Jul 25, 2010

Pit Bull bites boy, family's home condemned

NASHUA - A 4-year-old boy was attacked by his family's pitbull on Friday in what his parents are calling an accident. The family’s home subsequently condemned following the incident due to an illegal basement and unsanitary conditions.

Twenty-four hours and just as many stitches later, 4-year-old Eric wants his 6-month-old pitbull Caesar back, even after an attack that left him with a hole is his lip and his family without a place to live.

Eric was playing in the dog’s water bowl when police say the dog nipped him in the mouth.

The Nashua family had two pitbulls, Caesar and another 8-week-old dog. They say the dogs love their three boys ages 1, 3 and 4.

The dogs were taken pending the outcome of an investigation. It's still unclear if or when they'll be returned.

The home has been condemned due to an illegal basement and unsanitary conditions inside.

Police say an illegal apartment was under construction in the 102 Ledge Street home and due to the conditions inside, police issued a vacate order.

Eric's mom says he's back to his happy self, but until this order is lifted life will be anything but normal.

No charges have been filed but the family be cited by the town for the building violation.



  1. i find it odd how the parents put their kid in front of the camera but won't reveal their names or faces.

  2. The boy is bit in the face by their pit bull AND their home gets condemed? What else has to happen for child protective services to step in?

  3. Yeah my name is adam macinnis and my sons face was not supposed to be on the news they were well aware of that they said they were only going to show the cut on his lip

  4. Um... please don't believe that playing in a dog's water bottle is ok when it's not a pit bull. It's irresponsible to let a child play around any animal's food. You're ignorant if you think this wouldn't have happened if the dog wasn't a pit.

    - ENDBSL (like that name?)

  5. To Adam, it is possible that the media lied to you, they do that sometimes so I am not saying that could not have happened..

    Since an incident has happened with one of your two Pit Bulls now, knowing that you have children I hope that you do the right thing and get rid of them ALL.

  6. No, endbsl, I think your cause is foolish.
    Instead of trying to end bsl you would be better off trying to come up with ways to end Pit Bull attacks.

    I am not saying that it could not happen if it were another breed, but given the statistics it IS more likely with a Pit Bull.
    By the way, almost everyone I know has dogs, and every dog I know personally (non Pit Bulls) would not bite a child in the face for playing in or around their water bowl...
    Half of the Pits I personally know (from friends, or friends of friends) have to kennel up their Pit Bull when children come around because the owners are scared the Pits may attack, or worse, kill a child.

  7. Um...endbsl, why do you and the rest of the nutters have the need to treat us if we are all idiots? Do you think that helps your cause? No one ever said pit bulls were the only dogs that can bite, maul, attack, kill, etc. No one ever calls pit bulls monsters, evil, or says they are born mean. These are not and never have been the arguments, and it would be super if you and the rest of your nutter ilk can get past this and actually deal with the real issues. Thanks!

  8. I do believe that from their history as fighters and bull baiters, they are dangerous dogs.

    From my experience meeting a few hundred Pit Bulls, and speaking to well over a hundred Pit Bull owners in depth about taking care of Pit Bulls, and how they react differently in situations than other dogs, it is my belief that most of them just have it ingraved in their brain to want to attack dogs, prey, or people.
    Also, I know people (myself included), that have a Pit Bull for at least four years before the dog decides to suddenly change and start acting on it's killer insticts.
    Case and point, a friend of mine has two grown Pit Bulls, one age four, the other is six.
    The dogs are very well socialized with people, but not other dogs because they are dog aggressive.
    One day last week one of her teenage kids has another child over to play games and things. He takes the boy out back to show off his pretty Pit Bulls, and the oldest dog comes up and bites the boy in the face, the boy starts hotting and hollering which in turn triggers the other Pit to become aggressive. The two Pit Bullys got into it and fought all the way around the perimeter of the yard twice, all while getting beat over their heads with a tire iron, and they still would not stop. The two dogs were beautiful before their fight, after their fight they both looked like they had been fought their entire life. These were not just bite wounds, they were nasty open gashes, and one of them had it's ear completely ripped off.
    This is only one story of many that I have about how Pit Bulls are different than other dogs.

  9. To Turkey, why do you think everyone is against you Haters? EndBSL was simply making a statement not directed towards anyone.

    SME, instead of coming up with ways to end Pit Bull attacks. Why don't we try and end DOG attacks all together? Why has New South Wales have 1300 dog attacks in 3 months with a pit bull ban in place?
    Why has the DDA of '91 spent millions of dollars capturing and euthanizing Pits instead of stopping dog attacks?

    Why does Tampa Bay have 19 APBT AND AmStaff attacks and 151 Labrador Retriever attacks on file?

    There needs to be stricter laws on dog ownership.
    (I'll record it next time, but we can't even take our dogs around the block because there are so many dogs that 'escape' from their fenced in yards. One GSD is behind a 2-3 ft wall. He could very easily jump it and charge at us.

  10. This comment is to anon above me
    You asked why turkey thinks everyone is against all Pit haters, maybe this is your first visit to this blog, or craven desires, or dogsbite blog? In case you don't know, when people are for bsl, or say that Pits are mean, the nutters come out in full force and try to verbally assault, that is a known fact.

    Numbers do not lie anon, check the statistics, assess the damage these dogs do when they do attack, and tell me that Chihuahua attacks need to be controlled, just like Pit Bulls.

    Pit Bulls were specifically designed for one purpose, that is to kill. That is why they need to be treated differently than other dogs.

    When was the last time you heard about a Lab killing someone? It happens, but rarely.

    Maybe Tampa has more Lab attacks on record, because Labs are more popular, and there are more Labs than Pit Bulls? That would be my guess.

    South Wales... A bunch of dog bites, most were not serious, and the only fatality in three months over there has been from... You guessed it! Pit Bulls.
    Here is an excerpt from that article -
    "The staffordshire bull terrier was the dog breed most commonly involved with 167 attacks over the three-month period."

    Do yourself a favor and re read that entire article, because obviously you only understood the parts you wanted -

  11. BSL comes due to the lack of self-regulation by the Pit Bull community.

    People seem to "hate" the closed casket funerals, maulings, killing of neighborhood pets and the endless line of Pit Bulls being euthanized at taxpayer expense. All the while the Pit community treats the dogs worse than livestock.

    I know it will be difficult for some Pit breeders to find meaningful employment elsewhere...You have my sympathy! The USMC is hiring if you don't have felony convictions or a drug issues!


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