Jul 1, 2010

Shelter gives pit bulls patriotic makeovers to boost adoptions

SALT LAKE CITY — The Fourth of July weekend may mean fireworks, barbecues, camping and an all-around good time for most, but it could mean trouble for many of man's best friends.

To help promote animal adoption, pit bulls were dressed in Lady Liberty headbands, miniature Uncle Sam hats, sequined American crowns and red, white and blue leis Tuesday at Salt Lake County Animal Services.
You can dress them up, paint their nails, or whatever... It doesn't change what they are or what they do!
"We know that fireworks holidays get in the most dogs (at the shelter) because dogs get scared of the loud noises," said Melissa Lipani, a campaign coordinator for Best Friends Animal Society. "So we just want to educate people about the precautions they can take to keep their pets safe during the fireworks holidays. (We also want) to get people to come and adopt before the holidays so we can empty out some of these kennels ... for new dogs coming in."

The situation is more dire this year because Salt Lake County Animal Services is filled beyond capacity — before the holiday has even begun. There are more than 160 dogs in 82 kennels, which leaves no room for the 14 new dogs per day that are picked up this time of year. Around Pioneer Day, that number increases to about 25 dogs per day.

"If you've been thinking about getting a dog, it's the perfect time because we're full," Lipani said. "We need to get these guys into good homes."

Don't forget to warn them that fireworks could set off a fatal attack!

What they should have done is dressed them up to suit their personality



  1. This is breedism, favoring one breed over all the others. It has to stop.

  2. Does anyone wonder why there are so many pit bulls up for adoption? Why oppose the spay/neuter laws?

  3. i'd like to know how they were able to identify the pit bulls in ordre to dress them up!

    the pit nutter community overwhelming opposes spay/neuter laws because the pit nutters overwhelming lack responsibility and common sense.

    love the freddie kruger glove.

  4. CD I didn't think about that. Pits are impossible to identify! LOL. But they have ne problem picking them out when they have done a 'good deed' or needs them to get 'adopted'!

  5. or when they single handedly win the war or they are owned by a famous person or they are handing free spay/neuter or free obedience classes...

  6. Love the appropriate picture as Freddy!!!

  7. What a truly horrible, cruel person you are.

    No dog can ever match the viciousness of humans, and you (and Craven and Pat) are the perfect examples of that.

    What breeding created you heartless, vicious animals? Tell me, so I can start a blog and push for the banning of your type.

  8. I was once terrified of Pits. I adopted one with the mentalitity that I could change it, boy did she prove me wrong. No 'breeding' created me, being exposed to Pits for years and seeing what they do is what made me who I am. You are less then human if you can see them ripping people and pets to shreds and can still stand up for them.

  9. pit dogs, brought to you by the same psychopathic mind that came up with foie gras, puppy mills, veal crates, anal electrocution of fur animals, vivisection, boiling cats alive and on and on and on it goes.

    i agree that no dog can ever match the deranged viciousness of humans. HUMANS genetically manipulated dogs, highly intelligent, extremely social creatures that are exceptionally tolerant of their own kind and turned them into something that views their own kind as prey. really, it doesn't get any sicker or vicious than that.

  10. I stand up for the milions upon millions upon millions of "pit bulls" that have never harmed a soul - yet the likes of you, Craven and Pat would have them all killed, for what? Because of your fear, your hatred, your cold hearts?

    I was brutally raped, what do you suggest I do? Join a group with the 100s of thousands of other women that have been raped and demand that all men be banned?

    It is no different. Men are a constant danger to most women, which is why we lock our doors, carry mace, never walk alone, don't go to bars alone, or generally look over our shoulders most of our lives.

    And you talk about pit bulls? You know nothing about the the real risks that people face every day - and believe me, pit bulls aint' one of them!

  11. actually, i support the euthanization of violent dangerous human beings, especially pedophiles and rapists.

    but i want to thank you for sharing your history. it is estimated that 1/3 of females int he united states have been molested as a child or raped as an adult. i have a theory that many of the female rescue angel/lion tamers are victims of sexual assault that seek to regain control or create an illusion of control through the "mastery" of dangerous dogs. think about it.

  12. Craven, I was thinking the same thing. Another damaged woman seeking therapy through pit bull ownership, identifying with the maligned breed while feeling both protected and powerful by owning one. Here's what I don't get: how does BSL equate with killing and cold hearts? BSL solves multiple problems including pit bull abuse and overpopulation, or shall I say MASS KILLINGS. Men have not been bred to rape, but pit bulls have been bred to fight and kill other dogs. As a dog owner, I would be stupid to not fear for my dog's safety around a pit bull, especially when they are so often owned by irresponsible people. I stand for common sense laws that keep us all safe, and that goes for pit bulls too. I am a dog lover, and while I don't think pit bulls have a place in society, I don't fault them for being born, for the traits they have or for the misinformation advocates spread that creates irresponsible ownership. That fault lies with people like anonymous who are more interested in calling people killers and other names than in doing something to stop pit bull attacks and therefore stop BSL. Because if you are really against BSL then you would remove the need for BSL, and with pit bulls that means attacks and overpopulation. So congrats Anonymous - it is because of people like yourself that pit bulls continue to make headlines and that BSL is passed. Yes, it is a real danger. Perhaps I was never raped, but has your pet or child ever been ripped apart by a pit bull in front of you? Try to think beyond your own experiences for a bit and contemplate that people don't want BSL because of some mental defect, but because of a rational and fact-filled discussion of a very serious problem.

  13. There you go Turkey, making assumptions (and blaming a victim of another crime - and because I am not a pit bull victim - I guess you are allowed to do that).

    First of all, I DO NOT own a pit bull - I said I defend them and feel sorry for them, because they too are victims of cruel men (and sometimes women).

    And sorry, Turkey, but, yes men were "bred" to rape - it is only through civilization and moral teaching that men surpress the urge to rape.

    We all restrain our tendencies to be violent, because we ARE a violent species, and you always seem to ignore the fact that WE made pit bulls want to fight, because we want them to fight - IT IS OUR NATURE TO BE VIOLENT- not the dogs, - that is why I believe you are all so heartless, because you blame the dog for human sins.

    And Turkey, you are very cruel - to say that because I have sympathy for another living creature it is MY fault that people are getting injured? You sir/madam are a beast.

    And yes, Turkey, I have thought "past my own experiences" because I know that I am but one of the millions of women that have been brutalized by men - it is not my personal, singular experience - it is the experience of millions of women!!

    So for you to attempt to minimize my trauma and then say that get past my "singular experience because pit bulls are a "rational and fact-filled discussion of a serious problem"???

    And rape isn't???

    And, how dare you accuse me of perpetuating the problem - how dare you accuse me of being the villian here? - the only one at fault when a dog injures someone is the owner!

    Turkey, you actually make me feel ill- you disgust me.

    This is why I defend pit bulls, because of cold-hearted people like you - you feel you have right to decide which victims are important - and to you - only people who have been attacked by "pit bulls" are important.

  14. To the anon. poster above. I'm saying this as kindly as possible. There is so much going in your thought processes, pit bulls and rape are not connected. All men do not rape. This blog is not about rape, it is about violent dogs. I really and sincerely encourage you to get psychological help. I needed it after I was attacked, and recommend it highly.

  15. Men were NOT "bred" to rape. You're making it sound like men are being bred like animals are being bred. Thats stupid. I didn't know there was a kennel out there breeding men with the rape gene. Also, I don't get it, you were raped so now you defend pit bulls -- where's the connection? You need help, seek a counselor.


  16. "IT IS OUR NATURE TO BE VIOLENT- not the dogs," Ever watched a wolf pack bring down another animal, I would say that is the nature of the canines, to be violent or die of starvation. Dogs are not gentle creatures by nature. Dogs are what they are bred to be. Hounds were bred to help hunt, GSDs were bred to guard and protect, border collies to herd, and pits were bred to kill other animals. Because of that, people are mauled and killed too. The thinking that dogs aren't violent is just what gets people hurt and killed.

  17. "You know nothing about the the real risks that people face every day - and believe me, pit bulls aint' one of them!"

    My dear Anonymous Rape Victim, I have one thing to say to you, and it is slight tweaking of your own words:

    This is why I defend pit bull victims, because of cold-hearted people like you - you feel you have the right to decide which victims are important - and to you - only "pit bulls" are important.

    Please, please get the help you so desperately need. This is not the first time I have read of a damaged, man-hating woman with the intense need to "defend" pit bulls, and it does the dogs far more harm than you could ever realize in your current state. May you find peace in your life.


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