Jul 12, 2010

Pit Bull found burned in bad shape.

MILFORD — Police are trying to locate the owner of a severely burned dog that was found Saturday wandering in the area of Colonial Avenue.

The female dog, which had recently given birth to a litter of pups, suffered third-degree burns on its neck and shoulder areas, police said in a statement. The injuries were severe enough to require “extensive ongoing medical treatment” at a local veterinary hospital, police said.

Police said they do not know where the pups are, or how old they are. Animal control officials “are concerned that the mother and her puppies may be affected by the undue stress caused by their separation,” police said in a statement. The Animal control officials had responded after receiving word that the injured animal was wandering, police said. The dog has been dubbed "Ginger."

Officers are investigating how the dog cam to be injured and are seeking to locate its owner, the statement said.


  1. i wonder if the SOMEHOW defense works for animal cruelty cases like it does bite cases.

    humans - BLECH!

    we need need to start euthanizing the worthless subhuman garbage that does this to animals.

  2. The Pit community treats these animals worse than livestock!


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