Jul 5, 2010

The Pit Bull Problem by the Trentonian

TRENTON — They were in the attic for days. Chardonnay Evans paid no mind to the ruckus up there because the noise makers were just a couple of dogs barking and scratching and doing whatever else doggies do.

“But I never thought my roof — my ceiling — was going to get bit,” said Evans, the Trenton teenager, whose bedroom was below the attic.

What Evans didn’t know is that the dogs were gnawing on the floor, chewing through the wood planks, satisfying some kind of hunger. The constant abuse created a weak spot in the floor, and the weak spot caved, and then one of the dogs fell through and crashed onto the girl's head.

“He was just growling and barking,” Evans told The Trentonian a few days after the encounter last July. She said she was cleaning her room the day it rained wood planks and dogs. Presumably frightened and confused, the dog scampered into the hall even though the girl screamed “Mom! Mommy!”

Shouldn’t the dog have smelled her fear and sunk its teeth into the girl’s flesh with 10,000 jaw-locking pounds of pressure and eaten Chardonnay like a Milk Bone?

Why not? It was a stereotypical pit bull, right? Well, yes. But maybe not.

Because no one knows what breed of dog fell onto Chardonnay Evans’ head. It could’ve been a pit bull, or a dog that looked like a pit bull.

And therein lies the rub: There is no clear consensus of what a pit bull is even though you can’t turn around these days without reading massive headlines like “VICIOUS PIT BULL ATTACKS BABY AND CHEWS OFF HER FACE THEN TEARS OUT HER HEART, LUNGS & GUTS!”

Read the rest of this piece here -- http://www.trentonian.com/articles/2010/07/04/news/doc4c2fa25b512af457229390.txt

I think this piece is just a way for them to get hits. All they did was take bits and pieces from different people and put them together to show different sides of the issue. Just because they went to a house to 'meet' their Pits and because they were not mauled to death, what that is supposed to prove, they may be safe dogs?  To Joey Kulkin, all I have to say is I hope you have an angel watching over you... Bill Owens clearly does not know the potential of what his dogs are capable of, and speaks very ignorantly about the breed. If you keep on going up to strange Pit Bulls like that, one day your luck could run out. As they say "Keep playing with fire and one day you will get burned."


  1. i have been closely following wanna be reporter joey kulkin for a month. and will blog about him soon.

    you have a good nose SME.

  2. The story at the beginning of the article, to get people hooked in is so stupid. The article starts with the story but doesn't finish it or answer any of these questions:

    1. Why were the dogs in the attic?
    2. Why didn't anybody care that they were in
    the attic?
    3. Was anybody taking care of these dogs?
    4. Why weren't the owners charged for animal
    cruelty (leaving them alone in the attic
    bored out of their minds)?
    5. Did the dogs have food & water?
    6. Article states that they were pit bulls,
    then says they were unidentifiable, so the
    author contradicted himself.
    7. What happened to the dogs?

    I don't care what breed of dog it is, no dog or animal should be abused like that. And if someones going to start with a story to get people hooked into the article, you think they would finish the story.....
    In my own opinion, the author isn't a very good writer.



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