Jul 3, 2010

Dead Pit Bull found, reward being offered for information.

$2,600 reward offered for info on dead pitbull

TROY -- A $2,600 reward is being offered for information about a pitbull found dead in the Poestenkill gorge earlier this week.

Animal control Officer Kevin McDonough said he remains puzzled about how the female pitbull’s body came to be in the water, where it was for at least a week before being removed Tuesday morning. The animal had a collapsed lung and a weight around its neck that McDonough said was likely used as a sort of strength training for the tan-colored, 5- to 7-year-old animal.

"I’m looking at it from every angle, and I’m dumbfounded by this," he said Friday morning.

He said he hoped the reward money, which is being offered by the Humane Society of the United States, will lead someone to come forward with information on the animal. He said he doubts it would be the animal’s owner, as the sand weight around the animal’s neck would likely constitute a misdemeanor charge of overdriving, torturing or injuring an animal under the state’s Agriculture and Markets Law.

"We’re hoping the public will step up to the plate," McDonough said.

The pitbull, which had no identifying tags or implanted microchip, was removed from about a foot of water at the bottom of the gorge. Nearby is a section of water roughly 10 feet deep, and McDonough said the animal may have floated to the surface from that section.

The sand weight around its neck became substantially heavier when wet and could have weighed the animal down, he said.

McDonough said he will be seeking more information from the animal hospital where an autopsy was performed Wednesday.


How long does this have to go on before Pit Bull owners realize that the power to stop things like this is in their own hands...


  1. What a retarded response.
    Look around you, SME, dogs of all breeds and animals in general are dying at the hands of people and you want to stop only pits.
    It's time for YOU to WAKE THE FUCK UP!
    Go drink your PETA Kool-Aid.

  2. FYI I do not support nor like PETA.
    I support laws that keep Pits out of the hands of bad people that will abuse them. Even more so I support laws that will help keep people and pets safe from Pit Bulls.
    Pits are at the top of the list when it comes to a breed being abused and exploited, so don't try to pretend that every breed is in the same boat as Pits because they definitely are not.

  3. I can't help but wonder how many of these pits that are found either bit a family member or became aggressive toward their owner. There's no evidence they're fighting dogs per se, or evidence they suffered long term abuse. So what's going on that people take their pit bull out and kill it with so much apparent malice? We very, very rarely see anything like this happen with other breeds.

  4. you know i totally get killing a dog that aggresses. i totally agree with it. however that is not an excuse to torture an animal. if you can not kill it quickly, too bad for you. you need to be charged with animal cruelty.


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