Jul 22, 2010

Pit Bulls kills 2 yr. old child in attack

Cordened off: The cul-de-sac in Concord, California, is still closed as police investigate the mauling of toddler Jacob Bisbee by the pit bull terriers

A 2-year-old Concord, Calif. boy is dead after he was attacked by his family's pitbulls at home.

Police say the child walked into the garage where the three pitbulls are kept around 8:45 a.m. Thursday when the animals attacked.

The child was severely injured and later pronounced dead at a hospital. Police say two adult relatives and a young sibling were home at the time. The Contra Costa County Animal Services department is assisting in the investigation.

The child's death comes amid a recent series of pitbull attacks that have renewed calls to put restrictions on owning the breed, which was developed for fighting.


  1. Hopefully, these 2 deaths this week will make people wake up. Both owners were arrested. This is hopefully a wake up for owners. No more hand wringing and saying its a tragic accident.

    Also, when I did a search for this tragedy, your blog came up first. Your getting the word out and its being noticed! Fantastic!

  2. Thanks Art, I do a search on my blog all of the time just to see how it ranks and I can't get it to come up, so that's nice to know.

    Thank god both owners were arrested. It seems to me that now when these things happen, they aren't just getting a slap on the wrist anymore usually, and that is a plus. But still it is sad that all of this could be prevented if the dogs were just completely banned.

  3. It seems to me that whenever bsl is proposed or enacted, the owners come out in full force screaming about their right to own the dog of their choice, but wtf about peoples rights to not getting killed by a Pit Bull?

  4. http://badrap-blog.blogspot.com/2010/07/concord-tragedy-phones-are-ringing.html

    badrap is trying a new approach. reynolds is actually advising her minions to remain quiet and not go out in public and defend their nanny dogs.
    also, there has been as much grief expressed for the death dogs as the 2 yr old boy.

  5. Having pit bulls without children in the home is dangerous enough. Having FIVE pit bulls with small children in the home is a recipe for disaster. It's too late for this precious little children, but, these dogs need to be put down. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to own a pit bull.

  6. I see you deleted my comment about the 2 yr old in san diego that was fatally mauled by a GSD.

    Why post only selected maulings....especially if it involves a fatality?

  7. Anon, I have never deleted a post from this blog, not even one time.
    It is possible that it somehow slipped through the crack, but I don't think so because all of these posts go straight to my email address. I am sorry that for whatever reason yours did not go through.
    However, this blog is about Pit Bull related incidents and Pit Bull stories.
    I don't post other breed attacks although they are just as devastating.
    The reason for that is GSD are not a breed bred to kill.
    When a breed designed to kill (Pit Bulls) are let loose in society with no restrictions we get all of the frequent horrible stories of attacks and deaths. GSD don't come close to comparing with Pits, that is why I do not post other breed fatalities or attacks. Pits are different and should not be allowed out in society, just like lions or chimpanzees.


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