Jul 23, 2010

Man who stabbed pitbull to face felony charges

UTICA, July 23, 2010-- A Utica man faces felony charges after he allegedly stabbed a pitbull in the face multiple times.

26-year-old Brenton Browne, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, police said after responding to a complaint of animal cruelty on Gray Avenue.

According to reports, the dog was barking, which caused Browne to choke the dog.

According to reports the dog then bit Browne, causing Browne to stab the animal.



  1. while i do believe unprovoked biting is a stabbing offense, the pit was justified in biting this fucktard. it is a shame the pit didn't kill him before he could stab it.

    barking, a choking offense? i wonder what punishment the nutter doled out for chewing or pooping. this case needs to be filed under psychopathic pit nutters.

  2. I think had he stabbed my pitbull he would not have to face charges. I'd have sentenced him to death on the spot.

  3. I have to pitbulls an it all depends on the way u raise them how they turn out i guarentee if it was either one of my pits be stabbed they would of tore him up u always see the bad about pits nobody ever post y the dogs attact them i guarentee the person being attacked did somethig


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