Jul 23, 2010

PITBULL POLL: Should Pit Bulls be banned in Concord?

QUESTION: Would you support a ban on pit-bulls in the City of Concord?

Give your answer here: http://claycord.com/2010/07/22/question-would-you-support-a-ban-on-pit-bulls-in-the-city-of-concord/

Guns Have no will of their own.. BUT PIT BULLS DO!

And, my favorite comment coming from the poll on banning Pit Bulls goes to anonymous --

My GOD! I’m so sick and tired of the urban hyena, I mean pit bull, apologists with this “it’s the trainers (owners) fault” garbage. Some people keep lions as pets and claim they are the sweetest things as long as they are properly trained by the right owners. They claim lions aren’t dangerous. But I’ll tell you what, there is no way in hell I’d want someone with a lion living next door. Period. I feel bad for anyone that has to live next door to someone with these ticking time bombs. I read the neighbor couldn’t let her kids play in front for fear that one of the dogs would get loose.

The only silver lining is that this pack of sweet dogs didn’t get loose and go on a much more lethal rampage attacking more folks.

I really wish there was some law against owning these wild dogs.


  1. More and more I am coming across stupid blogs like this one, you need serious help if you cannot see that it is the owners, not the dogs that are the problem. Maybe a better ban would be on the sick despicable human beings who torture and abuse these dogs to turn them into vicious animals. Some train their dogs to be vicious purposely, and some just abuse them (tie them outside on a two foot rope, in all weather conditions, with little food or water and no human interaction) in ways that after an extended period of time, would make ANY dog go insane, and become a menace to the public.

    Pit bulls are NOT the problem, it is SOME of the people who own them that are the problem.

  2. The Pit Bull attack in Concord did not involve chained Pit Bulls.. I am outraged by the fact that Pit Bull enthusiasts always try to defend a dog attack with the same old tired line that it is the way the dogs are treated, or mistreated as you tell it.

  3. it's funny, when there a fight bust, the game-doggers all rally around the same tired excuses "just because you chain your dogs and own a break stick..." and when there is serious or fatal attack the pit nutters rally the same abuse excuses are put forth "these pit bulls were abused or were taught to be vicious..."
    it's more predictable than the weather.

    currently there is a blame all of the gang bangers for ruining the breed theme playing out on one of these newslinks. while donna reynolds is praised for being the calm voice of reason as she blathers on about a 2008 fatality that was reported 285 times.
    this bitch is so insensitive.

  4. "Maybe a better ban would be on the sick despicable human beings who torture and abuse these dogs to turn them into vicious animals."

    Like that's the cause. Not the breed.

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa-hahahahahahahaha! Idiot!

  5. How about doing both? Punishing the stupid cruel owners who train their pits to fight, make mandatory spay/neuter laws (eventually the breed will die out), require licensing, proper training, and liability insurance - its not the person's fault for walking to his mailbox and gets attacked - why should he have to pay with his life or pay the medical bills? The pit owner should have to pay, but most pit owners DON'T have insurance or the money to compensate the victims.

    1. Thats stupid to just let the breed die out some people teach there kidz to fight dose that mean er should die out its not d dog its d owner who trains d dog i luv pits i have two an im about to get my nrw pit puppy in the nextday or so an if u were to see how good mine r it would change ur mind completely on the breed

  6. Or make it mandatory that their teeth be surgically removed by a vet. That would work.

  7. That's what they used to do to lions who were used for close interaction with actors in the old films. De-clawed and de-teethed.

  8. I can't believe there are people out there that still believe pit bulls need to be trained to fight. This alone shows what an absolute piss poor job pit bull advocacy does as far as educating pit bull owners.

  9. pit bulls should not be banned. They are the sweetest animals ever. i have had 6 now. none of them have attacked anyone. we let my baby cousins play with them. if they attack it is the owners fault they taught them how to. its easy as this... don't teach they don't do. don't tell me they are ticking time bombs, you don't know your facts, easy to say you are a god damn idiot.

  10. I had a pit bull growing up and he was the sweetest dog. I have been attacked by a chow, a hound, and several Chihuahuas. Does this mean that all of those breeds should be banned as well? A dog is a product of his owner. If you train an animal properly and give them love they will behave and be wonderful a pet. Just because you believe everything you read does not make you knowledgeable on a subject. Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers. Does that mean that they're all dangerous?

  11. yes ban pit bulls

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