Jul 24, 2010

Pit Bulls: Unleashing Hell

This is a newly published article about Pit Bulls, and you know me, I have to read everything about Pit Bulls...  Some of this I agree with, and some I don't, but at least they are taking on the subject again.

Pitbulls are widely feared and reviled for their instinctive aggression, and recent attacks have reignited the debate over whether they should be outlawed. But does the blame for a dog's viciousness lie with the breed or owners? Tim Hume investigates.

THE DOG attack which left eight-year old Andy "AJ" Maninoa with half his face torn off earlier this month was chilling, ferocious, but hardly extraordinary.

Everything about the incident, which took place at a Housing New Zealand halfway house, followed a depressingly familiar template. The dog, Red, was known to Waitakere authorities as an aggressive animal. The owner, 30-year-old Linda Sale, had never voluntarily registered the dog. Red was microchipped only after having been impounded for straying on to the streets without the muzzle which, as a menacing dog, it should have worn. That registration had lapsed and had never been renewed. Sale had been warned just days earlier about the animal running loose, although it had been chained up in the garage at the time of the attack. The dog savaged AJ, whose family were visiting Sale, when he entered his territory, approaching for a pat.

Sale's boyfriend flipped the bird at the press as he surrendered the dog to the council. Predictably, Red was a pitbull.

AJ was left with more than 100 stitches in his face and faces a future of painful medical procedures and permanent scarring. He told his mother he was grateful his younger brother and his sister had been spared. The fact that Red was destroyed did little to placate many horrified observers, who called for common sense to prevail and the entire breed to be banned.

Story is way too long to post all of it on my blog.
You can find the rest of this article here - http://www.stuff.co.nz/sunday-star-times/features/3952156/Pitbulls-Unleashing-hell


  1. the blame lies with the psychopaths who originally created and "perfected" this dog and to those who continue to perpetuate the breed/type.

  2. every pitbull, just like EVERY dog has its own temperament and personality. i had miniature yorkies who were sooo aggressive i had to have them put to sleep. my pitbull doesn't even bark! EVERY dog is different, don't classify them by breed! that's like saying every asian is good @ math or every white person likes miracle whip


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