Jul 17, 2010

Girl maimed by Pit Bull attack coming to terms with appearance.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—A 6-year-old Colorado Springs girl is recovering from severe facial injuries after she was attacked by a neighbor's dog.

Meagan Garrow underwent a four-hour surgery and received hundreds of stitches after the attack on Monday.

The dog tore open the girl's cheeks, exposing her teeth. It also bit off one of her nostrils and tore off some flesh around one eye.

Her twin brother, Brendan, witnessed the attack but wasn't hurt.

The children's mother, Genevieve Riedel, says Meagan is doing better than expected. Riedel says that after the surgery, Meagan "looks like a little girl again."

The dog, identified as a pit bull, was euthanized. Its owner, Rachel Goran, faces a misdemeanor charge of owning a dangerous dog.

Full attack article here: http://www.gazette.com/articles/hospital-101610-monday-face.html


  1. “I’m a monster, mommy,” Meagan said. “I look creepy.”

    we all know who the real monsters are.

    i can't help but feel that a lot less people would be willing to own these dogs (and many others) if we made this a serious felony like attempted murder that came with real jail time and of course stigma.

  2. Hello. Please tell me how a breed specific law would have helped me when my dog was attacked by 5 pit bulls that had no collars no leashes no muzzles. Like your quote below, pit bulls being used as weapons of choice....if no one will look for the guy and no one will punish the guy then what good is ANY law? I am not anti-pit bull by all means. Nor am I anti-gun. But like the NRA says, "if you outlaw guns only the outlaws will have guns". Same with dogs. How do you legislate social responsibility? I saw this article you posted...I feel bad for the girl. At least my dog has fur to hide the scars and areas where he had 155 STAPLES.....


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