Jul 19, 2010

PIT BULLS By Gary Wilkes - A must read!

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I am reposting because I feel there cannot be too many of these circulating the internet.



  1. this is one of the best articles that i have ever read about pit bulls.

  2. Sad that a "positive trainer" would be so ignorant. Many APBT's are bred away from dog aggression these days. Dog aggression and human aggression are completely different aspects of a dogs personality. One does not lead to another.

    Mr. Wilkes article has some nice contradictions too.

    "Six days a week, they played with
    kids, went on vacations and were an integral part of family life. They also put up with the typical abuse that children heap on dogs and were praised for their ability to be poked, prodded and fallen upon without any reaction. They were the model of bonded, loving, friendly, affectionate family dogs."

    Yet he fears them. Prejudice? Yeah, I think so. He even goes so far as to down grade Pit bull owners as being ineffective trainers.

    BSL is not effective. If it worked, we would see a drastic reduction in Pit Bull related incidents. It doesn't work. It has been proven ineffective time and time again. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    As #4 on your comment suggestion says, "We are all adults here" Being an adult means not letting biased, fear based myths dilute your decisions.

    Not a shred of proof exist that supports the lie that Pit Bulls are more dangerous than any other breed. Except "proof" that is manipulated by anti-Pit Bull supporters using stories that may or may not involve Pit Bulls to further their hate mongering agenda.

  3. Jason, I didn't see any contradictions. First, his story showed that the dogs liked family but attacked a harmless stranger. Second, he showed that the dog didn't just bite the harmless stranger, but mangled the guy's leg so badly he had to have it amputated. That was in 1920, and Pits have been bred since then to be even fiercer and stronger and have even less compunction about attacking people.

    Tons of data shows that today's Pits aren't only attacking strangers, but killing their own family members who raised them, including everybody from newborns and toddlers to "grandma." These dogs did nothing in the first few years of life to suggest they were dangerous--otherwise, these families would not have kept them and allowed them to hang out unsupervised with kids. Then one day, the dog blows his top... and being a game-bred dog with no off-switch, maims or kills somebody where another breed will simply air snap or inflict a couple of punctures. Just look at the photo at the top of this blog to see the difference between a Pit bull (or Rottie, Presa Canario, etc.) bite and a standard bite from something like a Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, or even German Shepherd. The latter breeds simply do not do 1/10th the damage of the bully breeds.

    I know this from working with over 300 aggressive dogs as a dog behavior consultant and meeting the people these dogs attacked.


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