Jul 24, 2010

Pit Bull club meetup - EPIC FAIL

If the job is to promote a positive Pit Bull image, then this is a hilarious joke, right?

Here is their website.

If you need a Bully group in the Rotorua area to help spread your 'postive' breed image booster, this is as positive as it gets.

Is it any wonder that Rotorua and other places in New Zealand are also having trouble with menacing Pit Bulls and their idiot owners?


  1. so THAT's what a pit bull meet up looks like!

    everybody get together for the group photo and say 'GAME!'

    they have very serious problem down under with these pig dogs.
    i predict australia will implement a pit bull ban within the next 5 years. hopefully new zealand will follow.

  2. It's all they can do to keep the dogs from killing each other. And someone brought a baby to that moron convention.

  3. That did NOT look like a fun meet up at all. All I saw were extremely irresponsible people restraining their dogs, very poorly trained dogs, and irresponsible owners who weren't correcting the poorly trained dogs. Most of the dogs were acting aggressive, very few were actually sitting still. I saw several pups. I wonder how many of those pit bull owners claim to be responsible?


  4. Would 20 poodles at a park sound or look any different?


  5. "Would 20 poodles at a park sound or look any different?"

    You dumb pittard! Would 20 poodles require the kind of restraints, spiked collars, etc. and your infamous "break sticks"?

  6. Pittie Pit (My Gangbangin' Rapper Name)October 14, 2010 at 4:46 AM

    All those viewing that video be sure to pay attention to the CRAZED looks in those pit monsters eyes. It's the look of bloodlust. They are the serial killers of the doggie world!

  7. Okay, one brown dog really being held looks distrought, the others are just excited. this website is a joke, my damned German Shepards Each could do worse damage if i told them too with one word. this is racism towards a spacific breed of animal, just like saying im a cracker. YOU Humiliate yourselves. What about the good side of these dogs? If trained, they make great rescue dogs. My Friend was saved by one three years ago, and it didnt tear him apart. God you people. COWARDS. AND THOSE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM SUCH EGGS.

  8. yo yo what up my dog mean mean mean just like the owner,all pit bulls end up like that, these guys have just speeded it up.Whats the baby for ?When the dog gets hungry? Gang name#rap rap diggdy dog


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