Jul 3, 2010

Pit Bull puppy has jaw severed in what appears to be abuse case.

Rockford, a six- to eight-month-old pit bull, nearly had his jaw broken off. The CNY SPCA is investigating. He was treated at the Fruit Valley Veterinarian Clinic in Oswego.

What kind of person can do this to a dog? 

The CNY SPCA investigators are trying to determine how a puppy’s jaw was nearly severed.

Rockford, a six- to eight-month-old pit bull, was found Tuesday by employees at Absolute Auto and Audio, in Fulton, in the van of a customer who came in to get new wheels, according to store manager Rachel Dean.

“The jaw was literally hanging from the dogs head,” Dean said. “It was only held on by skin. ... The bones were completely severed off the dog.”
Dean said the van owner, Reginald Stepp, who has been a customer at the auto shop for more than three years, told her that the employee should not worry about the dog in the car because “there is something wrong with his jaw, he can’t bite.”

The manager said she started to cry when she saw the dog.

Dean said she told Stepp the dog needed immediate medical attention. Stepp said he had an appointment with the veterinarian that afternoon, Dean said. Dean called the police and animal control and was given permission by the authorities and Stepp to take the dog to Fruit Valley Veterinarian Clinic in Oswego.

In addition to the jaw injury, the veterinarian found the dog had previously suffered broken bones in his left leg that hadn’t been treated, Dean said.

So far, the auto shop has helped raise more than $3,100 to help pay for Rockford’s medical bills.


  1. this is despicable. the fact that this was done to a pit bull makes me no less outraged.

    this dog should be humanely euthanized and the sick fuckers should be prosecuted to the max.

    i would love see an extension of the death penalty to include pedophiles and the sadistic fucktards who treat defenseless animals like this.

    culling, it's GOOD thing!

  2. I don't see why in cases like this where the dog should be euthanized, the owner be charged not only with abuse but also the death of the dog. In any case in which the owner is blamed for the dog's condition, even aggressive behavior that was "trained" into the dog, and that condition is one that warrants the dog be put down, the owner should be charged with its death. Increase those fines and penalties, and then enforce them.

  3. This is horrifying. Imagine going to get new wheels with your dog in the car like that. That manager is to be commended for being persistent, handling that scumbag customer, and getting the dog immediate care. It should be put down, though

    Anonymous, that is such a good idea! It makes a lot of sense.

  4. It is a good idea. And if nutters really believed pit bull incidents were all caused by bad owners who trained them to be that way, they would be all for it. But they know better. They know no one trains any dog to attack children, so they would fight this law just like any other and think an incident will never happen to them.


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