Jul 30, 2010

Pit Bull attacks leave two people recovering

Mary Jane McKenzie said she has never been so scared in all of her life.

WHEELNG -- Two Wheeling Island residents are recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls on Wheeling Island.

The incident happened just before 7 p.m. Thursday near the corner of Florida and 312 S. Penn St.

Mary Jane McKenzie claims she was in the alley way between her Florida Street home and where the dogs live at 312 S. Penn St., when she noticed a gate was opened in a yard.

That’s when McKenzie said a pit bull named Coco came charging after her. A neighbor yelled for help. McKenzie said she was able to make it to her front porch, but was bitten. Neighbor, Desmond Lekandus saw what was happening and tried to help McKenzie. That’s when, he said, a second brown and white pit bull came after him, biting him on the hand. McKenzie has a gash on her arm and a pretty severe bruise. Lekandus said it was, “by the grace of God” that the pit bulls took off.

Both McKenzie and Lekandus went to the hospital for treatment and tetanus shots.

Those bitten along with several other neighbors, City Manager Bob Herron and Councilman Vern Seals met out in front of McKenzie’s home Friday morning to address the issue. Herron claims that the home owners at 312 S. Penn St. have been cited in the past for the dogs and were cited once again after Thursday night’s attacks.

Herron said, that the city does have provisions under a pit bull ordinance to deal with some of those issues and he plans to address the dogs right away.

Residents are calling on city leaders to remove the dogs. WTRF tried to talk to those at the pit bull’s home, but were told, “Go mess with someone else, people out here doing worse than this. Go somewhere else!”

Chief Matheny said that the two dogs were removed from the home late Friday afternoon and they are impounded, per the vicious dog ordinance. Samantha Demello has been charged with two counts of vicious dog violation, Matheny said.


  1. “Go mess with someone else, people out here doing worse than this. Go somewhere else!”


  2. Why don't you post the Shepherd mix FATALITY in San Diego?

  3. And what would that prove?
    Everyone knows it happens.
    But no other breed does it as often as Pits. Sheperd mixes were not specifically bred to kill, Pits were.

    The reason I started this blog is to get it through peoples heads that Pits are different than other dogs. Pit Bulls were only bred for one reason and that was to kill. THAT is the reason they should be treated differently. This blog is not about any other breed but Pit Bulls.

    I am sorry if you do not see that we do not have a problem with crazed sheperd mixes running around attacking and killing things, with Pits, we do.
    When sheperd mixes become a big problem like Pits are, I am sure people will cry out for restrictions on those as well.
    ONE fatal attack in a year while as sad and scary as that is, is hardly a reason to panic.

  4. I encourage Anon the Nutter to make a Shepherd blog, as well as blogs for any other breed. And then see how few and far between the entries are. With a pit bull blog you can get several entries daily. Do you understand that yet? Volume of attacks, severity of attacks. How many more innocent people need to get hurt before it sinks in?

  5. ignorance is bliss. the only thing that makes a dog, pit bulls included, violent - are people. i suggest you look into the reputation of pit bulls prior to the incidence of gang members rallying them for watch dogs.

    your ignorance is amusing. pit bulls are terriers and were never bred to kill. they simply have been raised by complete bafoons (such as yourself) and in that respect have no hope behind such a powerful physique and large jaw. familiarize yourself with sergeant stubby, the WWII pit bull vet who pulled wounded soldiers out of war and in turn received a purple heart. also, some additional help for the ignorant (again, you): http://www.atts.org/statistics.html

    pit bulls rate as highly as your beloved Labradors. there is a specific reason they're used as therapy dogs. though, i wouldn't hope that facts or any kind of arguing would help someone who would believe anything spoon fed to them. i bet you like fox news too, don't you?

    if pit bulls were as inherently evil as you claimed (and no, they're aren't - coming from someone working in rescues with this particular breed and countless others for over a decade) then perhaps they would have rid the world of such ridiculously stupid, redneck's like yourself.

  6. I own a pit and she's one of the most intelligent and wonderful dogs that I've ever had. Yes, she can be "NASTY SOUNDING" when she doesn't care for someone, but she is letting me know how she feels, and she is usually right. On the other hand, if she gets a good feel from you, she's a big baby and loves attention. She is only two years old and has the same amount of energy that you would expect from any breed of dog. I don't understand how people can be so scared of these dogs. Some are mean, but it's agreeable that all breeds can be mean. I think it is because of the amount of pitbulls in the world and how popular they are that we see and hear all these terrible things that pitbulls do. Chows and Akitas are both known for being two of the most aggressive dogs in the world, but the reason we don't hear about these breeds attacking is because of the lack in number of these other breeds. There are millions of pitbulls in the world and many people do breed them to be mean, but because of the huge number of pitbulls, we hear about these attacks because there are so many pitbulls. Give them a break! They've already been branded to the point of being mean and nasty tempered dogs with a huge jaw that locks. My dog has a very strong jaw and the only time that she locks down is when she is being swung or she is chewing, which is essential for pitbulls, because they need to chew to keep their jaws from getting stiff and sore, and it also allows them to relax. But they don't chew on people. Most attacks happen because of people ignoring the very obvious signs. Any dog can get moody and they bite. But we don't hear about that. The pitbull was made with a strong jaw. It's not something that they could've controlled and that's another reason people fear them. And it's ridiculous because I know so many people who have or have had in the past, a pitbull as a pet. And I don't recall one attack. I do recall the worst being a snap, but nothing like what you've posted here. These things don't happen as much as you stress. If this breed is so bad, and aren't good with people, than why do so many families, couples and single people have a pitbull as a pet. Because they are no different than any other breed of dog. All dogs have different physical attributes and it really isn't fair to destroy the image of a breed of dog that make better pets than other breeds. The chihuahua is called an ankle biter. That is because they are nippy little dogs. Let's be fair! A DOG BITE IS A DOG BITE!!! So why aren't we scared of the chihuahua. Because it is small. But we don't unnecessarily destroy them. Anyway, I think this site is disgusting and totally unfair. I pray that your eyes are opened and that all of you who are so afraid of the pitbull, have a wonderful encounter with a pitbull like my dog. If you look into that dogs eyes, you'll see a soul in there and maybe you'll really have a different opinion of pitbulls and what they are truly like and how wonderful a pet they make. One tip to finding a wonderful pitbull, is to make sure that you have an opportunity to check their background, and to make sure that you do not choose a pitbull that may have come from a line of pitbulls bread to fight, guard, etc. Believe it or not, there are lines of pitbull that go back centuries without any sort of breeding for aggression and there are many. Before you allow everyone to scare you, please take a moment to introduce yourself to a peacefully bread pitbull. Perhaps a family pet and when you look beyond your fear from everything you've heard, have a moment with a pitbull and give the breed a chance. I did and will again, God willing. But I am so happy with my dog that it would be like losing a family member, to lose her. She is wonderful and she is a pitbull.

  7. You are missing the point. Pits are now known for being unpredictable. Pits that are raised good, just like yours, are showing up in headlines more often for mauling or even killing enexpectedly. My Pitbull was no different.

    Think about it, if these people knew their Pitbull would maul or kill, they wouldnt have it! You will keep your blinders on because you have a Pitbull. You will not own up to what these dogs are doing until, heaven forbid, your own Pitbull does something you didnt expect. Pitbulls surpass chows and akitas when it comes to attacking, so don't bother using those old tired tactics. I don't need to give Pits a break! I gave them a chance, I raised one right, and now I know exactly what the breed is all about! Not only from my own experience, but also from the hundred (or close to it) of other people I know that raised theirs right and they turned. Btw, you spelled a lot of things incorrectly, but one I see nutters get wrong all of the time is the word bread. If you want to use it correctly when trying to argue about your devil-dog, it is bred, not bread.

  8. no they are not know for that go to http;//www.realpitbull.com/history.html pit bulls were not bred to kill u stupid ass holes they were just bred at first they were nanny dogs!!!! Helen Keller had a pit bull teddy Roosevelt had a pit bull pit bulls have been in America since the 1800's they were in TV shows in the 1900's and they were first dogs to go in cars. teddy Roosevelt wasn't mauled or killed by a pit bull Helen Keller wasn't killed by a pit bull and hell she was blind and deaf get it through your head lady u r physcotic head that not all pit bulls are what u make them out to be... god lady i have no idea how old you are but maybe you should go back to schooling and than you can maybe just maybe become more mature I'm 14 and I'm not as immature selfish and dim-witted as you are... seriously get a life and you would actually be surprised on how many other dog attacks there are daily so yeah!!!!!


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