horrid it is though.


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