Jul 28, 2010

Cities Requiring Pit Bull Dog Permits in Mississippi (BSL)

BSL has been passed, and guess what Pit Bull owners? Nobody will be coming to your door to take away your precious Pit Bull, unless you cannot comply with the law, in which case you should not have the dog anyhow.

BRANDON, Miss. (AP) - Pit bull owners in the city of Brandon have two months to obtain permits that require a special pen for the dogs and liability insurance.

Meanwhile, Flowood residents who own pit bulls have one month to obtain the permits.

The Clarion-Ledger reports both cities' leaders unanimously adopted regulations on pit bulls and similar dogs last week.

In order to obtain a permit, owners must have at least a 100-square-foot pen with a concrete floor and enclosed with at least a six-foot chain-link fence.

Additionally, the pen must have a roof. For Brandon residents, the pen has to be inside a fenced backyard.

Owners also must have a liability insurance policy of at least $100,000.

Those in violation can be fined up to $1,000 and jailed for up to three months.



  1. I live in Brandon, have a Pitbull and I think the new law is bullshitt! These new requirements may make a big difference with Pitbull attacks, but they will not stop other breeds from attacking. I won't comply. /\ Bryan

  2. of course you think it's bullshit! of course you won't comply!
    no need to waste everybody's time stating the obvious pit nutter.

    i am sure not in compliance right now with city license and rabies and probably have never been in your entire pit dog owning life. :)

  3. And when your dog or some other pit bull whose owner won't comply with the law decides to attack someone, the nutters will all scream that bsl doesn't work! Of course it won't work when you don't comply! These laws help RESPONSIBLE pit bull owners!

  4. I won't comply because my dog is not mean so why should I? I won't comply because I have a person on my street that has a cocker spaniel that gets loose all the time, and has for many years, and he doesn't have to register his dog. The law makes no sense and it won't even stop dog bites. Bryan

  5. The law is not put in place to stop minor dog bites, it is there to stop Pit Bull maulings that often result in death.

    Pit Bulls are often loved family pets, that just go off for no apparent reason one day, and nobody can predict when and where that will take place that is why they need special handling and special restrictions than that of other breeds.

    When a Cocker Spaniel attacks nobody is going to be killed.
    When a Pit Bull attacks, it is usually followed by an outline of chalk, if you get what I'm saying.

  6. Bryan, if other breeds were attacking like pit bulls, the same laws would apply to them. They are not. Pit bulls are the problem therefore pit bulls get the laws. And it has nothing to do with being mean, no pit bull is mean, but they are all genetically dog aggressive unlike other breeds, including the cocker spaniel you are having an issue with. When pit bull owners like yourself don't know this basic information and then decide to not comply with the law, it just gives a better case for outright bans. So here's a tip: be a responsible pit bull owner and comply with all laws. The next time you see that cocker spaniel loose, call Animal Control - be proactive and prevent an incident from happening. But pointing to bad behavior to excuse your own does not fly here. Also, no reason to curse, its juvenile and low-class, what a stereotypical pit bull owner would do.


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