Jul 23, 2010

Pit Bull Attacks vs. other breeds - understand the difference!

You can do an internet search every single day and find an appalling story about a Pit Bull attack(s).  Even though it is said over and over that the Pit Bull population is lower than that of other breeds, they are involved in more attacks than any other breed these days, and often fatal attacks.

When you read stories of these unprovoked attacks on everyday common people, just walking to their mailbox, out riding bikes, or just having fun family time by pulling their toddler in a wagon, if it does not outrage you, then something is very wrong!

Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, etc. do attack, and yes, they have inflicted serious damage, but it is rare...

Pit Bulls on the other hand attack frequently and do major damage almost every time. There usually is no such thing as a warning bite with Pit Bulls. When they need to give a warning it is usually a full fledged relentless attack.
That is the difference between Pit Bulls and other dogs.

Other dogs don't feel the need to seriously maul someone to get their point across, Pit Bulls do.

Pit Bull attacks are different than other dogs. Think about the difference like this -- it's the difference between pliars, and the jaws of life.

If you still don't get it, let me show you some pictures so you can get the mental vision about what I mean...


Jaws of Life

And now on to the attack pictures..
The difference between Pit Bulls, and other breeds is clearly evident in the amount of damage done when they attack.

Pit Bull Attack

Pit Bull Attack

Pit Bull Attack

Pit Bull Attack


Normal dog attack

Normal dog attack

Normal dog attack

I mean seriously Pit Bull owners and advocates, there has got to be something different with a dog that has to have a breakstick used to pry it's jaws open during a fight!

See what Pit Bull owners say about breaksticks -- http://www.thebullyhouse.net/pitbullproducts/breakingsticks.html

So, Pit Bull advocates KNOW THIS
We know all breeds are involved in attacks.
But no other breed compares when it comes to the damage Pit Bulls do when they attack.


  1. Oh c'mon SME, you know the first set of attack photos which you claim were done by pit bulls are so obviously the work of cocker spaniels and labs! *They* are the true terrors of the dog world, not those faithful, child-loving, all-American nanny dogs!

    Just kidding, of course. But I expect some pit nutter to come by and peddle some mess like that.

    This is a great entry. Those photos are absolutely horrifying, but hopefully they'll some understand the point you're trying to make. How on earth can someone even try to compare a chihuahua bite to that of a pit's?

    A. Nony Mouse

    1. Well personally i believe that the blame is on the pet owners (no matter the breed) for their dogs behavior. Everyone who owns a pet knows this.And to blame one breed and label them is almost like going after black people and calling them public dangers because they make up 76% of the prison population. Condemn them all wright even the ones who have done absolutely nothing. That kind of misplaced bias is ignorant completely narrow minded. My best friends little boy was attacked by a lab who was on a chain almost its life. I guess we should kill all labs. No these pets are products of their owners and only know what they have been taught. Humans however know better hence our distinct intelligence seperation. Never the less this blind hatred is ignorance at its absolute worst and the people that agree with this bigotry are just as idiotic morons. SO grow up and place responsibility where it belongs on the owners not the dogs

    2. I think that all of you are absolutely ridiculous! You guys compare the photos and say a "normal" dog bite is only a scratch?! ANY dog can seriously hurt anyone or anything. I think that all of your are ignorant. Every single pit bull I have come in contact with have been an absolute pleasure. It is because of horrible owners that these poor dogs have such a bad reputation. Little dogs attack more often than pit bulls and that should be remembered. I hope you all face the fact that you are wrong and I hope you get to experience the pleasure of a great pit bulls company.

      Pit Bull Lover!

    3. no ur worng mate ..xD

    4. bra u betta stop dis u blaming all thease attacks on 1 breed mt own dog bit me worse then som of these pics nd he 12 powds me nd mi finds go help all summer at apbf nd we aint neva bin bitgo off in yo perfect world wit allu other dumd steroe tipes if im emo tht dont mean im depressed.STOP NOW!

    5. bra ya better stop dis mi own dog bit me worse then som of tese pics nd he12 pownds me nd mi frinds go down 2 da apbf all summr nd we aint neva got bit now go off int2 ur lil stereotipe world nd hav fun with it just cuz im emo dont mean im depressed im proud 2 share dis earth with pit bulls nd u cant do nuddin bout mi pride NOW SHUT UP

    6. What in the high hell does this say? I have to read each line individually, and it doesn't make any sense. It's not a stereotype, it's fact. Pits are incredibly powerful creatures, if you can't see that, then go buy a goldfish.

  2. Very good points. I love how you included the pictures, like you have to do when teaching children. I am a teacher and often it's not until I show a picture or visual aid do I see the "lightbulb turn on" when trying to get my point across.

    You are correct that normal dog attacks require little more than a bandaid on average. Sometimes they require a FEW stitches, and very, very, RARELY, do they require hospitalization.


  3. That video is pretty darn scary! What gets me is him telling the dog "good boy" for grabbing and biting the bite pad. Is he training the pit for fighting? I sure wouldn't want one of the pits around my kids - or loose in my neighborhood. What laws are there to protect US from these pit bulls?

    1. it is not just pitbulls tht seriously damage children and people. it is also german sheperds,rockwhilers and huskies .. so u better look out for them too. they're all just as bad as pitbulls. it doesnt matter how the owner brings the gdog up. dos are dogs , they're all ment to bite.
      this is just my opinion....but becarful out there. ive been bit bye many different breed of dogs. most painfull was the pitbull and the rockwhilers bite. they dont let go untill your pulse stops !!

    2. you have to be so ignorent what laws protect us. what is wrong with you a bird could peck your eyes out if it wanted too. a little dog could attack you. even a police dog could attack on accident and do serious damage. im sure if you look enough you will find someone who has died of a chihuahua bite. all this guy had to do is find the bad pics he didnt include the good family pics with there pit bulls. they only talked down why dont you look at all the angles before you judge a breed. i have never even owned a pitbull, and i have been bitten by a stray pit bull and even i know that it isnt the dogs fault. everyone that thinks that it is the breeds fault then you should be locked up in a cennel for the rest of your life cause the dog that was in there deserves to be free and live more then you do.

  4. the big tuff guy with the little wiener in video is into schutzhund, that's why he is praising the dog.

    good blog post SME. thanks.

  5. "What laws are there to protect US from these pit bulls?" Depending on where you live, but mostly no. And we need to change that.

  6. it is not the breeds fault, it is the owners! im tired of hearing and reading about Pits being the "bad dog"!! like many has said there truly is no such thing as a bad dog only bad owners!!!

    yes, i understand that Pits have attacked more than most other breeds...but those Pits that did attack were aggressive because of their owners. fighting Pits, chained Pits, and/or guard Pits!

    the truth is Pits are just as good as any other dog on Earth. so dont accuse them, for they are not the guilty party. their ignorant, heartless owners are!!

  7. Pits,Rottweilers and dogs of this such are prone to more deadly attacks...why??Their size. Not to mention an adult male pitbull is pretty SOLID and ALL MUSCLE. Same with Rotts. These dogs have different hereditary backgrounds than other dogs. The "fight to kill" instinct is still in their DNA...they could never attack, or be vicious all the time.
    I know of MANY other dog breeds that are very vicious as well.Chows are very dog/animal agressive as well as Akitas...but yet I see more cities banning pit bulls and Rotts...
    8/10 times it's the owners/breeders fault. There is that chance that the temperament of the dog is just aggressive.Which can be fixed with proper training and restrictions...
    Basically if you are a RESPONSIBLE OWNER you can prevent an attack 100%. If you find your new "baby" aggressive(and you have young children)you need to get them in training ASAP. If training doesn't work then it's time to find a new home for the dog...I've seen dogs who would be aggressive towards only MEN,and a HUGE baby to everyone else(including children)
    Pit bull attacks happen most frequently when a dog escapes a yard and a careless owner has not noticed. Leaving a pit bull(or any dog) in a backyard for periods of time unsupervised is just asking for them to escape,get in to trouble,or attack an "intruder" Children are often the victims because they are small and the pit bull knows he can win...
    I have never owned any of these breeds just because I have a preference for different breeds!HOWEVER I work extensively with basic training and volunteer at the humane society.

    40years ago Black people had the prejudice for being violent and killers...Now in 2010 that stigma is erased...because it go proved wrong...but if no one speaks up for the dogs who AREN'T aggressive pit bulls...who will?


    1. You are AWESOME. I was going to write something similar. These dogs were once called "nanny dogs" because of how wonderful they are with children. I have many friends with Pitt Bulls, and NONE of those dogs are even slightly violent. Banning pits doesn't do anything except keep good owners from keeping their dogs. Those who don't follow the laws are still going to own them and train them to be vicious. And you can train ANY dog to be vicious. I once owned a Chow, and she was a very aggressive dog. Yes, that breed that looks like a stuffed teddy bear is actually not as gentle as it looks. It is NEVER the breed. It's the idiot owners who train the dogs to be this way. Pit Bulls actually score the HIGHEST of all breeds in canine intelligence.
      TO THE AUTHOR: I am a vet tech, and I have worked with every breed you can imagine. I have never ONCE had to muzzle a pit. I have, however, had to muzzle labs and other "friendly" breeds. If Pit Bulls are vicious, don't you think they would attack the little 5'4", 135 pound woman who is sticking a thermometer up their rear end and jabbing them with needles to vaccinate them?? BSL does NOT make sense! Try owning and working with a Pit Bull BEFORE you judge! You cannot speak on something you know absolutely NOTHING about.

    2. Brilliant you guys! BSL is just canine genocide! I've had my nose pierced by a shitzu and leg scarred up by a lab, but all ive got from pitbulls is slobbering kisses. most likely because my friends are RESPONSIBLE OWNERS, and know that a dog isn't an accessory.

    3. anyone who allows a monster like this near little kids should not have kids and should be locked up in a rubber room.

  8. Not only does their size come into play as to why they are at the top of the list for attacks, it is also because of their dna. You just can't get it out of them. It is what they were bred for and thats just what they do.
    I thought my Pit Bull was not aggressive either, I stuck up for her and she made me out to be a liar.

    1. Actually they were origionally bred to be family dogs (which includes protecting) which is why they develop such strong and loyal bonds to their families and will defend them from anything they deem a threat. This causes problems when they attack those threats to defend their families.

    2. You are retarded!. They were bred to be attack dogs and pit fighters. All you self esteem challenged trailer park rejects think these dogs will make your penis bigger. You all think they make you tougher, if that is not true then why the pit bull? why not the collie or the poodle? what now? admit it you tools, if this dog was not dangerous there would be zero appeal to trash like you. They often attack their owners, it's documented dumb-ass, hows that for loyal bonds? MORON!

  9. Also, the problem with Pit attacks is that MOST owners are not going to go that extra mile to be safe, most owners believe THEIR Pit Bull would never hurt a fly, so they take chances all of the time until one day it happens. If pro Pit people would stop spreading their lies and give owners real advice about the breed then people would not be so gullible and think it's all how you raise them.

    1. Thank you for speaking some truth. The fact is the breed has the capacity to be deadly, much more so than most other breeds. Fact number 2, most PIT bull owners that end up in the news are complete tools, they say retarded things like dogs are dogs and the dog did it not me, i'm not responsible...No sh&t sherlock! Combine a potentially deadly animal with a complete reject owner and well...just watch the news. If the owners cannot be responsible with these animals then our government will outlaw them watch and see.

  10. you are retarded. I own a pit. only reason why you think pits attack more than other dogs is because the pit/rotti/doberman attacks get reported by the news. would be great to see everytime a pom or smaller dog bite someone. Sure when they go its worse but why not include the temperment test in your article.


    why didnt you? cause you are a person who sits there and creates websites against dogs rather than know them.

  11. And seriously, you are in denial. What cave have you been hiding in? This post is spot on about when pits attack. Which site have you been reading to get your pit propaganda rubbish? Bad rap, pitbulllovers?

  12. listen you retards pits are not bred for human aggression but just like any dog can be turned that way.thugs who own these dogs as a status symbol give these dogs a bad name as much as you do.helen keller had a pit and was deaf and blind if you cant responsibly own one your a retard.

  13. While your blog has merit: Pits have been bred to be physically destructive and aggressive. I feel it lacks the perspective that every full blood dog is still a domesticated dog and has varying personality types; some aggressive, some passive some fearful some docile. All dog breeds may not be homologous in temperament, but every individual dog is and in fairness must be taken that way.

    The states should have a policy on Pits so that owners would have to have licenses. They would have to go through training, classes, read and research and know what they're getting into.

    You should cover wolf mixes next.

  14. Most of you people should be shot!!! A dog is a dog, is a dog! Do some research before you discriminate against a dog based on it's genetics.
    Here are some interesting Facts:
    *Top 3 Most naturally aggressive dog breeds~Chihuahua, Dachshund and Cocker Spaniels
    *Labradors bite 60% more people every year than Pitbulls and Dobermans Combine....thats right!! COMBINED!!
    *When a pitbull bites somebody the media is 90% more likely to pick up the story.
    OH...and as for the "regular dogs" that you are talking about? What is a regular dog?? *I also read that in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 the average number of dog bite related deaths in the united states was 30 per year. On MANY other sites I have read that pit-bulls are responsible for 3 deaths per year.
    Is it just me or does this math not add up????? There’s 27 deaths a year that aren’t accounted for...... If they aren't pit-bull attacks, then they must be "regular dog" attacks right?????

    As for the retard that asked why the guy was letting that dog in the video play with that bite wedge and telling him he was a good boy....ummmm DUH!!! Because all dogs, not just bull dogs like to play tug of war and chew on things! My border Collie does that!
    I do agree that this particular dog owner probably does need to be slapped because there is no reason that you should know that much about breaking up dog fights unless you are DOG FIGHTING!!! I mean, I can just tell my Pit to "drop it" and he does! So why would you need to shove a friggen wedge in any dogs mouth??????
    This guy is a prime example of an aggressive dog owner, this guy and people like him are the reason that pitts have a bad rap! I know lots of pit owners and this is the first time I have ever even heard about a bread stick!

    SO, with that being said....please stop being so ignorant and do your research before you discriminate! I mean, you wouldn't think a black man is going to steal your purse just because he's black, WOULD YOU??
    Or hell maybe YOU would! Maybe that's the reason pits have such a bad rap, because the same people that judge other people by the color of their skin are the ones judging pitbulls by the DNA coursing through their veins!!!

    1. Pit bulls have the highest propensity and frequency of any dog breed to be involved in a severe mauling. Members of the media understand this and are quick to report such attacks. The reason why "Child Suffers Dog Bite" does not dominate dog attack news headlines is due to the lower degree of injury inflicted. In 2008, the death of 2-month old Zane Alen Earles, who was killed by the family's Labrador puppy, captured over 1,000 news headlines and countless blog postings.12

      Recently, a writer from British Columbia commented on the "media conspiracy" claim voiced by pit bull advocacy groups. In a charming, yet biting piece titled, "Belligerent Bassets?" writer Andrew Holota, points out the ridiculous nature of this claim:

      "Yessir, there are oodles of poodles popped by cops all the time, and the press does not report it.

      And attacks by psychotic shih tzus? Covered up. Muzzled, so to speak.

      Children savaged by Scottish terriers? Quashed. Hushed puppies, if you will. Oh yes, the conspiracy runs deep indeed."13

      What is true is that there is an absence of media regarding the collective damage inflicted by the pit bull breed since the early 1980s. In a recent 7-year period, from 2005 to 2011, pit bulls killed 128 Americans, about one citizen every 20 days.14 By 2013, pit bulls are projected to maul 200 Americans to death since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by dog breed, and over 250 people since 1980.15 Major news agencies are AWOL on these important issues.

  15. ok agreed but look at the size difference of the dogs and what they were bred for, e.g pits were bred for HUNTING therfore they will be alot more powerful. idiots "IDIOTS" think they were bred for fighting NO. look at obedince trials pits are one of the most obiedient dogs so saying theyre unrully/rlentless is wrong.All it is is bad owners with good Obeidint/loyal dogs dont ban the breed (even though no one said that that is whats happening)ban the owners and learn from whats happened. No hate replys please and no debates because not coming back to this site it was just stumblled on and thought would post a reply.

  16. Perhaps, if the general public stopped treating their pets like humans there wouldn't be such a vastly accepted, irrational perspective on animals.
    Regardless of it's size, or genetically predetermined temperament a dog is still a dog. Dogs are animals. Of the carnivorous type. Carnivorous meaning flesh eating, which, might I remind you, is exactly what we humans and every other mammal is made of.
    Because dogs have been domesticated and their genetics manipulated for so. Incredibly. Long. That we forget that if left completely alone, and to their own devices, it wouldn't take long (matter of weeks) for all those hundreds of years of domestication and alteration to completely unravel.
    There's a reason they call it a "dog eat dog" world.
    Do yourself a favor and stop treating your pet like it's a child. Treat it like it's a dog. Understand what it's wants and needs as a DOG are, and I bet you'll find a lot less mis/redirected canine aggression. Regardless of the breed.

  17. yes there are pitbulls out there that attack and if you think about it. If you get a pitbull puppy at 8 weeks and you train the pitbull the approiate way then you will have a great family dog as I have to great pitbulls. they are both 85 to 95 pounds soild muscle and I have a 4 year old and FYI they have never hurt her in anyway if anybosy was to come anywhere near our family that we do not know they get into defense mode and protect but they have never hurt anyone so make sure you all think of all the good pitbulls out there and by the way i have to miniture dashounds and they are agressive so where is the website that shows all the other dog attacks that are fatal
    thanks for your time
    god bless
    dont blame the breed!!!! blame the deed!!!!!

  18. How many bullshit you had write on your blog!!!

    First educate your self about dogs race and after talk about apbt!!

    Apbt are dogs,they have only superior game,the power of the bite and how they bite is similar of other breeds!!
    GSD,Doberman,malinois,Mastif,presa canario,Alanout ecc..and also aggressive Labs has the same biting power of a a pitbull!

    The pawer of the bite is related to the size of the dog and the mental attidute to bite!
    There are a lot of soft mouthed pitbull!!
    Also some race like GSD are more dangerous than pitbull,becouse they are selected to be man aggressive(are guardian dogs,pitbull are fighting dogs,and fighting is against another dog), the real pitbull must be selected to be dogs aggressive and sweet to Human!!
    Remember this Dork!!!

  19. How about set up a page for mean owners who trains Pit bull dogs and OTHER breeds to hurt people/animals?? Teach them to treat Pit bulls and others as a beautiful, loving, caring, and loyal friend!

  20. Wow, you really only focus on one side of a situation and try to spread it without a lot of facts. Maybe you should do more than 5 minutes of research. To be honest I know your type and won't do it so I did it for you. Check out the statistics on this website, http://www.atts.org/ . You may be surprised.

  21. Funny thing is that picture of the coffin is not related to a dog attack of any kind or sort... its just a death at a funeral somewhere. google it. the same picture comes up and says NOTHING about dog attacks. ALSO, the picture with the protesters? man seriously? nice paint job. obviously, whoever made this site has NO IDEA ABOUT the pit bull. has never met a pit bull, or at least one that wasn't in the hands of a bad owner, who had been RAISED to fight. THE SECOND SET OF PICTURES. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA a "normal dog attack"? Seriously?


    go read those articles people. they're actual news reports. whoever made this site is a complete joke. i've owned pits bin around pits loved pits for as long as i can remember. my pit either sleeps with a 9 year old little boy and lets him mess with her face, food, toys, etc. or curled up next to my face at night and i know pleeeenty of proud pitty owners who can say the same thing.

    I love all dogs, but its people like you who give these dogs a horrible name. bad owners need to be banned, not bad dogs. sites like these need to be taken off the internet.

  22. Noticed the OP stopped commenting... I didn't read the last 4 posts out of need to get to work but... Yeah dogs that are trained to guard or fight are going to be aggressive when they escape... and needless to say people that train an animal to fight another animal probably aren't the most careful about keeping that animal locked up... anyways I find this pit bull hate complete bullshit.

  23. This is just as racial as saying all black people are bad. All dogs have a mean streak in them. Have you ever had a Chihuahua? Every one of them i have met has tried to attack me. Those dogs are not big at all. What would happen if a baby got closed to it and it bit it, you would most likely not hear about it in the news at all. I have owned a pit bull and i have been around a lot of pit bulls. I have seen huge pits that a nice as can be. They are big babies. Pit bulls are very nice family dogs if trained right. You can train any dog to be mean and aggressive, it does not matter the breed. It does not matter what breed it is. It is the owners responsibility for how the dog acts. Punish the breed not the deed. If you want to now exactly how a pit bull is raise one from a puppy. They are on of the most loyal dogs i have known. They will protect you til the death. My dad told me of a pit bull that fought off a bull from attacking its owner. This dog bit the bull on the mouth and hung on until the bull died. The bull tore the dogs stomach open with its hooves but the dog stayed attached til its last breath. The owner had to pry the pit bulls mouth off of the bull. The dog was still alive. The dog died not to long after that. Also go to my group on facebook and look at the video of the dog that saved a baby.
    This is my group.


    This is the video on youtube.


    So next time you think pit bulls are mean just think about what could have happened if that dog was not there.

  24. Dalton, I hope that you don't think your comment helps Pit Bull owners in any way.
    It just proves again what idiots you are.

  25. Those who don't support pits have never either never owned one or had any experience with one. They're basing opinions off what they see in the media. You will see, if you take the time, that American Pit Bull Terriers (because there's no such thing as a "pit bull"...jacka$$es) have been noted for more good than bad. The good stories just don't make the press because people like bad news better.

  26. For every point there is a counter-point. For every website that states that the APBT is a dangerous dog you can find another that gives evidence otherwise. Peoples opinions mean very little in the grand scheme of things when it comes to relaying the truth. If you want an unbiased view of a dogs temperment then go here (http://www.atts.org/stats1.html). This is the American Temperament Test Society's website. They do unbiased testing of hundreds of dog breeds. What is worth noting is that Border Collies, Dalmations, and Golder Retreivers (just to point out a few) scored lower on the temperament test than the APBT. Another thing you should look at is how many APBT's were tested as compared to some of the other dogs. Hundreds more were tested, so you are actually getting a better crosssection of the breed as a whole. Check your facts.

  27. Only ignorance like this can attract stupidity of this rate. Pit bulls do attack. because they are trained too. Pit bulls do bite, like all other dogs. Pit bulls can be trained, like labs. Pit bulls do NOT have a bite force higher than that of any other dog. PERIOD. If you want to compare a pit bulls bite to that of "normal dog" consider the fact that both the german shepard, and rott have high PPSI than a pit bull. Also consider the national research done of all the breeds and consider the fact that pit bulls rank higher than the lab, golden, chihuahua, cocker, poodle and most hunting and herding dogs. You can not argue with FACTS however I can argue as much as I want with someone who proves nothing except how ignorant you truly are. I wish anyone who hated pit bulls could come see what I do and how that really act. Oh and here is another fact. Look up your local aggressive dogs. I bet that less that 5 percent are pits.

  28. I cannot believe after all the media attention this breed has recieved they are still around.. and for that i say AMEN!! ive owned many pit bulls in my life. Dogs have energy. IF you tie a dog up, leave it in the backyard, or keep him, or her in the kennen then the dog will have built up energy. Built up energy will turn into aggression over time. WHenever you hear of dog attacks its most of the time because a dog that was neglected had been left in a backyard its whole life and didnt know any better when its irresponsible owner left the gate open. Pit bulls were bred to fight dogs, not humans. MANS BEST FRIEND DOGS WORSTE ENEMY. Well with that being said there arent many dogs left that are still bred towards their orrigonal purpose. They are now bred to be house dogs. INCLUDING PITS! They are house dogs. I picked pit bulls because my local vet told me it would be the most loyal dog i could own. And he was very right. Gannon is my current pit bull and i havent heard him bark at the door. With proper socialization, exercise and training pit bulls, like any other dogs, can and will be amazing pets. Oh and also "pit bull" is a generic term that is used for any dog with muscular build. AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS are the origonal. Which were 45 lbs max. Those are not really around anymore. Now we have bullys. Pits that can reach 100+ lbs and were not bred to fight. they are too heavy and slow. If you want a vicious fast fighing dog then todays pits arent it. Now learn your facts before you start a web site banning a dog you know nothing about.

  29. I guess this is what they mean when they say "Ignorance is bliss." Pit bulls are not inherently bad animals its humans that are the bad ones. Take any animal and train them to attack and they'll attack. If you really want to make a difference you might want to take a look at the human population instead of bitching about how pit bulls are born "baby killers" and how they'll attack you every chance they get. I think the best way you can overcome your fear is to actually own one and you'll realize the depth and breadth of how much they love you. My bully mix has actually saved me from some sticky situations, he's put his life on the line for me. So I'd think next time I generalized a whole population. Not all dogs are bad, just like not all humans are bad. If you really want change target bad pet owners.

  30. Pitbulls are okay and friendly if you are a good trainor. Dogs can behave and disciplined however pitbulls are strong breeds and a best guard dog but you need to train them very well. Don't get pitbull if you cannot train him. :)

  31. To why we love dogs: That is a big problem that I have with Pit Bull owners. They THINK that if you take the time and train a Pit Bull right, they will be okay. That's a big mistake because you CANNOT train the natural instinct to kill out of a dog that was specifically bred for killing.

  32. do you guys realize that pit bulls can be the nicest dogs in the world its just how the owner raises them its just like profiling that all black people steal and kill and shit fuck you weirdos with to much time on your god damn hands.

  33. I call F*cking Bullssh*t. My family bred Pit Bulls and we have a lot of Kids in my family. This dogs just doesnt attack because they feel the some had to provoke them. we have 10 of them and neither one of them has ever attack anything human or animal. I have gotten bit more by my aunts Chihuahua then our pit bulls. When you start reading about these dogs attacking ppl look at the people that own them because half of the time these dogs are abused so they feel the need to protect themselves just like you would do if you was backed into a corner. or if you was constantly abused they you feel the need to retaliate. So if you have never worked with these dogs personally then you have no say so about the demeanor of these dogs

  34. Pit bulls are normal dogs. and i think this website is forgetting about all the deaths each year from golden retrievers and labs. yea pit bulls have some of the strongest jaws but the OWNERS have to teach the dog to have a lock jaw. the owner is the one that teaches the pit bull that it has to fight for food for water for its life, it is not just born with a fire in its stomach waiting to attack and kill. they are born to be loved and to protect their family, not kill. it is mans fault that this dog is being band from parks and states around the U.S. so keep goin. keep spreading rumors that pit bulls are killers and watch the breed fall. good luck protecting yourself or hiding behind your chihuahua thinking that is all it takes to scare someone away. just always remember that it is your fault that this breed is dyeing.

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  36. Here are some other 2010 statistics:

    11 day old boy killed by Siberian Husky:

    4 year old girl killed by Rottweiler:

    nine month old killed by two rottweilers:

    5 year old boy killed by two mixed breed dogs:

    2 year old boy killed by Shephard mix:

    4 year old girl killed by Boxer:

    Woman bled to death after attack by German Shephard:

    All dogs have the capacity to bite, all big strong dogs have the capacity to kill. Dangerous Dog laws should focus on dog bite prevention and responsible ownership, leash laws, anti-chaining laws, etc.

  37. I have 3 APBT's and none of them are vicious or aggressive in any way. I would never leave my dogs unattended outside or off the leash, just as I wouldn't do that with my Boxer. That's just part of being a responsible dog owner, period. They have all passed or are waiting to take the test for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test.

    I remember reading recently that APBT's were only responsible for 2.84% of all dog attacks reported in this past year. Why does the APBT get a bad rap ? Media sensationalization and jerk-a** "owners" who train these dogs to be aggressive or abuse/starve them to the point of them snapping, and that can occur with any dog breed.

    The same thing has happened to other breeds as certain breeds get popular or become the "cool" dog to have. Dobermans, German Shepards, Rottweilers.... it's happened to all of them and now the APBT is suffering the same fate. And due to the fact that they are "easy keepers" and a population surge, there are simply more of them getting into the wrong hands. People who shouldn't own any animal, much less one that has been labeled as a "killer". Ban the deed not the breed.

    Perhaps you could have shown more than one side of this argument, but it's your blog and you were expressing your opinion. An opinion formed from a stereotype that I work to disprove with my dogs anytime they are in public.

  38. whoever wrote up this page is an idiot. you definatly dont know your dogs. and that asshole in the video with the breakstick??! way too rough with that dog. confusing him. just teach the dog to DROP??!!

  39. Let me just start by saying, everyone that has said something bad about pitbulls on this blog is an idiot. I am about 99.99% sure that all of the "facts" that you have stated aren't true or are steriotypes.
    As for the people who love pitties and actually understand why they do the things they do, I 100% agree. You all are sensible people.

    As for pit bulls, they are as "normal" as dogs come. If you idiotic pit-haters out there think a pit isn't a "normal dog", then you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!!!

    You pit bull haters, tell me what a "normal dog" is. Define it without using the words "pitbull" or anything related to that. Help me understand why a pitbull is so different that any other dog? What makes a pit bull "not normal"? I Don't get it.

    Yes, I understand, some pitbulls are bred to be agressive. We pitbull lovers like to call those dogs, FIGHTING DOGS. And the disgusting people that fight and breed fighting dogs, specifically breed them for agressiveness, but only towards other animals and dogs. People that breed fighting pits specifically pick a male and a female dog that are very agressive, and win a lot of fights, then breed them for agressive puppies. And the dogs that grow up to be PEOPLE agressive are inhumanely put down. What I am saying is that most pits are BRED to be agressive, it is not naturally there in their genes.

    And p.s., fighting dogs can be perfectly good dogs, but it is the owners that are responsible for the dogs actions. They need to restrict those dogs that they have take on the responsibility of owning.

    Also, people do provoke pitbulls to attack. I've seen it with my own two eyes. And when they get attacked, they act all stupid and say "The dog just attacked for no reason! I was just standing there and it mauled me!" And when the news crews come and record everything, they blow it up like a balloon!

    The real story would be something like, "The pitbull knocked a child over." but the news would says something like "The dog flew up in the air, jumped off of the roof of the neighbors house, did three backflips and then made a sonic boom that knocked over the kid." Of course this is a big exadgeration, but you get the point.

    Back to the provoking thing, people need to understand dog body language and dog rules. I thnk we all know that dogs can't speak english, but if you disagree, i don't know what you are on. Ive seen people run happily up to a dog that is cowering and shaking in the corner with its tail tucked between its legs. Does that dogs body language tell you "come play with me!" No it doesnt! Another thing, people NEED to teach their kids about dog safty, and that doesn't just apply to "dangerous dogs"(I hate that lable). It applys to EVERY DOG IN THE WORLD.

    I hope the things that I have said, help you all understand why pit bulls aren't dangerous. People need to educate themselves before they got blabbing thier mouths about things they have no idea what they are talking about. People also need to educate themselves on dogs in general. Not one specific breed. All dogs are the same, inside and out, I don't care what anyone says.

    None of the facts that I have stated are false or made up. I did a research paper on pitbulls for a Speech class I took last year. I know for a fact that all of this info is true.

    And I want to thank all of you people that understand pitbulls and dogs in general. You guys are the people that our dogs need to stand up for them because they can't tell us why they do the things they do. Thank you.

  40. Have you ever looked at the reports from hospitals reporting the amounts of dog attacks each year. Over 65% of all dog attack cases that come into emergency rooms are from dogs that are under 20 lbs. The reason for this is because people do not believe that small dogs can harm people, so they do not take the time to train them properly. Do not get me wrong, pitbulls can cause serious harm when they attack, but it is not the fault of the breed, but the owner. Making sure that you know how to handle and manage your dog is the main issue at hand, whether it be a 100 lb pitbull of a 5 lb yorkie. Putting up pictures of the serious wounds that small dogs that inflicted on small children and adults may make your argument a little less one sided. Attack the owners not the dogs.

  41. humans kill too fuck why not do the world a favor and off your self

  42. This whole blog is the biggest piece of uneducated garbage I have ever read. Learn your facts before you spew such childish slander.

  43. stupid biased statement, you don't know pitbulls cause you don't own one, i've been afraid of this kind of breed for a long time, i risked everything and try to have one, now, i love my pit, try looking at the temperament scales of dogbreeds, then compare your chihuahua's and shitzu's to pitbull's, hater! hah! hahahaha

  44. all of u on this damn website are fuckin idiots its not the dogs fault its the owners and thats all that really needs to be said, yea there are some pits that are just mean but there are other dogs who are just as mean too so u cant punish all pits because some niggers or whoever want to fight them just to see if they can maybe win and make enough money to buy there weed or grease for there hair. so fuck whoever wants laws to ban pitbulls from cities and wherever else are rediculous. if u would get the people that are making them mean then there would never be this problem in the first place

  45. this is a bunch of shit.... seriously in the time it took to write this crap you could have actually educated yourself on the breed. get a life.

  46. you know its just how the owners abuse their dogs thats what makes them angry. you must be crazy to think about pits that way. you must be on somthing.

  47. ive had Pits all my life and NEVER had ANYONE of them bitten a person their sweet and really good lovable companions..all you blaming pittbulls are ANOTHER IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT blamin an innocent breed..ITS STUPID PEOPLE TEACHIN GOOD DOGS BAD THINGS SO FUCK YOU DUMBASSES iwish iknew the idiot pithaters who wrote this so i cud slap ur stupidass facez >:(

  48. You know the funny thing I saw while reading this?...All the aggressive writings came from pit owners. I have owned lots of breeds including pits, staff shires, dobermans, and rottweilers. The pits were the only dogs I have owned that had to be trained not to be aggressive. People who make comments like I have always had pits and they never attack anything, you have just been lucky. Pits can be good dogs but I am not convinced the juice is worth the squeeze. I have yet to see the benefit to owning a pit unless you are using it for guard duty but even then a trained shepard is better suited. I also rehabilitate dogs from horrible owners and let me be perfectly clear there is no such thing as a "safe" dog or a "normal" dog every breed has the potential to attack. But to say pits are not a high risk of attack dog is just pulling blinders over your eyes. I truly hope you never have to witness a pit go from fun loving family dog to attack dog but you dang sure had better respect that they can. Like snake owners there are two kinds of pit owners the ones who have had one bite/attack incident and the ones who will.

  49. your an idiot i have a tip for you why dont you try acting like a pit owner and treat you dog with some respect a dog is only as smart as the owner who trains it remember that!

  50. O by the way your little "informational sheet" on hte "pitbull breed", which is not what its called, you got it from Dogsbite.org.....which in the "About Us" statement on their site they directly state they are against pitbulls....and the "research they came up with about dog bites, they did themselves, with no reliable sources to back it up, hmm think maybe bias plays into their research???? If you want info on the breed go to the American Kennel Clubs website and look up American Staffordshire Terrier!! By the way I am a RESPONSIBLE pitbull owner myself...and youll never guess my demographics so Ill tell you- caucasian, 20 year old, female, honor college student majoring in CRIMINOLOGY, its obvious to me people dont take research methods classes, to learn about reliability, accountability and unbiased research, finding both side of the story and not getting their "information" from websites created by ordinary people...not you know experts, government, that kind of thing.....duh!

  51. all u people that are terrified of pittbulls are fuckin idiots, ban the deed not the breed, i have 2 pittbulls and 2 small children, these dogs treat those kids like thier own children, its the fuckin idiots that train the dogs to be vicious that u need to worry about, it doesnt matter if its a cocker spaniel or german shepard, its all in how u raise them, so why dont u fucks get off your high horse and suck my cock

  52. I just got my first pit she is 8 weeks old a sweetie, loves to play and i am trying to learn about the dog so i can be a responsible owner. I know a ton of pit owners and the dogs even when one went in to protection mode cuz of another dog my boyfriend got in between a pit and mix lab pit, he ended up with a cut from a claw from the pit on his arm, both really sweet dogs. then i know of a pit abused from being a puppy, then sent to a good home, escaped a kenel, 2 other dogs with it, got into a neighbors killed their small dog and brought the body back over the fence where the two dogs still were and finished it, the pit got put down. in all the things i have been looking at and seeing is it is how you raise em, i will make sure my puppy is well taken care of so she will be maybe one day my nanny dog.

  53. you are a damn stupid ,
    before you post shit like this, you need to do homework before that.
    you have no dog understanding, and no pitbull understanding.

  54. I read all of these comment and you've made great points! Obviously the guy who wrote this article is miss informed! When I was 11 or 12 I was walking home from school when a pitbull came out of no where in attack mode! He wouldve caught me too if I wouldn't jumped in the bed of a pick up! That dog had a collar on him and his owner was inside the house! Meaning the dog was probably a guard dog or being trained to fight! At the end of the day I still love pitbulls even though that one almost ate my ass up! It wasn't the dogs fault it was the lazy owners who obviously didn't give a fuck about caring for his dog! I owned a pitbull since then and unfortunately had to give her away to a close friend but she's still with him and a great family dog! I'm currently looking to purchase another one of champion caliber this time! I love pitbulls I have been attacked walking by several other breeds as well! It's dog owners that are the problem! And to the Nazi that dropped the N bomb earlier your a ignorant fuck and should have gasoline poured on your head and have a match lit! Your a fucking BITCH !!! And for your information dog fighting started with "distinguished gentlem" in England for entertainment! All races of people have been busted for dog fighting! Just go to Detroit Michigan or Places in the south where it's still huge sport! FUCKING IDOIT! I hate raciest pieces of shit go fuck your mother! Anyway back to the discussion I love pitbulls greatest dogs ever! Hope you do more reading on them and educate yourself so you can see their true beauty! Thanks to all accept 1! Have a great fucking day!

  55. All of this on here is true, but you forget to show the other dog attacks that have been just as bad as the ones from pitbulls. Yes, they can do alot of damage because they are very strong dogs. But no dog ever just attacks because they want to. They do it for a reason. Its not fair for people to think of pitbulls any differntly then any other dog in the world. Look at some of the backgrounds the pits come from that do attack people, they were abused before, so they get scared.That is not the dogs fault at all. I get where ur coming from with this but i must say it is not fair for anyone to look at pitbulls that way. Many studies show that the pitbull is one of the most loving and friendly dog you can own. you let yourselves believe that every pit is a bad dog because of the stories you hear, but thats a few dogs, or ones that people have abused and made aggressive, it is not in any dogs nature to be that way. They are trained to be that way. Just like if you took a Golden Retriver and taught them to hate other dogs and fight, they would be just like the pits that are trained to fight. It is not the dogs fault. Don't think of the entire pitbull breed as bad dogs, because they are great dogs. They are a very popular theropy dog. I can't change the way anyone looks at pitbulls, but its really not right to sterotype them just because of what you hear. Get a pitbull, and train it, and it will be no differnt than any other dog. They want love and attention, in a good home. So many pits don't get homes and get left on the streets because no one trusts them. They are just as good of dogs and any other. Give them a chance.

  56. blah blah blah pitbulls kill blah blah theyre so mean blah blah blah.Dogs are ment to take after their owners obviously.Go visit the asshole down the street with a golden retriever and itll come out and bark and chase you if he gets the chance.Dogs are pack animals and the owner being a smart human that controls what they eat what they do and their limits should be looked at by a dog as a leader of the pack.If a dog is mean then theres probly neglect or aggression.I believe dogs learn to mimic emotions and actions.Not enought attention will give them a mind of their own,which pretty much just makes it a wild dog.I bought a bull terries for my daughter when she turned 4 months and so far hes the nicest dog ive owned.Now I added a female bull terrier to the family and shes picking up quik.Nice and no signs of aggression.So if youre gonna make pits look bad you might aswell say niggers are the number one cause of robberies.NOW aint that racist! All kinds of people evrywhere steel not just one race.

  57. I own a pit now, after discriminating against them before because of the way the media portrays them.

    After being around them for a while now, I am completely shocked about some of the reactions I get when I tell people I have a pit. It's ridiculous.

    I've owned many dogs in my life, and my pit is the smartest, most naturally obedient animal I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    He lives in a house with two de-clawed cats chasing him around anytime he gets too close, but he runs from them. He is very non-confrontational.

    I've owned boxers, golden retrievers, labs, and many other breeds. I'll never own another breed of dog. I've been blown away my pit, and the other pits that I have gotten to know.

    Favorite comment:
    "SO, with that being said....please stop being so ignorant and do your research before you discriminate! I mean, you wouldn't think a black man is going to steal your purse just because he's black, WOULD YOU??
    Or hell maybe YOU would! Maybe that's the reason pits have such a bad rap, because the same people that judge other people by the color of their skin are the ones judging pitbulls by the DNA coursing through their veins!!!"

  58. Yeah the ignorance here is astounding. I get the feeling that the same people who would stand and make such open declarations about one breed, of which they obviously don't know shit, likely have the same ancestors who voted to push 'witches' off cliffs to see if they could fly and go to hell or smack the ground and redeem their souls.

    "You can do an internet search every single day and find an appalling story about a Pit Bull attack(s)."

    Yeah, you can. And if you weren't an apparent fanatic, you would research those and get the real statistics on how many of those are actually pit bulls, and how many are dogs of unknown origin for which the term Pit Bull, will bring the idiots running to read. Yeah, you see where this is going right...

    "Even though it is said over and over that the Pit Bull population is lower than that of other breeds, they are involved in more attacks than any other breed these days, and often fatal attacks."

    Something is definitely fishy here, yet you still typed it out and declared it as if it was chiseled in the stone tablets Moses took up on the hill.

    "Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, etc. do attack, and yes, they have inflicted serious damage, but it is rare.."

    Laughable shit. I've been bitten by three types of dogs in all of my years of owning Pit Bulls. The dogs that bit me were Chihuahua's, a freakin Golden Retriever and a Doberman pincher. Guess which hurt worse and caused the most damage? Yeah the Golden. Know why? Because the Doberman, because of its size and 'intimidating' reputation (if you recall this was the 80's version of the pit bull, running amok, biting off faces remember? Or maybe you aren't even that old yet and are just some crazed Google News fanatic) caused its owners to train it. When I ordered it to release, it did. However, the Golden, happy go lucky, never hurt a soul SOB, was never taught shit because he 'wasn't a vicious animal.' My thirty stitches begged to differ.

    "Pit Bulls on the other hand attack frequently and do major damage almost every time. There usually is no such thing as a warning bite with Pit Bulls. When they need to give a warning it is usually a full fledged relentless attack.
    That is the difference between Pit Bulls and other dogs."

    Apparently they don't make Golden Retrievers or ankle biters in your scary neck of the jump the bandwagon woods. Never got a warning bite from any of those. Yet I have a rescued Pit Bull that was abused, beaten and left to die, and she gave me a warning GROWL about coming to close to a litter she was whelping. Imagine that, the Chihuahua my niece keeps however, has bit me three times.. for feeding it. No warning there either.

    Really, I'm not going to take the tone the poster above me took, but he/she is on the right track. Do you realize that 100 years ago, people who thought like this were the same folks who owned slaves and disregarded their ill treatment by convincing themselves that black folks were inherently violent, had an instinct to kill and because of the misdeeds of a few, millions suffered for that reputation?

    I am a responsible Pit Bull Owner. I rescue them from the likes of the fucks above who think they are built to fight. They are BRED to fight BULLS I.E. Bull Baiting, NOT HUMANS AND NOT OTHER DOGS. They are TAUGHT to do the rest, by irresponsible owners.

    Why don't you advocate having any Pit Bull owner charged a few thousand dollars if their dog is caught running at large, as well as the Golden Retriever owners, or hell, even the Dobermans. 30 years ago they were hell on earth, oh that's right, they aren't inherently vicious anymore. The scary headlines about short black and tan dogs cum dobermans all but shorted out years ago. You ever wonder why?

    Wonder who is next? Mastiffs? Bet those bites hurt too.

    I hope you live in Falwell country, otherwise tell the rest of the cult they are batshit crazy too.

  59. Your site reminds me of the legions of people who have no clue what they are talking about. Sites like yours are part of the reason multitudes of great loving dogs were forcefully pulled from loving families. You take one incident that happened to you personally and go out on the web to ban a beautiful breed, utterly ridiculous. I have rescued abused Pitbulls for 13 years and I consider them one of the best breeds by far. I rescued beagles and other dogs before then, so yes, I know what I'm talking about. Imagine you are 7 years old with a pitbull, who is your best friend and part of the family and is forcefully taken away by animal control at your door. Not a pretty picture either, is it? I hope you do some more and legitimate research instead of spreading a moronic message.

  60. I'm sorry for the crude language, but the lot of this blog is bullshit.

    It is NOT a pit bull's fault they attack! Pit bulls, if trained correctly, are loving, wonderful pets. Just because they are pit bulls doesn't mean they're killing, biting, mauling, beings of evil!

    When people started fighting with pit bulls, it gave the breed a bad reputation, and now everybody believes bullshit like the stuff on this blog!

    YES, pit bulls CAN kill. YES, they CAN cause wounds like the ones in the photos you have above.
    But that is NOT the dog's fault! It's the owner– Dogs are so fiercely and wonderfully loyal that they will do anything for their owners. And we, as the human slime we are, have taken advantage of that to make some dogs, like the pit bull, cruel, ruthless animals.

  61. Whats the problem with pit bulls killing gang members?Sounds like pit bulls are doing our society a favor.

  62. okay so, in the video, the guy says you can grab a pit by the back of the legs and its risky but you can. but he named how rotweilers and german shepherds will turn around and eat you up. i understand that pits can be nasty. but i've seen chihuahuas more aggressive than pits. they obviously just dont do as much damage so you dont hear about it. there are lots of pits around my small town. no history of pit attacks. but i will bet your ass there are more attacks by basset hounds, labs, and dalmations around here to make up that difference. if a pet owner takes the responsibility of owning a pit bull, they can tell you that they are just as loving as a golden retriever. and in my opinion more loving. they're absolutely compassionate. they just have a rep from people like you creating websites to descriminate against them. instead of descrimination, you should be helping and trying to let people know that not all pits are bad, but take the responsibility to actually care for and rase ANY dog right, and they will be good. if a dog has a bad behavior under a good home, obediance classes are necessary. but that can be the case with ANY breed of dog. i can't stand when people like you disregard dog breeds. they're bad because of people. not because of them. oh and btw, anyone can take attack pictures online and put a story behind them. try harder

  63. There is nothing worse than ignorant people spewing stupidity and hatred into the minds of the public. Pit bulls (a.k.a. American staffordshire terrier) are not even in the top 10 for dog attacks. People should really try to do some research and educate themselves before making up horribly inaccurate accusations about innocent animals. These are the kind of morons who condemned black people for "being dangerous" and "unpredictable". I know that you have never owned a Pit bull and all of your knowledge of the breed has come from second hand psycho babble, but don't consider yourself an expert and post evidence of a low I.Q. all over the Internet. Pit bulls were the national dog of America for years. They are a working class breed and among the most emotionally tender and gentlest of all breeds. Anyone can beat and abuse an animal until it bites. Unlike humans however, animals don't have the capacity to hate and discriminate. Animals bite and attack because of distrust and abusive conditioning caused by ignorant humans. Stupidity and irresponsible ownership is what we need to ban and outlaw. America should euthanize the intellectually challenged and leave the dogs alone. I could post pictures of bear attacks, so what, that does not mean we should eradicate the species. I understand it's hard to be smart, but you should at least try. Recognize the real problem and stop spreading hate and intolerance. BLS is dangerous and supported by bigots and the undereducated. Take your own advice and WAKE UP!!!!


  64. http://www.laoverview.com/a8596-german-shepherd-attacks-kills-toddler-in-san-diego


    Which breed is it we are making excuses for?

  65. this website is elementary level at most. You take a completely biased approach and you offer nothing from the positive sides of research concerning what you call "pit bulls." your lack of using the correct terms to describe this certain dog breed is a blatent sign of your ignorance and lack of knowledge on the subject.

    You might want to try citing your sources and backing up your information. I have two loving staffordshire terriers. One of them even has a facebook fanpage that I didn't even create myself. She is truly that much of a sweetheart that people would take their time to recognize her in a social network. These aren't just "DOGS" they are living breathing beings and they have hearts just as you and I. I think if I were to meet you the chances are that I would attack you well before my dogs would. We live in an urban area next to a university and they roam my yard leashless, with never the slightest problem. They have been trained well and thus only leave the open yard when they have their leashes on and are ready for a walk.

    please understand it is the owner with the issues, not the animal. I don't blame you for your irrational anxiety, I blame your parents.

    i forgot to mention that both of my dogs are service animals and they are the best working animals I have ever met. They had outstanding training and it yielded outstanding dogs. What you put in is what you get out, and if its love then you will be loved by your pets. If you unleash your hatred and malcontempt on your pets they will eventually unleash the same on you.

  66. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL1trl1FMUw

    Pit bulls are not evil.....humans are

    pit bulls have been known to attack other DOGS!!..even through this ...it is a result of a gobshite owner


    there are over 26 different breeds that are mistaken as pit bulls....(you probably dont even know what a pit bull looks like....u tit!!)

    Petey..the pitbull....is famouslt known in the little rascals tv show as the boys faithfull dog!! he was one of the smartest show dogs of all time ...bet you didnt know that did you !!!

    the locking jaw of a pitbull is a MYTH

    The National Canine Temperament Testing Association tested 122 breeds of dog and pit bulls came in fourth place with a 95% pass rate..

    pit bulls are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be one of the most stable people friendly dogs in existence

    Pit bulls are heroes!! in 1993 Whella the pit bull saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat during a flood in south california

    another PIT BULL...named Bogart saved a four year old boy from drowning

    ANOTHER PIT BULL....called Dixie...saved four young children from a cotton mouth snake

    all of these are TRUE! ive done reasearch......u obviously havnt

  67. Anon, as I have stated in previous postt, I was an advocate for Pit Bulls that used to vomit the same lies that you just posted.

    I used to believe those same LIES I was told by pro Pit Bull people.

    It was only until my own Pit Bull "turned" that I realized all of that is a lie!

    And also when my own friends Pit Bulls, that they raised from tiny puppies started "turning" that made me a believer that Pits are dangerous, no matter how you raise them.

  68. "pit bulls have been known to attack other DOGS!!..even through this ...it is a result of a gobshite owner "

    You are delusional. Pit bulls aren't known for attacking other dogs because of owners. It's because its been bred into them. Decades of dog aggression and animal aggression being bred into them, and it has a long way before it is bred out of them completely. Even the most well trained and socialized pit bulls, have become dog aggressive. There is a reason dog day camps, cares, nor dog parks don't allow pit bulls and their cousins(Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Am Staff or any mixes of any of those three).

    "there are over 26 different breeds that are mistaken as pit bulls....(you probably dont even know what a pit bull looks like....u tit!!)"

    26 ? Sure.Right. Half of those breeds are probably not even common within the U.S. and the rest are probably quite obvious. The "Find a Pit bull" test has been busted more than a few times.

    "Petey..the pitbull....is famouslt known in the little rascals tv show as the boys faithfull dog!! he was one of the smartest show dogs of all time ...bet you didnt know that did you !!!"

    What is your point ? Petey was a pit bull, but that is no representation of the entire breed.

    "the locking jaw of a pitbull is a MYTH"

    Maybe it is, but that doesn't erase the fact that when they do attack, the attack style is to get a good bite, hold on and shake their heads and tear aggressively. If you've ever seen a pit bull attack, you will notice that they don't just bite a few times and flee the scene.

    "The National Canine Temperament Testing Association tested 122 breeds of dog and pit bulls came in fourth place with a 95% pass rate.."

    Now, this is something that I would love to crack wide open. The percentage is NOT an accurate percentage of the pit bull population. In other words, why would people who have knowingly dangerous pit bulls, pay for their dogs to fail that test ? That is why those quotes from ATTS and NCTTA are useless. People with dogs that they know will fail the test aren't going to pay for their dog to fail that test.

    "pit bulls are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be one of the most stable people friendly dogs in existence "

    If ALL pit bulls were stable and people friendly, BSL wouldn't even exsist.

    "Pit bulls are heroes!! in 1993 Whella the pit bull saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat during a flood in south california

    another PIT BULL...named Bogart saved a four year old boy from drowning

    ANOTHER PIT BULL....called Dixie...saved four young children from a cotton mouth snake"

    Ok, what is your point ? Some pit bulls have saved people, but so have other breeds.

    My point is, not all pit bulls are sweet and friendly. Genetics play a part in how a dog behaves and denying that is ignorant alone. No one ever said, including the OP, that they hated pit bulls. And even if they do hate them, they are allowed to. Just like you are allowed to love them and pit apologists should just accept that. Pushing your dogs out into the public eyes isn't doing a damn thing and neither is calling anyone ignorant or using vulgarity to get your point across when someone has the balls to challenge your perspective on pit bulls.

    In order for things to change, the first step you need to do, is be truthful about the breed and stop with the lies and sugary tales. The day pit apologists wake up and see that they are doing more harm to the breed than anyone else, is the day things will change. Stop with the lies, stop blaming other breeds, stop with the "But Petey was a pit bull", stop throwing out flawed statistics, stop bringing up the Pomeranian incident that happened a decade ago, stop pretending that you are vet tech's to seem legitimate(some might truly be vet tech's, but many are NOT), but most importantly, STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

  69. I think all u retards that talk shit about pitbulls are stupid... I got a yard full and none of them will hurt a fly... It all depends on how u raise them. Every body talkin about getting attacked by a pitbull, what about the idiots getting killed by snakes? Nobody talks shit about them now do they?

  70. Maybe you should go ahead and educate yourself before you make yourself sound like a complete fool. First off, the pit bull breed isn't just one dog in particular. Roughly counting their are nine dogs that all fit into the pit category, and another thing: Pits aren't normally aggressive, the aggression is caused by the following:
    improper handling
    lack of socialization or training
    misreading the dog's behavior.
    Bad breeding or genetically aggressive (inherited from the bloodline)
    And my last point is this: Pit bulls only have such a powerful bite because that is how they were bred, they were made to be very intimidating dogs, but loyal to their owners. They caught the wrong attention and people started using them for baiting bulls, then bear, and then eventually they were used for dog fighting.

  71. "you are retarded. I own a pit. only reason why you think pits attack more than other dogs is because the pit/rotti/doberman attacks get reported by the news. would be great to see everytime a pom or smaller dog bite someone. Sure when they go its worse but why not include the temperment test in your article."

    I agree, the media does give these dogs a bad name.

  72. "My point is, not all pit bulls are sweet and friendly. Genetics play a part in how a dog behaves and denying that is ignorant alone. No one ever said, including the OP, that they hated pit bulls. And even if they do hate them, they are allowed to. Just like you are allowed to love them and pit apologists should just accept that. Pushing your dogs out into the public eyes isn't doing a damn thing and neither is calling anyone ignorant or using vulgarity to get your point across when someone has the balls to challenge your perspective on pit bulls.

    In order for things to change, the first step you need to do, is be truthful about the breed and stop with the lies and sugary tales. The day pit apologists wake up and see that they are doing more harm to the breed than anyone else, is the day things will change. Stop with the lies, stop blaming other breeds, stop with the "But Petey was a pit bull", stop throwing out flawed statistics, stop bringing up the Pomeranian incident that happened a decade ago, stop pretending that you are vet tech's to seem legitimate(some might truly be vet tech's, but many are NOT), but most importantly, STOP MAKING EXCUSES. " Now here's my question for you my friend: Have you ever been bitten by a pit bull?

  73. Just checking if this works before I educate you.

  74. Okay, it does. Good, just wanted to check before I wrote a great deal and ended up losing it. You clearly can't spell very well, or use correct grammar, so I'm not surprised you're so easily taken in by the media and its fear-mongering tactics. It's sad that people like waste their time making blogs like this, instead of focusing on the real monsters; the people at the end of the lead. I guess I can’t blame you; you’re too easily taken in by society and the media, and are unable to think for yourself. It would be a great help if you actually took time to do some research instead of speaking with no knowledge. I assume you also believe everything you hear on the news, and avoid black people, Muslims, and the like, because they are a threat too? My point is, whether it be dog or human; to say you would ‘shoot’ one if it came near you makes you a highly ignorant, immature, and not to mention stupid, human being. Unfortunately, it is the animals who suffer for your ignorance. You really should do your research on the breed, but for the sake of argument, I’ll tell you a little bit about Pit Bulls.

  75. Right, here we go.

    Pit bulls were originally bred to be fighting dogs and to take down bulls. They were chosen for several reasons, aggression NOT being one of them.

    These reasons were;

    A) they are very very very much ‘people dogs’ and will do anything to please their owner. This meant they were easy to train and handle and, while they were trained to maul other dogs to the death, they had to be friendly enough that the same bastard who beat and neglected them, could put his hand into the pit and handle the dog without being bitten. Any dog that did bite was immediately killed and never bred from. HENCE, human aggression was bred out of the dog. Many people, such as yourself, confuse human aggression in dogs with animal aggression. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Any dog showing human aggression is usually put down, whereas other animal aggression is normal, and must be trained out of them. I am fortunate enough that my beautiful Pit/Staffie cross loves other animals.

    B) It is a myth that Pits have a lockjaw. Scientists have done their research and found that their jaws HAVE NOT got a lockjaw. They just have strong jaws and are stubborn.

    C) They were bred for their ‘gameness’. Gameness is how stubborn they are and how likely they are to carry on a fight or something that is hurting them. This is not a desirable trait any more, and is often bred out of them.

    D) Their athleticism and the fact that they have a high pain threshold.

  76. Okay, now you know the FACTS, it’s time for some role play;

    Imagine you’re a brand new, innocent, playful, loving Pit Bull puppy. One day, some ignorant youth buys you, thinking he can use you as a status dog and as protection. You don’t know, and you want to love him as best as your little puppy self can. You’re sorry when you wee on the carpet; you were just excited to see him. But he beats you and rubs your nose in it. He plays rough games with you, and praises you for growling and using your teeth. All you wanna do is please him, and he likes you to growl and be fierce. He beats you, with your own dog chain sometimes, whenever he loses his temper with you, and soon you cower in fear whenever he raises his hand. However, you still love him and want to be a good dog for him, so growl when he encourages you too. When you wag your tail and be happy, he ignores you Soon, you grow up and you’re kept outside on a chain. ‘Dogs shouldn’t be inside’ he says, as he closes the back door, ignoring your sad little face. He doesn’t take you for daily walks, he often forgets about you. He takes you out to fight people. You don’t like it but you don’t want to get beaten, and you want to make him happy! Then, one day, he comes out and he takes you into the car. Your panting, happy face can be seen in the car window. Yay! Walkies! Then, he opens the door. You bound out playfully, and look behind you, expecting to see your master following. Oh no! Where has he gone! He’s driven off! Come back! You’re abandoned, cold and lonely. You’re scared.

    That’s just a FRACTION of what Pits, Staffs and other ‘status dogs’ have to go through EVERY DAY. Often, far worse happens to them. They’re innocent little puppies and they’re either trained to be vicious, or neglected, and/or beaten. Then, they’re abandoned, end up in a shelter, and because of people like you; with NO facts or actual knowledge about the breed, just rumours and stereotypes, they’re overlooked again and again and again. Then, they’re euthanised because there isn’t any space. Just imagine. Put yourself in THEIR shoes. How do you think you’d turn out with a owner like that? Who either beats you or doesn’t train you? Huh? Tell me?

    Breed Specific Legislation is a piece of CRAP. It’s a knee jerk reaction from politicians under pressure from hysterical, hormonal Mothers who watch too much BBC news and pseudo intellectuals who haven’t bothered to do their research on the dog, but want something to moan about. OPEN YOUR EYES. It targets the wrong people; the dog, and the responsible owners. Do you think the criminals give a shit about the law?!?! Do you think that they care when their dog is taken away from them and destroyed? No, they don’t. They just get another one, or they move to perfectly legal breeds who are just as dangerous. All it does, is make life harder to people like me, and other rescuers, who are RESPONSIBLE owners and don’t fit into the stereotype of the ‘Pit Bull owner’. It is us who are suffering, and along with it, our amazing choice of breed. Go and work in a shelter for a day and maybe your mind will open a little. If not, there is no hope for you.

  77. I wonder if you’ve heard about the Michael Vick case? Those dogs went through the most HORRIFIC abuse at the hands of a human being. Yet, only two had to be put down. The rest are the most loving dogs you could meet, and one is a therapy dog. I’ll show you the evidence.

    I’ll leave you with a few links. Maybe you’ll do some research.









    ^^Something to think about.

    No doubt you won't approve this comment, as you're so clearly biased but, I couldn't read your ignoramus blog without putting in my two cents. LOL, it's ridiculous how much of a hold on people the media has. I guess thinking for yourself has gone outta fashion, huh?

  78. It's funny as well, as it's often the people with a severe lack of knowledge about the English language and/or people who have never actually owned or been around a Pit Bull who scream BSL all of the time. You should stop reading the Daily Mail, brush up on your writing skills and go and work in a shelter for a week.

  79. someone smarter than you.February 9, 2011 at 4:43 PM

    You're a fucking idiot. Get your head out of your ass before you try make a web page that is utterly uneducated. You are CLEARLY one of those unbelievably gullible people who believes anything the media feeds them. Pathetic.

  80. Bias smut and I have never even owned a Yankee Terrier, or Pit Bull.

    Please read this article that is actually sourced and well written for those who don't suffer from TBS.


  81. These dopes can defend pit bulls all they want, but there is NO WAY I would ever own another one of these hyper-aggressive, destructive and fantastically stupid dogs! You have to have owned a pit to truly understand the meaning of HELL HOUND.

    When we turned ours in, we were told he had little chance of being adopted and that his issues were the same reasons pits were usually turned in. Come to find out, OVER HALF of the dogs given up to the pound are pit bulls! Hellllooooooo! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?!!!

    After our pit attacked our other dog FOR NO REASON, and had began to act aggressive towards kids FOR NO REASON, there is no way we would own or trust another pit.

  82. Oh my goodness, the pit nutters on this thread are in rare form. It would be utterly impossible to convince any of them of the errors in their arguments.

  83. It seems for pit nutters the word "educate" is a euphemism for writing incredibly long posts that make absolutely no sense. I think these people are generally morons. However, they feel they now know something that many other people don't know, that pit bulls are actually wonderful and their is some media conspiracy. This makes them feel the smartest they have in their entire life. They finally have something to argue about that seems like an intelligent topic and they have websites they can read for material. Then you get what we see here. It is the same type of response you would get if you wrote a blog saying that astrology is bunk.

  84. Ummm this is complete and utter nonsense. My daughters face was ripped off by a Dalmatian and had done more damage than those picture with the exception of death in which she was near death by the time she bled out and arrived at the hospital.

    Pitbulls arent for everyone and it takes a different mentality to raise one with manners. Mine has fear based dog aggression and I have been working with her for months. Not all pitbull owners are irresponsible, just the ones that dont understand the breed like alot of other breeds.

    So please take your ignorance elsewhere until you can become a trained official dog trainer and know ALL the breeds of dogs there is to know about. Not just the ones the media doesn't like.

    Have a great day!

  85. To the pitbull defenders responding to someone's own opinion:

  86. Thanks for being patient with my posts :) Even though we may not agree and I think its easier to respect your opinion as I wish you would do mine, please look at some of this fact based info with an open mind :)


    Dog attacks woman at Virginia Beach gas station (Not a Pit Bull)
    The Virginian-Pilot ^ | June 4, 2009 | Kathy Adams

    Posted on Thursday, June 04, 2009 6:58:05 PM by csvset


    A dog attacked a woman in a gas station parking lot this morning, causing serious injuries to her throat, police said.

    Just before noon, the woman was walking across the parking lot of the WilcoHess station in the 4400 block of Princess Anne Road, when the dog jumped from a vehicle and attacked her, said Officer Margie Long, a police spokeswoman.

    It took two citizens to pull the dog off her, and she suffered serious injuries that required surgery, she said.

    Officials took the dog, an Akita, to Animal Control, and charges are pending against the owner, Long said.

    The woman was a manager at the gas station, an employee said. No additional information was immediately available.

    Stahlkuppe (1995) writes: “The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) or the Am Staff, is certainly not the right pet for everyone. Being a powerful dog, it will require sufficient and adequate control. Some prospective elderly owners or children, will not be able to supply that control. A first time dog owner, in the minds of many experienced dog breeders, should not buy an APBT or an Am Staff. An insecure person who wants only an aggressive dog to bolster some personal human inadequacy should never become an owner of one of these dogs.”

    The American Temperament Test Society provides testing around the country for dog breeds and provides a passing score for the entire breed, based on the percentage of passed over failed within total number of that particular breed tested. As of March 2001, the American Pit Bull Terrier has a current passing rate of 82.3% which makes him one of the top 5 most stable breed of dog in the country

    Humans have created very specialized dogs through emphasizing desired traits and eliminating unwanted ones. It is no different with the Pit Bull breed. The American Pit Bull Terrier has been “selectively” bred for hundreds of years to fight other dogs. This is the sad “work” these dogs were created for. In the same way that Labradors were bred to retrieve birds, APBT’s were bred to face other dogs in mortal combat. Even in dogs that are not recently bred from fighting lines, the urge to rumble can arise at any time. Not to strongly emphasize this fact is to be negligent. We would be equally negligent if we were placing Beagles and failed to educate the adopter about why the specific traits that scent oriented dogs, hunting dogs, bred to work in packs, present certain challenges to those who wish to obedience train their hound.
    I will say it again. Not everyone is cut to be made out to be a bully owner. it takes a strong secure person to control this breed.

    I am truly ashamed of the bully owners that rather argue opinion over fact. In reality, they make the good bully owners that do the necessary training and control of their bullies harder to see that like any other breed they too can be a great loyal pet.

  87. Kate,
    Your child was attacked by a Dalmation, and then you go out and get a Pit Bull?
    That shows that you nutters are even dumber than we thought!

  88. It takes so much training/controlling to make pits behave, and then you still are not in total control of the dog. Why in the world you want a dog that needs so much training/controlling is ridiculous. I had enough and came to my senses. Even though my pit was a sweetheart most of the time, if she would have broke her leash or got out she still would have killed or got into major trouble. That can't be justified and shows very poor judgement skills on ALL pit owners.

    1. I'm sorry you're irresponsible, maybe you should try a pet fish instead. Although who knows what they're capable of if they get out of their bowls... I knew someone who was attacked by a shark once.

  89. you know, you people that have a problem with pitt bulls, need to understand something. if a person kills another person, should we just kiil there whole blood line???? what you are saying is just plaine stupid and you should not be talking this trash until you own a pitt. i have a 2 year old pitt and i also have a 4 year old son. he plays with her all day, rolling around with her, and pulling on her ears. and to this day, she (my pitt) has NEVER opened her mouth to bite anyone. she is a big baby. and also, ANY breed can and will be aggressive. if a lab bites someone and they die from there injury, will you put a band on labs???? no. why?? cause they are a very good hunting dog. all dogs trained and treated right will be protective of there owners, and it doesnt matter what breed they are. so until you own a pitt, and see how much they love there family, SHUT UP. you dont know shit.

  90. For all you pit nutters, it would be best if you go here and dissect this blog directed to your kind.


    Especially since it's your side that is so gullible to anything a pit bull advocate spews out their mouth.

    1. You're right, all the best dictators use fear or religion to get they're point across. We're just basing it off silly things like majorities, and statistics. Too bad there's nothing in the bible about pitbulls being of satan, or you guys would be all set.

  91. you make me f**king sick judge the deed not the breed every dog is unique no dog should be judged through story's of what other dogs have done i have a pit bull myself an he wouldn't hurt a fly hes one of th softest dogs Ive ever seen for god sake give the breed a chance to prove them selfs before you go killing them all off anyone that thinks that pit bulls are worse than any other dog you are completely PATHETIC AND IT SHOULD BE YOU WHO GETS LOCKED IN A CAGE AN PUT DOWN.... pit bulls 4 life

  92. German shepherds are the breed with the most reported attacks, they are also the first dog breed to be banned. The military working dog to get the most medals was a pit bull. Also pit bulls don't have the strongest jaws of all the dog breeds, in fact german shepherds and rottweilers have greater bite pressure than pit bulls. Get you facts straight and go on google or something. Go to the shelter and meet some pit bulls, interact, walk and pet them. True pit bulls will change your mind.

  93. Im sorry but ive been attacked by a Golden Retriever, Alsatian and a Jack Russel and my daughter was attacked by a jack russel as well, so them so called family dogs are not all they are made out to be......oh and as for PITBALLS well they r trained that way there owners as ive got an 3/4 american pit 1/4 staff and she is a family dog and loves kids as well as everyone else.......ITS THE OWNERS THAT TRAIN THE DOGS SO IF THEY ATTACK THEN ITS BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO NOT BECAUSE OF THE BREAD

    1. I had a jack russel when I was younger, and my mom had to give it to a friend because he kept snapping and bitting at me. They're very temperamental dogs, they have to be the baby of the house.

  94. Our pit bull is a big baby named Kenya.... the most vicious thing he will do is lick your face off.... be afraid, be VERY afraid!!!!

  95. Wow. Screw you guys and get a life. My pitbulls are amazing.

  96. I would like to thank all of my haters. You make me stronger....

    But, I would also like to speak my piece.

    I am not a stupid person. I own a pitbull. He is the most well-behaved animal that I have ever owned. Of course some owners of pitbulls are offeneded by the ignorance displayed here. That is why you haters have all been cussed out. Yes, everyone thinks that their dog is the best dog in the world. Of course we get offended when you all imply that our dogs are evil and we are stupid. I am a 20 year old female who normally has to live in the ghetto due to the fact that I am a student working minimum wage jobs. I cannot afford to live in a nice neighborhood. Since owning a pitbull my house has not been broken into and I am 1000 times safer. Does that really make you angry? Can you not understand the humanity of the relationship we have? We both keep each other safe. We take care of each other. We love each other. I am trying to move and it is very hard for me to find a place that will accept me because of my dog. It is easier for a rapist or a murderer on parole to get an apartment that a pitbull owner. I am very sweet. My dog is very sweet. Would you rather live nextdoor to us, or a rapist? I am aware that is off topic but it is very frusterating that people like the woman who made this blog and "stop making excuses" have such influence on people that i am struggling to put a roof over my head when i make enough money to do so. Honestly,Im probably more likely to bite you than my dog is. But that is why you all will talk down on dogs on their owners from the safety of your own home. I guarantee your ignorant asses won't be coming to my porch harassing me! But I will never change your opinion, i know. You will find a reason to think that you are more intellegent than me; I know. It's all good. I'm a very happy person. Clearly you are quite jealous. You can hate from your computer forever but if you ever really wanted to do something about it if I don't hurt you my dog will kill you the minute you lay one hand on me. Whoa! thats probably why you are mad, huh?

    By the way, I don't care If you think I'm stupid. Because i know that is going to be your only arguement.

    Bitch, I'm on the dean's list!

    straight 4-points...

  97. if i was to place a bet i would say you are strong in your religious beliefs? i am gay and own a pit bull and am feeling the same discrimination i get from both of my 'impurities'. oh the love, the love of mankind...

    1. Haha, I feel like you hit the nail on the head.

      I support human rights and animal rights, my morals are in my heart not in my bible.

  98. pitbulls.org
    Pit bull owners wake up! this web site is obviously written by an idiot! every dog is what their owner makes them. There are vicious dogs in the world. DUH! and not all the vicious dogs are Pits. What this page doesn't say is that the Terrier breed in pits is what makes them mean. My mother has a yorkie-poo and a jack russel terrier, both of which have a more vicious demeanor than my pit/lab. And the chihuahua my sister had was sold because he kept biting people. Terriers are the mean in pits. Not every pit is mean, what about dalmations and cocker spaniels neither of which are good with children because they bite. Queensland heelers and hearding dogs alike are nippy too! I bred Queensland Heelers and one of them bit my little brothers face so horrifically he was in the hospital, my Pit I've had for almost a year hasn't even snip and anyone. ITS THE OWNER, NOT THE DOG THATS BAD! I can leave my child around my Pitbull but it'd be a cold day in Hell when I left my child around my mothers yorkie-poo or jack russel. There are SO many other breeds that are more vicious and have worse demeanors, the only reason pits are infamous is because of stupid people fighting them...so should we all fear chickens because their claws are sharpened and they are FORCED to fight just like pits? ANYONE WHO THINKS ALL PITS ARE BAD BECAUSE STUPID PEOPLE ABUSE THEM ARE IGNORANT AND DONT DESERVE TO HAVE AN OPINION ON THIS SUBJECT. why dont you people who want to degrade such an intelligent and loving dog go out and spend some time with a well brought up pitbull and I bet you anything a well brought up pit is BETTER than a well brought up Lab...dont think so? why dont you find out

  99. whoever created this blog is uneducated, and probably a soccer mom from some lame southern suburb. listen people, this breed was never originally bred to fight. you can thank PEOPLE for beeding this animal to fight. not the dog. this dog was originally bred to bait bulls. this dog was bred to be a family dog. do your research, look at UKC legislations on this breed. it spicificlly says to not use this breed as a guard dog due to its friendly nature.

    you see we forget that this was the number 1 breed in america during world war 1 an long after. you've all forgotten petey the pup from "the little rascals". it wasnt until stupid people decided to put these dogs in a fighting ring that america turned its back on its once loved family dog. they turned their back on an animal that would never turn its back on them. hence why this dog was used for fighting. ITS DRIVE TO PLEASE ITS OWNER. thankfully this dog is again being bred for its frendly nature and big hearts. though it may take some time to rule out dog aggression but i can tell you first hand its happening. i have 2 male american pit bull terriers. pure bred, blue ribbon UKC dogs, and they are great. never had a problem, and one is on his way out due to old age. shame on you people for just descriminating like that. i assume you hate all black people because they are know to attack. or ALL middle easterns because they are terrorists. or all italians because they are knows to be criminals....right? fuck you original poster. honesty. i hope you get fucking killed by a visla or someother "regular dog" i cant even express my distaste for people like you. again...fuck you.

    1. I appreciate this post so much, I'm sorry to hear about your dog, but I'm sure that he had a wonderful life. Thank you for being a responsible dog owner, and for recognizing the discrimination being displayed here.

  100. Okay, first of all, a lot of the pictures and statements on this website are really irrelevant. How do you know if those are REALLY pit bull attacks and not another dog that HASN'T been descriminated? You really don't unless your that person laying on the gurny. Pit bulls aren't bred for HUMAN aggression or for guarding. They are poor guard dogs, and any pit bull temperment website will tell you that. Forcing a pitbull to be aggressive against strangers is telling it to basically attack any human that it really isn't familiar with. That counts for EVERYONE that's strange to them, hense the word "stranger". That's where part of pit bulls get there aggression. Another is dog fighters. When you train a dog to be aggressive PERIOD, they're going to be aggresive. There attacks are so brutal because they have an attack and kill trait. They grab and shake whatever it is until seized to do so or the victim is dead. Owners are 99% responsible for the attacks on humans. Attacks on otehr animals just comes by instinct alone. I have 2 pitbulls, one in my mothers home and one in my own. My pit bull in my house, Buddy, is exactly that to my family as well as my two cats and my other dog. The stereotypes in the streets and on the media irks me to no end. because as an 85 pound pit bull, my moms dog is sweeter towards anyone than anything. Pitbulls are status symbols for thugs and people who want to look tough. So people refer to them as the same, tough and thug-like. When we look at a lab, we see a family playing with him/her in the back yard, do we not? My mom was attacked by a german shepard LAB mix. LAB. Any dog has the potention to be aggressive. And the responsibility of its actions are placed squarely on the owner's shoulders. The police don't just punish the dog, the owner has to go to court and pay fines. Because everyone knows that it's mainly the owner to blame. Like many others on here have said, blame the deed, not the breed. Stop stereotypes against this breed. If you haven't seen first hand that pit bulls just attack for the fun of it, then don't say anything. Kujo was a St. Bernard. What does that say about people's views on dog aggression?

  101. if a dog was attacking me, i'd use more than a frikkin breakstick....

  102. There's nothing wrong with pitbulls, Do yourselves a favor & educate yourselves before you put so much time into a bullshit feed of a website.

  103. i have seen and heard of more rat terrier and small dog attacks than pits. Any dog can attack for different reasons. they are animals. its stupid owners and stupid people that these things happen. whoever wrote this falls in the stupid people category.

  104. I just have to chalk this up to this person who posted this stupid blog is retarded. Got to be, and cruel too, to add so much more fear by the public of this breed. Good going there, retard, you're probably responsible now for another 1000 deaths, because someone read your BS and passes over the wonderful pits in the shelters, and goes and adopts that chihuaua or cocker that will take your hand off in a second, for NO reason at all..Geez, wish you would just keep your mouth shut..

  105. wow so there's not much left to say on either side so. personal responsibility. it always comes down to personal responsibility. if you are not up to the task of owning any high energy/ medium to high power animal and exercising any excess energy they might have, be honest with yourself and don't put both of you through that process.
    in the time i did work at a vet, i saw maybe ten aggressive 'violent' animals, and in each case they had an owner who was either unable or unwilling to devote the time necessary to make sure their pet didn't become frustrated.
    however, there will always be exceptions, especially since we live in a time where we don't kill off bloodlines because of aggression, where there will be unstable dogs. tragic, but as said those are exceptions.
    unfortunately, when you have either an unstable example of a breed, or a negligent owner, a pit bull is equipped to do maximum damage when they are not stopped. the only real way to promote prevention is to enforce education.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


  108. In the month and a bit since writing that comment to you, I have come to realise that some people are just ignorant and there's nothing I can do to change that. That's cool, fine. I'm happy with my dog, and so are many others with theirs. I'm happy with my muscular bully breed who licks my tears when I cry, plays with other dogs at the park; ignoring the little toy breeds when they try and assert their authority over him or nip at him, avoids eye contact with the rabbits in submission and lets them run all over him - YES, rabbits - stays still when they cat comes up to him to sniff him because he knows the cat is scared of him, goes up to strangers, wagging his tail, when I say 'Prince, who's that?!', doesn't bark when the door knocks, always forgives me, even if I'm not perfect, and is a wonderful testement to the breed. EVERYBODY who has spent a min of 3 minutes with him loves him, even people who hate his breed or who are scared of dogs. My Auntie had a friend who was so scared of dogs, she wouldn't come in until Prince was locked in a room. Now, she takes him for day trips. He's a docile, but friendly dog and I have substantial video and pictorial evidence. But, of course, you're so biased you probably won't care.

  109. This is a hateful website. Get your facts straight. Pit bulls are NOT vicious dogs! It's the people that own them. ANY animal can turn mean.

  110. Once again, a blog full of retards who just don't get it!!!! It is not the breed that is bad, it is just a couple of dogs that are bad because they didn't get the right training of their owner, so let me ask you this, If a white male robbs a bank and kills someone that would mean that all white people are bad, that is the way of thinking you people project on pitts! Please THINK before you open your big mouth and say a lot of crap that don't make any sense, if you don't have any expierience then shut up and stop badmouthing the breed!!!! jezus christ how is it possible that people are so ignorant???


  112. I went ahead and posted your comment... Just because it is hilarious to see what idiots own these dogs.

  113. Wow, the spelling and grammar alone tend to indicate that perhaps Pit owners ARE the problem, rather than the dog. The complete lack of citeable facts or rational thinking helps too. But really - a million destroyed PB's a year in American shelters tell the story best. Too many owners just aren't responsible people. If the dogs were angels, which they clearly aren't, it wouldn't matter. In that way, Pits are very much like the Shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermans of previous decades.

  114. Well first of all, I don't particularly agree with the views of this website but I'm saying this to get the bias out right away. Stop making excuses. Yes. Let's stop making excuses for both sides of this argument.
    Pit bulls are dangerous. Yes they are. All animals are. A horse could kill you, a dog could kill you; any kind of large animal can kill you and so can some of the smaller ones. To say that pit bulls are dangerous exclusively is not correct. All animals are. They can be temperamental; they could be aggressive towards a certain type of person, whatever. So yes, they are dangerous, but most things are if the circumstances are correct. That does not mean, however, that every pit bull you ever come across will be aggressive towards people. Though dogs are not people, they do have distinct personalities that influence their behavior to some extent. If a dog has an aggressive personality, it's more likely to be aggressive, and like some violent people, other things may influence their behavior. So pit bull haters, stop making excuses to hate the entire breed. Just because your dog "turned" doesn’t mean they all will. It just means either there was something chemically or physically unbalanced in your dog, your training wasn't sufficient, or some outside forces were acting upon your dog and made it act the way it did.
    And on we go to the pit bull lovers. These dogs were bred for aggression and are used today for hunting all kinds of dangerous animals. So that means you have to step up to the plate when comes to ownership and lay down the law. These dogs need rules and discipline to become the loving dogs you claim they are. And I'm not saying that they can't be, because they can. Some of the nicest dogs I've met were pits, and so were some of the scariest and most aggressive. Dogs are different by breed and breed history should play an important role when choosing a dog. If a first time owner, do not get a dog that has a history of aggression, like a pit, German shepherd, or a Rottweiler or any other dog that you may not be able to handle. Stop making excuses, thinking that your dog is going to be the exception to the history of the breed, because even though it may be, it still needs the discipline and training as if it isn't. If you are a responsible and strict owner there is no reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to have a pit bull.
    And it is discrimination to say that all pit bulls are terrible and no-one should be allowed to own one. I agree that measures should be taken to make sure you are a responsible owner but that should be with all dogs. I have been bitten by a dog. It was a Pomeranian and the nastiest dog I have ever met. I felt more comfortable around Mastiffs than I did with that thing. All dogs need to be treated equally because they are all dangerous and have the potential to harm someone. So again, stop making excuses to hate them and stop makings excuses for them. They are what they are, animals and need to be treated as such.

  115. how dare you fucking pricks! My pitbull would never harm anybody. The highest ranking military dog of all time was a pitbull. Petey from Lil Rascals was a pit. FUCKING IGNORANT FUCKS

  116. This site is hilarious. I have a Caucasian Ovcharka and my family has bred them for decades after immigrating from Georgia (the country, not the state). A pitbull is about as scary as an ant compared to our dogs and I've RARELY seen a pit attack anymore.

    In fact, the most violent dog we've seen (other than poorly bred Ovcharka's) are probably Cocker Spaniels (given they do no damage).

    My wolf made it's way onto our camp ground on a trip to British Columbia when my wife was on her own while I was fishing. Choco (our Ovcharka) mauled the wolf and killed it.

    This is the same dog my 18-month old daughter sleeps on, rides on, pulls it's ears, rips at it's fur,etc... Oh, and our Boston Terrier and Chocolate point Siamese sleep with him.

    So, just learn to train your fucking dogs and stop posting this shit. My dog could put down three feral pitbulls without effort (not that I'd want to see that) and I have the common sense to know it's about training.


  117. It's not the pitbull its all in how their raised ive owned pitbulls all mi life and not once have i been attacked. Its all in the raising so dont blame them for stupid peoples actions fuckin fighting them and abusing them. Any dog has the potential to kill....ANY DOG like i said allin the raising quit blamin them for your actions it not their fault people treat them horrible i bet if i beat u n torture u cut your ears n tail off u would b a happy camper you would probably attack someone too.

  118. It's not the pitbull its all in how their raised ive owned pitbulls all mi life and not once have i been attacked. Its all in the raising so dont blame them for stupid peoples actions fuckin fighting them and abusing them. Any dog has the potential to kill....ANY DOG like i said allin the raising quit blamin them for your actions it not their fault people treat them horrible i bet if i beat u n torture u cut your ears n tail off u would b a happy camper you would probably attack someone too.

  119. Train them, socialized them... Every responsible owners should know that, even if ain't a Pitbull owner..

  120. Jim Crowe laws in a different form. No dog breed has a locking jaw. I had neighbors that had 2 pitbull type dogs that where extremely everything aggressive. These neighbors where drug dealers who wanted to keep people away from their property so they could grow/manufacture their illegal substances. To achieve this aggressive behavior they feed them small amounts of powdered crack and method in the dog food. I know this because my father was a friend of theirs and heard them telling him about it. The male dog went blind. On the other hand I had another neighbor who had an extremely aggressive lab named Bugger. He attacked many people unprovoked. We lived outside of city limits and this was also in the 80's. The sheriff said that we had to handle it ourselves because there where no leash laws there at that time. Bugger bit my cousin one day my uncle told Jim B.(the Nuggets owner) to do something about the dog. Jim was in denial about the dogs aggression even though he personally saw the wounds and injuries that this dog had inflicted on people(people walking down the road, riding bikes, even an 8yo boy riding a gokart). My uncle took care of business, at which point Bugger bite Jim in the face, tearing out jim's tongue. Jim shot Bugger himself. Since he had no tongue he talked in a ssskkk click pop language for the rest of his life. Please understand this ALL animals are wild animals. We just have to take our chances. And here is more food for thought, more people die in bicycle wrecks , motorcycle wrecks, car wrecks, and air plane crashes(NONE of these tragedies combined) than from all animal attacks of every type of animal be it dog, elephant, snake , bee, shark, snake, etc. combined. Should we ban bicycles, motorcycles, boats, ferries, cars, and airplanes? They (all man's creations) seem to be a heck of a lot more dangerous than anything that ma nature has thrown at us. And all terriers have the propensity to be game (I.e. persistent). They are somewhat highstrung and hyper. When they cannot get exercise they get "high energy" and get too excited when they finally do get to do something besides sit on a chain in the back yard. Just imagine a 6'0" 200 lb man in shape in the prime of his life. An active person that is not a stationary person but a doer, a giterdone type. Hit him with a car, break his back make him into a qauduaplegic that is stuck in a bed all day, and cannot do anything for himself but is rather at the mercy and whimssey of those around him. He is going to become angry and lash out and say very ugly hurtful things. Is this not the same thing that is being done to these highly active dogs? Granted not every person would react to a personal tragedy this way, but most would. It's human nature or rather mammalian nature. Please don't bring the Jim Crowe laws back. Haven't we all had enough of bigotry, racism, and stereo typing? Was Hitler right? Are the Jews causing all the world's problems? Were the old plantation/slave owners right about upitty "niggers"? NO!! And neither is breed specific legislation. P.S. I apologise for the strong language. I am not racist and hope that I have neither offended anyone or came across as a Nazi or racist. These questions where asked in sarcasm. Please think on these things and use wisdom and common sense before u form an opinion. Also to all of u using profanity to express Ur own opinion and in disagreeing with someone else's opinion,"Shame on you!". America is a free country and we have the right to express our own opinions. We don't have to agree on each others opinion, but we should all have the common courtesy to be polite and respectful to one another. Another P.S. I own akitas, but have been around hundreds of pitbull types my whole life. I have never been bit by a pitbull type (play biting while roughhousing doesn't count) ever, even though I have had a few nervous moments around strange dogs (pick a breed/mix).

  121. There are too many factors on why a dog would attack a person/animal that it is unfair to see a fraction of the breed do bad things and automatically ban the entire breed along with the good dogs. For instance were the dogs involved in the dog biting statistics/pictures EVER properly socialized and exercised? Do people not realize breeds like the APBT's have HIGH Game drives which require an outlet, if you don't give them an outlet they will find their own and it will NOT be one you like. How much do you want to bet these owners purchased these dogs from BYB's and Puppymills OR adopted the dog from a shelter who came from a BAD owner who came from a BAD breeder? Unless you can show proof that the dog was exercised properly, NOT abused, Had no health problems that could cause attacks/biting, and was from mentally stable Pedigree then you can't say the dog is vicous. If we keep passing BSL and other crappy dog laws then the GOOD owners and GOOD dogs will be forced to be treated the same as the BAD owners and BAD dogs. I like how you never hear of the THOUSANDS of good Pitbulls and other Pit-like breeds who live and die never harming anything, just like Labradors. I see in the news people labeling dogs as Pitbull when a Pitbull is not even a BREED! It is a name meant to conjure all dogs that looks similar to the APBT when instead they should just list the dogs real breed name. In one of the pictures it says below a "pitbull bulldog" HAHA I bet you 100% that the dog who attacked the kid was a full blooded American Bulldog, yet the media does EVERYTHING they can to brainwash the Public into being scared of these dogs, even if it means fasley labeling a breed. Nooo the media wouldn't do that, would they? If you go off anything the media says these days you would have half your info wrong just like when an election happens and they put up inacurate biased polls. Yet you look at the most un-biased and acurate poll online and it is 360 from the one you saw earlier. People like you either witnessed an attack or were a victim of a Pitbull attack and were so scarred , literally and figuratively, that you decided that ALL of these dogs need to go whether they are good or not. Sorry but that is dicscrimination and it is WRONG. Do you know what the bite force of a APBT is? 235 pounds. A APBT is on the LOW scale on the bite force of all breeds. SO they cannot do more damage than a breed like an Kangal with a bite force of 743 pounds. Yet you state that SOMEHOW they manage to do more damage than any of the 400 BREEDS IN THE WORLD?! Wow you are JUST like the BIASED MEDIA! Making up crap and thinking you can get away with it, guess what there are informed and educated people like me who know better than do drink what the Meida serves me. I laugh at your Website because I am 16! How old are you and you still cannot learn to stop discriminating? I find it funny how it says you were a EX-Pitbull owner. THANK GOD! I am happy those Poor Pitbull's are out of the hands of people like you! How often did you exercise your dog? Did you ever give your Pitbull an outlet for its Gameness by Running it for miles a day, Hiking, Backpacking, Swimming, Fetch, Skijoring, Sacco cart, Urban mushing, Mushing, Agility, Search and Rescue, Personal Protection, Weight Pulling, Herding, or even Tricks? Did the dog have any health problems like Ear infections, Worms, Heart defects, Cancer, or other painful problems? Did you ever Socialise with Kids, Adults, and Animals? Did you ever train your dog in Obedience by teaching it to properly walk on a leash, off leash, Teach it to not be food, toy, or territorialy agressive? Teach it to not jump on people when they come to the door? Ever take it to a professional dog trainer who NEVER said "put the dog down", and NEVER gave up on the dog?

  122. To the writer of this blog: I hope you rot in hell. These dogs have done nothing but what they were taught. And while I have never even once considered encouraging my Pit Bull to attack somebody, I shall forewarn you that if and when I ever meet you is the day that statistic will have changed.

  123. probably the stupidest accusation. statistics show a person is more likely to be killed by their own family member, a falling coconut, a slipper bedroom accident, choking on a marble, drowning in a five gallon bucket of water or getting struck by lightening than by a pitbull. its not the breed. any dog is capable of doing that amount of damage. pit bull have been placed into the wrong hands, becauase of their extreme obedience. do some real research before you make these claims.

  124. put your place as a pitbull that was abused and tortured by humans. Hmmmmmmm i wonder what i would do i would probably HATE humans i had a pitbull yeah it attacked someone but i was also young and irresponsible i abused it but not physical abuse that yall are thinking of it was the abuse in the form of ignoring it i wasnt prepared to walk/run him as much as was required and after 5 years of to much energy he snapped and attacked my neighbor because he didnt want to go back into my yard was it his fault........no it was my own fault and now i know better.......if yall go to google and type in Michael Vicks pitbulls you will see what he did to his pitbulls hmmmmmm always having to be aggressive and hurt i would personally be pretty pissed and take it out on someone thats what happens in most pitbulls attacks these days you also have to release some of that energy otherwise its the OWNERS fault NOT the PITBULLS fault come to me once you do all that......oh and if you do that how long do you spend on those walks/runs pitbulls naturally have a shit ton of energy probably one of the most energetic dogs i know of so probably that 30 minute walk everyday wont be enough.......also every since pitbulls were created they were attack/figting/guard dogs so its in there nature to go full force on someone that provokes them you would have to be stupid to think you can get away with provoking a pit bull if people will stop provoking them the attacks will be cut in half also if people will stop breeding them to fight hmmmmmmmmm everyone will love pit bulls but thats not going to happen so we need to get these people of the streets not the dogs............last point mypit bull attacked my neighbor because she was technically trespassing and he didnt know her.......pitbulls were originally bred as guard dogs im not making excuses for him and what he did was wrong but there was a reason for his attack and that is it so think what you want if i had to do it all over again i would i saved a poor defensless puppy from some people that fight dogs and gave him a good lovable home even though i didnt get rid of his energy as much as i should have i know that now and next pit bull i get i will definitely not be making the same mistake they are the best most loyal dogs ever and will always have one in my house or when i know i will have the time to care for it and love it

  125. To all those Pit lovers....

    If you know what this blog is about, why bother to post? It may be your right by the USA first amendment but it doesn't mean you won't change the blog writer's mind.

    Number 2, all of you pit lovers, YOU get bit by your "loving" baby and see how it goes. Too many of you are irresponsible owners that should be criminally charged when your dogs bite someone THE FIRST TIME. I have many different types of dogs and been around many types and only a pit bull( or rottweiler) attack bites to kill.

    I'm lucky to be alive; thank God, but NO thanks to many Bullshit lazy ass irresponsible pit lovers out there.

    1. your ignorance is just too much to insult you...

  126. The problem is the bad dogs from puppies to adults that show ANY sign of aggression are not taken out and shot. The owners make excuses for their behavior or are to much of a pussy to remove their dogs aggressive tendencies from the gene pool.Add to that the backyard breeders looking for a quick buck and the dog fighters and it's a mess. Originally I think the dogs bred by people that were trying to improve the breed might of had some relatively safe dogs but the crappy breeders and pussies have turned all the current dogs into a time bomb that can go off at any second and when they go off they do a LOT of damage.

  127. can i say something i am from P.R and we have a saying if you grow up orange its very rare that you get lemon so if you understand what im saying you'll know if you grow an agressive pitbull you get an agressive pitbull i got a female pitbull and she is awesome. Its true pitbull are dangerous but in the wrong hands

  128. I have owned a pitbull for years and never once had any kind of problem with her. My aunt and I had a conversation about pits one night where she said that she tells people all the time that her niece owns a pitbull and that it's the sweetest dog in the world but that she would never personally own one. I asked "..and why is that?" and she answers back.."from what I see on the news?" I turn to her and say "exactly." But her dog.. a boxer or 'normal dog' has attacked two other dogs this past year.
    HELEN KELLER owned a pitbull. Pitbulls searched for survivors at the wtc during 9/11. A pitbull is the most decorated dog in military history. Presidents have owned pitbulls. Their image appears on US war posters representing strength and dignity.
    Believe me if Pitbulls ever get banned in my area I wouldn't stop until every dog was banned and with the Internet I could pull up any statistic I wanted to make it happen.

  129. Can't believe you own a Pit and have never heard of a break stick.


  131. i want to beat all of you people who belive pitbulls are mean dogs cause they fight like the people who beat them to death just in order to get them to fight you pices of shit. Those dogs are beaten to death cause they wont and dont want to fight but if they dont they get beaten profucly just like how i want to beat the person who created this profusly with my fists and then finish your pothetic ass with a 454 casual right up your ass.

  132. You know all of you are full of BS
    Only idiots have Pit Bulls for pets. It is one breed that should be eliminated. I won’t be coming back to this site so don’t bother
    answering. Up Y A

  133. i have thirty pit bulls and not one has been in attack on a human or even another dog you treat them right and they will be your best friend just like any other dog will

  134. You have 30 pitbulls? Are they all chained In your backyard? Probably so which is where the mongrels belong.. How do you expect your 30 pitbulls on chains to attack? If they are so harmless then why do pit owners chain them put on the most heavy duty chains? It's because they aren't normal

    1. Did anyone notice that the first dog picture at the top appears to be a chihuahua?

    2. Any responsible pit owner would NEVER put their dog on any kind of chain. This only encourages aggressive behavior. As with any dog, proper training is required along with constant socialization. Taking the proper precautions while out with ANY breed of dog should be used consistently to show and help the dog to learn what is allowed and what is unacceptable.
      I found this site http://www.realpitbull.com/myths.html
      Please feel free to check it out and inform yourself on some facts.

  135. I'm still learning from you, but I'm making my way to the top as well. I certainly love reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!
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  136. its a dangerous pet, JUST FUCKING ACEPT IT!

  137. Its the bad negligent owners. Sure pitbulls are dangerous but only in the wrong hands. As a pitbull owner I keep my dog very social at dog parks and with my other family dogs. These dogs that attack come from homes that beat them neglected them and malnourish them. You have to be a responsible pitbull owner keep them social give them love and that's all to have a good dog. Training is a must. So don't bad mouth the dogs bad mouth that stupid owners

  138. We had our pit put down b/c he bite our son BUT I love pits & when my children are out of the house I will get another one. If I have grandkids then the dog goes in the cage while they r there. Pits do have a bad name. Our pit bite b/c of his hormones, he wanted some & couldn't get it so the vet said he went nuts. Unfortunately our son had to be the victim.

    1. maybe you should have gotten him fixed before he bit your son..idiot..morons like you give them the bad rep

  139. honestly what this entire convo comes down to is the owners ive personally rasied 6 pitbulls and all of them have been sweet hearts, my 135 ibs bully "king"s favorite thing to do was run into a dog park and run up to the little dogs and let them run all over him. so shut it the person who wrote this is obviesly a fat women who reads something and comes up with a bad opion.And your fucking stupid
    It's funny I've been attacked by a dog... And German shepherd ...I literally had to choke this dog out... So who's really dangerous? Te problem is we have a bunch or ghetto hood rat jobs who make them fight, I bet no one in the lobby knew that the only animal to ever receive a medal of honor from the us government , was a pitbull... He saved an entire platoon of soldiers so fuck all of you ignorant people who read an article and belive it as truth get educated... Racisim is the pits.. Get it.. PITS...

  140. you people seriously have too much time on your hands...its the owner, not the dog..so many different breeds have come into this same argument, a new one always gets the blame...next year we will see this blog turn into 'chihuahua owners wake up!'if you dont like pit bulls?! ignore them! stop trying to spread your ignorance with the internet...

  141. The problem with these " Blogs " is opinions are like assholes .... everyone has one, even if the facts are bullshit too. All those " pit attacks " and " normal dog " attacks? are you some kind of moron? ( yes ) is the correct word! Your story went to shit after you compared the bites ... too bad idiots write shit like this ... there just too stupid to figure it out .... haaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha jokes on you moron.

  142. wow. ignorant, ridiculous and absolutely idiotic. people should only talk from personal experiences, not from something they read on the internet or in newspapers. the only thing you proved with this post is that you're an idiot. nothing more really.
    ps: please feel free to argue with me on this one, i gave out a link where i can be found. im not hiding like some people.

  143. I have a pit mix that wouldn't hurt a fly. I had a Lab mix that was aggressive. Think about that.

  144. I have a pit bull. I have also been attacked by a pit bull. The difference between the two is that mine is trained and socialized and is a canine good citizen...the other was poorly trained and had little socialization. The funny thing though is when I was in the ER for the dog attack, I asked the nurse what type of dog bites she mostly sees. She did't say pit bull, she said chihuahua.

    1. We've all heard the stories.They raise them from when they're little, and one day they just turn on you! They never see it coming either, they'll say "No, not mine.. He/she would NEVER do that!" But it happens all the time. Go to a news website, and see how many articles are about killings, murders, violent attacks, all done by PEOPLE!

      War. School shootings. Domestic Violence. Crimes of Passion. Serial Killers. Terrorist Attacks. Gang Violence. Clearly, people are too dangerous. We should just let the breed die out.

      I just wanted you all to know how ignorant you sound basing your beliefs on an entire group of the bad actions of a few. Especially when it's obviously not the fault of the dog, but the owner. Please blog responsibly.

  145. Having pit bull friends and friends with pits, i can honestly tell you, yes, a pit could royally ruin your day. Just recently, two of the three pits my brother lives with (b/c you can't own a living being) got into it over the last bit of food in the feeding tub. The older, stronger one got messed up b/c his son is almost full pit whereas his father is boxer/pit. Aside from occasionally fighting each other, they generally won't cause a ruckus w/ anyone else. There is are a few things to remember about DOGS period: They are territorial. Go in their space and don't know, ANY dog will go after you. Second, NO ANIMAL on EARTH will attack completely unprovoked, except humans. If they attack you, you did something wrong or there's somethings seriously wrong with the animal. Pits are gentle by nature, though extremely protective of their people and territory. See a DOG you don't know, don't approach. PERIOD. There are such things are bad dogs, but more often the case is bad owners. Don't judge a good breed by few incidents.

  146. I get why you are so upset and are against Pit bulls because you lose someone because of an attack but that's your fault. Any dog can attack if they feel threaten even my little shih tzu has attacked someone and it was not a "normal" bite. So believe it while you are on your crusade to end the Pit Bull population there are 100X more loyal true pit bull lovers who take very well good care of their Pits and will fight back all the way. Pit Bull Lover for LIFE. "Stupid people are dangerous" Put the time and effort to train any dog if not then don't get a damn dog.

  147. I HAD a cocker spaniel(Brodey). My neighbor HAD a pit (Max). We lived next to each other for years and our dogs knew each other. Both were socialized animals and had even been in the park at the same time. One day in the park, Max was overly interested in the toy I had for Brodey. He had tried a few times to get it away from me when Brodey would return it. My neighbor ended up taking Max some distance away to get his attention off of us. We were there for about a half hour after this. As we were playing my neighbor decided he was going home. Apparently Max had been eye-balling us on his way out. When I threw the toy the last time, all I heard was my neighbor yelling Max's name and then I saw the blur out of the corner of my eye as he came charging across the yard. Brodey didn't even have enough time to turn towards me with the toy before Max was on him. He got Brodey by the back of his neck and started shaking him like a toy himself. I will never forget the noises from the attack. Before we could get to the dogs Max had dropped Brodey and started back towards my neighbor, with Brodey's toy in his mouth. I scooped Brodey up and ran for my truck. When I got to the pet ER I noticed he was not moving, I was still in shock and thought he had just passed out from the trauma. As soon as they picked him up I noticed the looks on their faces and they knew then. Brodey was dead, Max had broken his neck.

    So, I guess we were asking for it. We provoked it. I don't know what I was thinking, taking my little buddy to the park to play. I guess he got what was coming to him, right?

    Whether they are trained for it or not, it's in them. It's not a matter of how well they are trained or how often they attack, it's the damage they cause when they do. I could give a shit less whether they were provoked or not. My spaniel may have bitten you if you were in my fenced in yard, but he wouldn't rip your freaking arm off. Saying there shouldn't be special rules for dogs with this ability is moronic. What they are capable of is the reason people should look differently at them. Max was in a family with two small children and another dog. We were in a public setting and he new my dog. So there was no issue of protection or territory so you can throw that bullshit out the window. The dog saw something it wanted and it killed my dog to get it. So you can piss off and tell your "pits are misunderstood" stories to other dumb asses who believe the same thing. Idiots want to name other breeds and say they are capable of the same thing, not quite assholes. Wait, you're right, I can't count the endless dog fighting rings with Labs and Retrievers. There is a reason it's pit bulls.

    I have seen it first hand and no theories or notions will ever change my mind. Talk all you want and hope you don't have to find out the hard way. You've heard how little pressure it takes to injure a baby's skull. Are you honestly going to say you have no concern having this potential threat around a child? I know it doesn't mean it WILL happen, but it COULD. Are you that much of a gambler you are willing to risk a life with a dog that needs a device called a BREAKSTICK to get it to release its hold? And you want to call others idiots and morons. If you don't have children then you don't have to worry. But others do and probably aren't willing to gamble their child's life with your dog. You knew the risks, the reputation, and potential danger and you still chose to have one. Deal with the consequences and keep the bastard at home, fenced in and away from others. I have had 11 different breeds over the years, so I am not partial towards one, but there are a few I do not feel comfortable having around other people and pits are definitely on that list. Until something like this happens to you, there is no way for you to understand.

  148. You're a disgusting excuse for a human being. You have nothing better to do that try and ruin the lives of a specify bread of dog? The only reason that pit bulls are used in dog fights is because they have a higher pain threshold. They're not more violent than any other dog. I've been around large dogs my entire life. I've volunteered at the humane society, I've been a proud owner of multiple dogs, and my family and I do dog transports. I'm planning on starting a family in the next couple years, and you can bet your ass that my children will know how to act around a big dog, and our pitbull will be well trained, and patient, and lovable, and a sweet loving creature like all dogs are born. People are bad, not dogs. People make dogs fight, people make dogs violent, dogs don't just do that. I hate that if you search for anything pit bull related one of your bullshit pictures comes up. You're not protecting anyone from anything, you're just perpetuating a bad image of an innocent dog, and signing the death warrant on every one that can't find a home, everyone that someone gives away because they 'just can't take the chance,' you're a dog killer, and a monster. You arrogant bastard, I hope you choke. Every-time there's a search for anything pitbul related, one of your fucking pictures comes up, and it's asinine and spiteful. Can't you focus on an actual issue, and stop just trying to kill out a bread of dog that has a bad reputation due to a bunch of stupid people making bad decisions?

    As for the rest of you who have had "bad experiences," with pitbulls, I guarantee there have been just as many bad experiences with other dogs, and I guarantee the reasons these things happened were due to error on a person's fault, not the dogs. I am sorry for the losses experienced by each individual, but part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing what your pet can and cannot handle. I have four dogs, and I know that I cannot leave my yorkie with people she doesn't know. She's a small dog, so she can't do much harm, but she can't be left around strangers, if I have people in my home, I have to make sure I know where she is, and pick her up if I leave the room, and I would never under any circumstances leave her with a child. I know that my retriever is fine around children and persons with disabilities. We've had her since she was a puppy, and through training she knows to lay down and let small children or handicapped people pet her. However, she's fine with the dogs in our house, but I don't fully trust her with other dogs. You have to know your dog, and you have to make the decisions for them. They're not people, they're animals. All of them, not just pitbulls. Be a responsible pet owner, and you won't have problems with your dog.

  149. I like how the vicious picture at the top of this blog isn't a pit bull, it's a chiwawa. The second picture is just adorable if you ask me.

  150. I have a pittbull and she is the sweetest thing ever she has no problems with my other dog they are cute I love my pittbull and you shouldent lock them in cages or hit them is you treat them nice they won't turn out mean

  151. Heeeeyyyyy guess what you're full of ignorance!
    Here are the actual HISTORICAL FACTS about pit bulls, and the fear propaganda involving dogs, in general:

    If pit bulls are more POTENTIALLY dangerous than other dogs, it is because they are much more commonly ABUSED than other dogs. Pit bulls are not used in dog fighting because they are NATURALLY more aggressive. They are used in dogfighting because they are PHYSICALLY more powerful and built heavier than most breeds.
    The FACT about pit bulls, dogs, and dog training in general is that it is the HUMAN that abuses, trains, or allows aggressive behaviour in a puppy--a puppy in GENERAL, not a puppy pit bull every time--to manifest and worsen.
    The FACT about pit bulls is that they were created in the seventeenth century, and their popularity peaked sometime between then and the mid-to-end-of-eighteenth century. Why? Because people LOVED pit bulls. They were THE dog to have. Because they were loyal, intelligent, PROTECTIVE dogs that LOVED CHILDREN. To this day, these traits remain strong in their natures if they are RAISED properly. Source: (http://whatapittie.org/misunderstood.html)
    Another FACT I will quote from this same source: "More often than anyone realizes these dogs take the blame for the acts of other breeds. When a dog bites, someone at the scene may say they thought it was or it might have been, a Pit Bull. That’s it, decision made, the media reports a Pit Bull Attack. Those three words guarantee attention and guarantee ratings."
    It is the MEDIA that perpetuates FEAR PROPAGANDA against pit bulls. Why? Because they LOOK scary. Because criminals use them in dog fighting. Does anyone do any actual RESEARCH? No.
    Here is another FACT about dogs, and pretty much animals in general: there is NO SUCH THING as an "unprovoked" attack. Dogs are not taken to flights of whimsy. They do not wake up one day, go outside, and decide "hey, I don't like that human's face. I think I'll rip it off." No. Either the dog feels its territory has been trespassed, it HAS been provoked by the human, or it has been ABUSED to the point that it is FEARFUL or skips to AGGRESSION to PROTECT ITSELF.
    Once again, pit bulls are NO MORE NATURALLY AGGRESSIVE THAN ANY OTHER DOG. They are ABUSED more than any other dog. This is why many pit bulls in the pound are, unfortunately, more given to aggression.
    HOWEVER. This aggression is MOST COMMONLY towards OTHER DOGS. RARELY is a pit bull ACTUALLY more aggressive to humans than anything else. Thousands and thousands of years of being bred as human companions means that to most dogs, being naturally aggressive towards humans is simply not in their genetic coding. Does it happen? It's possible. But it's INCREDIBLY RARE.

  152. As for a dog that feels its territory has been trespassed on: it is COMMON SENSE AND KNOWLEDGE that you should never approach a dog you do not know. You should not go in their yard, you should not try to pet them or go near them.
    Whether or not Pit Bulls give warning bites is irrelevant when you take into account dozens of other warning signs ALL DOGS EXHIBIT before attacking. They do not just charge in like rabid animals UNLESS of course, they have been COMMANDED TO ATTACK or they have been ABUSED. Any and every dog will growl, bark, adopt an aggressive posture(legs stiff and neck stiff, ears at attention, tail up) and, of course, snarl and snap. ANY HUMAN that ignores these warning signs for whatever reason is taking their own risk.
    Let's think back ten years ago. What dogs were the villains in movies then? I don't know about you, but I remember Dobermans. Remember Dobermans? Remember how scary THEY were? Their tall, pointed ears that look like horns when they're silhouetted? The powerful, sloping shoulders, the long, "cruel" snouts full of teeth?
    How about a few years before that? German Shepherds. Thick, powerful necks, big, thundering barks, heavy paws, scary jaws. Remember how scary THEY were? Remember how EVERYONE just KNEW about at least one vicious German Shepherd attack?
    Let's go back even farther, before you or I were alive enough. Who was the big bad dog back then? Well, I seem to remember a funny little tale about a girl in a red hood and a canine known as the Big Bad WOLF.
    Need I remind you? It is only in the last century, perhaps two, that the WOLF ITSELF has managed to recover a more accurate reputation. A couple hundred years ago, EVERYONE just KNEW a story about a vicious wolf attack.
    The FACT is, movies, TV shows, books, and the news media will ALWAYS have a specific breed of dog to pin fear and blood to. Pit Bulls are the media's latest victim.
    So please, before you go spouting off ignoramus again, do the world of dogs a favour and EDUCATE YOURSELF. Read a BOOK. Best of all, watch Pit Boss, or Pit Bulls and Parolees--both incredible shows about incredible people rehabilitating incredible dogs. Specifically, PIT BULLS.
    As for MuffinQueen, I salute you.

  153. Here my quote excuse. FUCK YOU. the day that my dog attack anyone is the day hell freezes over and god comes to earth and fixes everyone problems. It IS NOT THE BREED that does this it's like saying guns kill people, guns don't kill people, people kill ppl. are you stupid it's called raise your fucking dog right, train it like you would any other dog and as long as that dog feels safe and loyal to a GOOD owner it will act like any other dog. The only reason there is more publicity on Pit bull attacks is because the media puts emphasis there if you look back in history you will find that many other breeds have been subject to the same kind of ridicule at some point in time. the breed didn't commit the crime, the owners of the breed did. If anyone should be punished and blamed for those pictures up there it's the fucking owners of those dogs. It is a proven fact that a nervous and scared dog will attack with or without a "warning" bite. so how about you go be a "realist" about REAL FACTS not some media fed bullshit. I've done my homework, your turn.

  154. Clearly OP is just a dumb SOB who doesn't know how to properly train a dog. Your pitbull "turned" because you are a bad owner and didn't provide it the proper training and attention it needs. For fuck's sake, how does a dog LIE to you? Are you really that stupid that you think that because one dog (who's behavior is directly influenced by YOU the OWNER) "turned" on you that makes the entire breed bad. It's assholes like you that cause good dogs to have a bad reputation and thus suffer in shelters and eventually killed. Clearly, you should never own dogs of any kind because you have no understanding of how they should be cared for.

    You write at the bottom of your page that "vicious dogs have no place in society" well I have to tell you that in fact people like YOU have no place in a civilized society.

  155. It's not the breeds fault! Us, humans, are making them like this and now its uncontrollable for them. It all started with stupid people and gambling at dog fights. People should realize that once and for all. All dogs are able to do such harm as well. My friend got attacked by a lab and it wasn't a typical "Ouch, you got bit by a dog". Ignorant people.

  156. im getting a pit bull soon im so excited!!!!

    1. I'm excited too! I can't wait to see your wounds or the wounds of your inbred children show up on a google image search for "family pit bull attacks owners out of nowhere". With any luck your "loving family pet" will take out your whole sub par family before the girls can get pregnant with more of you at age 15. I swear I can feel the woooosh as all your welfare benefit money rushes back into the public coffers.

      I just pray no one capable of making good decisions and being proactive about their safety gets hurt by your ignorance.

    2. Ah, the fool who feels so strong by writing on the internet.... So now owning a pit bull means your children are inbred, does it?
      If you've done your research, sir, madame, or transvestite, you'll discover that pit bulls were once called "nanny dogs" because they were the great guardians of the canine population. Never would they attack or even bark unless someone tried to harm their ward. Dogs attack when provoked, unlike humans, who "attack out of nowhere".

      I hope you come across a pit one day...then you'll see the dangers of when he jumps on you, places his paws on your chest...and licks you to death.

      Actually, I just hope I have fun screwing your mother.

  157. The numbers are what they are and they don't lie. Pit nutters and pit lovers yada yada ya...
    Being a responsible human being is the issue. Apparently, the majority of these owners are not which is why the numbers are staggering. So, as pit lovers it is your responsiblity to keep your dog off anyones face and body. Perhaps making the owner of such attacks to suffer the same injuries, could be the lesson needed here.

  158. I am a pitbull lover and yes these pictures are horrifying i'll give it that, but these attacks are probably from people who abuse their pitbulls into being like this.

    It's all on how you treat your dog.

    Sorry to burst your bubble and screw up your petty rant on degrading Pitbulls. I am a proud owner of 3 Pitbulls and they all play like your average dog and bite nicely and walk up to others with a friendly mushy face and look at you in the eye and say "pet me please".

    Everything is based on how one treats their animal. If they treat them like shit, then they'll become violent. ANY breed of dog will get like this if mistreated. Try seeing both sides on the situation at hand. The Pitbulls are most likely lashing out because of mistreatment so they try to prove themselves to their owners. It's the owners fault and you know it. QUIT BLAMING THE DOG! take responsibility for your own actions. My whole neighborhood loves my dogs and they are great with children. try being nice to a pit and tell me how they act.

  159. As a 32 year vet and animal clinic owner, I can say that I agree with this author 100%.

    Typical Pit Bull owner: High school education, car parts in the yard, thinks having a "tough dog" is cool.

    10 years ago I stopped accepting Pits into my practice because I realized I was perpetuating a person's social defect and intellectual shortcomings manifested in the poor dog choices they make. It's not the animals' fault, it's the white trash dirt bags that purchase them.

    Unfortunately, there's not much room in the modern world for the Pit Bull breed.

    Happy to discuss personal horrors of Pit Bull attacks at drillernorheast@yahoo.com.

    Dr. Bruce Serczyk

    1. Great comment! I wish more people would open their eyes and see things in this world in a more realistic way.

      I am a Certified Vet Tech and an animal lover, even after an unprovoked pit attack years ago while walking to my mail box. I've never witnessed a dog attack a person with such an intention to maul. He knew exactly what he needed to do to get me on the ground, and if that would have happened I'm pretty sure he could have killed me. He was trying his hardest to bite my calves and even ripped the back of the legs of my pants trying. He also tore of the tip of my shoe off in an attempt to grab my foot. My husband finally distracted him enough to look away from be, but then he chased us both into our house.

      This was a dog I had never seen before, and I had not provoked. If I had been a child I'm sure it would have ended much worse.

      While I'd rather restrain a pit than a little lap dog (their bites hurt!), I also know that little bite from a Chi or Pom won't usually send me to the ER.

      BTW, I do own a Doberman, so I'm not against breeds that get a bad rap. My Dobie is a very social dog, but can be protective of his family (I pity someone who thinks about breaking into my house).

      Every pet owner needs to be a responsible one. Keep your pets out of a situation that could have a bad outcome!

  160. I rescued a 9 month old female Pit Bull, wholes owner was going to: supplement his income by breeding her selling puppies to any one with money. Thank god he lost his house. She has been inbred, with a Hugh head, & strong jaw muscles. We fell in love with her. We had her sprayed and chipped immediately. People described her as a happy good natured dog. BUT, we supervise her 24/7. She is never left alone. She is fiercely protected of us. We do not allow her to be with other animals or any children. She actually smiles when she is with us. She is a royal pain in the ass but we would not give her up for all the tea in china. My husband & I thought since our kids are grown and all our dogs are in “doggie heaven” we were “foot loose and fancy free”. Yea right!

    Sally Browne

  161. New laws in some cities are banning pitbulls...nonsense like this is what make people neighbors want to harm and kill responsible pit owners..so here this as this is my onlt warning...Put your hands on my dog, and I'll put my hands on You...Stay out of my yard, stay away from my dog...You try to take or harm my dog I will consider it an act of aggression towards me and my family...and such aggression with be met with the apppropriate response...you can have your little "hate parades" all you wish as it is a free country..but know this..you bring your b.s. to my front porch my dog will be the least of your worries...That isn't a threat, threats are for teenagers, it is what it is friends, we might not all agree but you will by god not make any kind of aggressive gester towards this camp.

  162. I have found this thread very interesting. Here is why:
    My first memory of ever meeting a pit bull was when I was a little kid. He was our family pet. I thought it was cute the other day when I saw they're called "the nanny dog" because he did just that. My brothers and sisters and i would run around outside and he kept us out of truoble. If we left the yard he'd throw a barking FIT. He was never rough with us, never bit any of us, just gave us lots of slobbery kisses.
    We ended up having to put him down after he attacked a UPS driver. Some would say he was doing his job protecting his family. Some would say we didn't train him well enough?! Either way, a person should be able to have someone over without them being attacked by their dog.

    FFWD to a month ago. I caught an episode of Pit Boss. Anyone who has ever seen the show knows Shorty is a huge advocate for Pit Bulls. He says "there are no bad dogs, only bad owners". Watching the show, seeing all the loving, snuggly pits I started to realize they really are great dogs. Playful, loyal, sweet, licking baffoons.

    All this stuck in my mind because I have been researching what dog to get my 9 year old son. I started thinking maybe a "nanny dog" would be a good choice.
    I have seen hundreds of pictures of pit bulls curled up with babies and small children. It would be nice to have a sweet, loving dog to protect our home as well. Pit bulls were starting to look pretty good to me.

    The more I researched the more I noticed a few things... even though pit bulls supposedly make up only 3% of the dog population, they make up about 85% of dogs in rescues and shelters.
    The organization that fosters pitbulls out to people for a month before they make up their mind about them was seeing a HUGE return rate on the dogs. Pit bull lovers were all saying that's because the people wanted them for the wrong reasons. What are the wrong reasons for wanting a dog? That would make almost everyone return them?

    I thought maybe I should try fostering a pit bull before I make up my mind. Upon reading the "rules" for owning a pit bull, including that you must socialize them when they're little but once an adult you should NEVER bring a pit bull to a dog park or introduce it to new dogs. You should crate your pit when a new visitor comes into the house, etc etc etc.... it just sounded like you have to keep this dog 3' away from you at all times to insure it won't KILL SOMETHING.

    Yes, it's because they're protective. Great. So is every other dog. But if any other dog gets aggressive and you pull back on it.... it'll back off. A pit bull will NOT.

    Then came more Googling and seeing stories about more and more pit bulls attacking and killing their owners. A pregnant woman who came home for lunch. A woman and her son driving down the road in a truck with THEIR pit bull. A guy who had owned his pit bull for its entire life and one day it just turned on him. A child playing on the floor with the dog......

    OK I agree there are good pit bulls. There are also good grizzly bears you can train and all sorts of rules you could put into place to make sure the grizzly bear didn't harm you or your family or pets. But seriously!? Who wants to do all that?
    There is a reason almost every insurance company will refuse to cover your house if they know you have a pitbull and it isn't because they will lick someone to death.

    NO THANK YOU. I won't take a chance with my child's life. I COULD get a great sweet fun loving pit bull. Or I could get one who will kill my son and eat my face off. Ugh.

  163. I'm a cop and a pitbull owner, this is a summary of my beliefs about the breed. My beliefs are formed from my experiences.

    I work in an urban area where people have pitbulls and don't take care of them. Unfortunately the dog is coveted because of the "tough" image it has. Pitbulls usually end up being neglected, chained up in either a yard or garage, and not given the attention or discipline they need.

    I want everyone to understand that I see this EVERY NIGHT. I see these dogs locked up and in poor condition. I also see pitbulls running loose through the neighborhoods, they tear up other people's pets and fences, and usually aren't neutered.

    By contrast, my dog is cared for and disciplined. She is fed and spayed. She is kept on a leash and knows better than to run out the front door when it is opened. She is a wonderful, loyal family dog. She is great with children and even interacts well with other dogs.

    I prefer pits to other "family" dogs. They're more family oriented than small dogs, and don't have the type A personality that I've found with German Shepherds. Shepherds tend to have dominant personalities that you need to continuously maintain psychological control over- they will test you and try to establish themselves as the leader. I have not had any problems like that with a pit. They're pack animals, and they tend to know their role within the pack.

    There are two things that absolutely have to be understood about pits.

    The first is that they're physically built to take a beating and to fight, more so than most other dogs. They have tremendously strong jaw and neck muscles which allow them to latch on and thrash when they're in a fight. I've watched my partner dump an entire can of OC (pepper spray) onto two fighting pits. It didn't phase them. They didn't quit until they were done. One time I had to get control of a vicious pit that had just killed another dog. The pit didn't want to go with Animal Control. One exposure to the taser and that snarling attack dog was a timid puppy that cowered and shook when Animal Control approached it. The dog is strong, the dog is all about a fight when it gets into one, but it learns its role quickly when you do get the upper hand and let it know who the boss is.
    The second thing that needs to be understood about Pits is that they're EXTREMELY sensitive to how they are treated. I had a Chihuahua that pissed on everything. I did everything to try to break him of this, but he wouldn't give it up. My Pit pooped on the carpet once, she was punished for it, and NEVER did it again. Treat a Pit well, discipline it, and make sure it's cared for (neutered/spayed and fed) and it will be the best dog you could ever want. They're the most loyal and loving dogs I've ever known.

    Treat them poorly or neglect them and they can be a terror with devastating effects on whomever/whatever they put their mouths on.

    If you're disgusted by the way a Pit behaves then you should blame the people that own it. It is an extra responsibility taking care of such an athletic/sensitive dog, it takes work. Don't get a pitbull unless you really plan on making it a part of your family and putting the work into raising it.

  164. One of my most intense guilty pleasures is hearing about a pit bull that has OF COURSE "never done that kinda thing before" and "is a loving and protective family dog" ripping a member of it's human family apart. I hope they get a tooth mark and a foot of missing skin for every time they have said stupid pro-pit bull rhetoric without really thinking. It's poetic justice and though it happens often it can never happen often enough. Monster dog lovers don't care if their killing beast hurts other people or animals unless it does something to their own family...otherwise they make excuses for the beast.

    I don't think we should destroy specific pit monsters until they have actually attacked non-pit animals or civilized people but I see NO REASON why we can't force every pit bull to be sterilized so the breed eventually dies out and Jethro in the trailer park and Tyrone in the ghetto get to keep their specific dogs that their ten illegitimate kids have grown so attached to(until the monsters attack, which they will eventually).

  165. Our 3 year old Cockapoo was just killed by a pitbul. She was not facing him, was sniffing the grass. This dog came at he, out of the blue, attacked and killed her. Totally unprovoked. YOU CANNOT TELL ME THESE DOGS ARE NOT DANGEROUS. They were bred to attack and kill. Peope, get your heads out of the sand. They need to outlaw these dogs in the USA, just like in Canada.

    Now this dogs knows the taset of blood and death, if he didn't already know it. Once that happens, then it is the full responsibility of the owner. All future attacks are the owners fault because he did not put the dog down. Put it down or take the chance that it will start moving up the food chain to a child.

  166. Hi,
    Some of you guys simply don't like pitbulls and some of you are on there side.
    I'm on nether of the sides.
    These dogs are bread to fight, but they can also be very very very loving. I'm the owner of a staffie female which is very close to a pitbull.
    I am raiseing har to be loving.
    But of course you get people who kick or tease the dog, whitch will make it want to fight and then you will probaly have a prolem when the dog's instint comes in.

    These dogs need disipline and love or they will become killers.

  167. for the love of the breed. neuter your pit bulls. and muzzle them in public. we love them and they love us. but they are more damaging should a bite occur. my friend rescued a fighting pitbull that has killed several other dogs. he has since shown no agression. pitbulls are bred to please their owner. and if dying in a dog fight is what makes the idiot owner happy then the pit will proudly meet its death in one of the feirces blood baths emaginable. but if protecting the family and being a loving calm dog pleases the owner thats what it will do. my friend muzzles his dog every where he goes for walks and when going to the vet. in his own fenced yard the dog is free rane. i take no pitty on the idiot trying to break into a house with a pit and gets killed. the dog did its job. however i also take no pitty on fighters of pitbulls or people who do not take the precaution of a muzzle on their dog in public either. no its not cool to have to muzzle a nice dog. but its better then the dog getting scared by a 10 year old who's yelling agressively about doing his home work. and ends up with a dog defending itself killing a helpless 10 year old. no the dog didnt understand. too fuckin late then. now you lost a 10 year old human and a wonderfull loyal pit bull. muzzle'em because you lov'em. this is an easy way to prevent the bad name, prevent the bites completely, and show the world the wonderfull truth about a pit.
    best famly dog ever, best guardian ever, but this isnt a breed to be trusted around strangers (mostly other dogs) but humans too. yes my pit is fine with anyone. but if he feels the need to protect me only god himself can stop him. (OR A MUZZLE) worst case scenario my pit will knock a kid over and scratch him/ scare him. sure as fuck cant bite. and before he can scratch i could have him restrained. MUZZLE MUZZLE MUZZLE MUZZLE MUZZLE. sorry gangs use them, sorry people fight them, but the world is full of fuckin idiots. shoot them, arrest them, and fine the livin fuck out of them. dont hate the breed for loyaty.


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