Jul 7, 2010

Pit Bull: Family pet or menace?

So many people are saying that its not the animal, that it is the owner. Fine, well then why are owners of Labradors or Dalmations or Chihuahuas not being scrutinized? There are more Labs than Pitbulls in this world, Yet we don't regularly hear that Labs are attacking and killing people.
Face it, the animal has the capacity to kill people like no other dog, and they are a problem. Some say it's the owner, others say it's the dogs, whatever the reason behind it they are killing and maiming people and it needs to stop.


  1. I think its the pit bull owners who must think two steps ahead and realize that if their pit gets loose, and the police are called, they will be more likely to use lethal force if the dog appears aggressive, or likely to become aggressive.

    Your only recourse, then, is to make sure your pet never gets loose and accept the consequences if it does.

    Those selfish pit owners who are demonstrating are demanding that the police give their dogs the benefit of the doubt in a situation where a dog attack might be imminent. Not likely. Deal - its part of the territory.

    And, yes, the police will stereotype your dog, I'll stereotype your dog, and, you know what, every book ever written entitled "Know Your _____ (fill in dog breed or type), stereotypes the dog.

  2. Pit Bulls are not bred to be aggressive, they are trained to be aggressive. Just like any dog can be. So open a fucking book before you open your ignorant mouth (or unleash your ignorant fingers on your keyboard).

  3. If any dog could be trained to be aggressive and fight like a pit bull, then we wouldn't have pit bulls. So please Anonymous, take your own advice and crack open a book on the history of pit bulls. You will learn the traits they were bred to have from birth including wanting to fight with other dogs without cause, starting fights with no warning signs, and continuing to fight while ignoring signs of submission from the other dog.

  4. the ignorant comment made by anonymous reminds me why i prefer dog fighters over pit nutters.

  5. I had a co-worker, attacked by a lab mix that she had known since puppyhood. She had been eating a sandwich when the she bent down to give the dog a kiss. The dog ripped into her face, 85 stiches and 3 yrs of plastic surgery to repair her face. Did this make the news?? Of course not, if it's not a Pit Bull it does not make the news. This is a known fact.

    Joan P

    1. Clearly one of those made up stories pit-nutters think up even as they're typing. This one doesn't seem to know the nutter-world has now shifted to telling chihuahua stories, that retriever stories are now passee in her circles. Poor thing.

  6. Your whole "pits were bred to fight, retrievers retrieve, sheepdogs herd"

    Take that for what its worth.

    I can guarantee about 80-90% of all Labradors and Retrievers DO NOT retrieve. In fact, almost ALL breeds are bred for pets to be sold. Only a small percentage of dogs are actually bred for what they were intended to do.

    Time to get another excuse.

    "Yet we don't regularly hear that Labs are attacking and killing people"

    1. Black Lab bit a child

    2. Border Collie attacks child

    3. German Shepherd attacks teenager

    4. Labrador bit cyclist

    1. Poof, there goes your argument that the media is biased...they actually cover stories of other breeds attacking. However, pit bulls attack much more. Much more. Much more.

  7. Dear Joan,

    I lived in my old neighborhood for 9 years. In that time, a pit bull jumped a fence, attacked a jogger and sent her to the hospital. A mother and son visited friends and the friends' pit bull - adopted from the local shelter several months back after acing a temperment test - latched on to the child's face giving him 50 stiches. An 8 month old puppy pit bull dragged a child and his friend across a road, climbed over a fence, latched on to another dog, and refused to let go despite being beaten and kicked by the other dog's owner who had just returned home from the hospital after heart problems. Both my dogs were attacked by two other pit bulls. Two other neighbors had similar experiences, also with pit bulls - one dog spent days in the hospital, the other died. Some pit bull attacks were avoided when obviously aggressive pit bulls had animal control called on them, and those owners harassed the neighbors who called until they had to have the pit bulls in question put down due to aggressive behhavior toward family members. NONE OF THESE THINGS WAS REPORTED BY THE MEDIA. I could continue about pit bull stories by family and friends have in their own neighborhoods, again none of which have been reported by the media.

    And just so you know, many pit bulls are passed off as "lab mixes" so that is quite possibly what bit your co-worker. No one ever said other dogs can't bite. But pit bulls attack more often, and only a fraction of these attacks makes the news. Other breed attacks DO make the news, so I think you need to check your facts. Do yourself a favor and do your own research, don't be a pawn for the pro-pit lobby and simply repeat all the lies they tell you.

  8. pit nutters are walking talking contradictions.

    one nutter comments how only pit bull attacks are reported in the media. and then a second one leaves a comment with four non-pit bull attacks reported in the MEDIA to make the point that all dogs bite.

    it's like they live in a perpetual state of free association and say whatever pops into their heads.

    here's another good one:

    "never leave a child alone with ANY dog!"
    "they're nanny dogs!"

    and my personal favorite:

    "you can't judge an entire breed by the deeds of a few dogs."
    "petey and sgt stubby were pit bulls!"

  9. Funny, most retrievers I've known love the water and do retrieve balls and sticks and such. Maybe they are never used for hunting but they still show the traits that were bred in for the purpose of hunting. Same can be said of the beagles and other scent hounds I've known, and the herding dogs I've known. And the fighting dogs I've known. I wonder if Anon the Nutter has the proof - and by proof I mean a scientific study - to back up his 80-90% claim. And if he or she can't "guarantee" this claim, I'm wondering if he or she would then like to give to every pit bull victim this month that has a donation account set up for them?

    By the way, excellent analysis craven, as usual.

  10. Anonymous go to www.nonlineardogs.com Search for Pitbulls or Myth number 30. VERY enlightening. The scholar, animal behaviorist, researcher and author talks about Pitbulls and other dangerous breeds and basically states if your pitbull has not attacked anyone it doesn't mean that it won't at some time in the future. The author points out that this breed has a history of attacking people and pets that it had previously lived with peacefully. Changes in the brain from years of dog fighting are permenent and something at some point makes the dog SNAP without warning. There is never an explanation. The behaviorists says if your pitbull has been nice thus far YOU ARE LUCKY. Gambling with yourself, your family and others is not wise. I personally know of people who keep their Pitbulls in cages most of the time because the dogs have SNAPPED. My neighbor has one that has the run of the house and two in cages. What kind of a life is it for a dog to be chained up in the house or in a cage all the time? My neighbor admits that they tried medication for their Pitbull mix, but it didn't work. Wonderful. So I live across from 6 pitbulls now with young children in the homes that can let the dogs out and no fencing whatsoever. An accident waiting to happen. I have always had dogs and every dog gets loose at least once, especially when they are younger. They try to get loose and roam as that is their nature. Owners cannot undo terrible things that happen when Pitbulls get loose. And REALLY will a Pitbull owner DIE if they have to get a different breed of dog next time? NO. It seems you all rally around this breed cause you don't have anything Positive going on it your lives. The recent Chesterfield VA group that held a candlelight prayer vigal for the DOG that killed a 6 month old really showed me how evil and out of control the pitbull groupies have become.
    Find me on facebook: People protecting people from pitbulls.


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