Jul 17, 2010

David Letterman says "Pit Bulls will kill you!"


As some of you may know, I am signed up on just about every friggin Pit Bull info email list that can be subscribed to.
I got an email yesterday from one regarding David Letterman talking bad about Pit Bull dogs to an audience of millions, and now everyone needed to bombard the stations and say how wrong he is.  The message is spreading like wildfire now.

Well actually, I would like to personally thank David Letterman for saying what he said. It has got to be hard to stand in front of millions of people and say what he said..
David Letterman is my hero of the week!!

Here is a copy of the email I received--

Please send this out far and wide.

On Thursday night, David Letterman made hugely disparaging comments about pit bulls, yet again, when he was talking to Kyra Sedgwick, as she has a dog that looks like a pit. Among other things, he said pits will chew your face off, attack your throat in the middle of the night, and that if you want to have a life in front of you, you should not get a pit. This is the second time he has done this – he did it the last time Sedgwick was on the show.

Please leave you comments at the following link:


In the top box, choose the “The Late Show with David Letterman” and fill in your details and comment.

For him to make comments like that on one of the most popular shows on national TV is unacceptable and does huge damage to these dogs.

Let me correct you there, PIT BULLS are doing damage to Pit Bulls!  Pit Bull owners feel like they have to attack anyone that speaks the truth.


  1. Good for Letterman. That 'D Lister' pit bull owner, whatever her name is, strikes me as a total bimbo.

    Oh, "bad rap - bad rap." Buppph. The people that repeat that failed cliche never impress me as being anything more than perfectly stupid.

  2. thank you SME for pointing out the that pit bulls do this to themselves. i hope everyone leaves a PRO dave comment!

    the first time around, the pit nutters at pitbullforum devoted 2 ranting pages to it. i am always astonished at how irate the nutters become over a freaking joke. ZERO sense of humor. last week the pit nutters defeated a pop star, so they are full of themselves right now. can't wait to see what they do with letterman.

    btw, PBF stopped reporting pit bull attacks, like all of the other pit bull forums. must think only good thoughts.

    i'm with you on the badrap anon. it is like 'only lick you to death' or 'nanny dogs' or 'dogmen always culled manbiters'. these are mindless slogans uttered by brainwashed nutters.

  3. Wow. I can finally agree with David Letterman about something!


  4. So your 'hero of the week' cheats on his wife?

    who wins the 'employee of the month'
    tiger woods?

  5. "You are missing the point anon..."

    they ALWAYS do!

  6. So what IS the point?
    Another person that hasn't owned a pit bull buying into the hysteria?
    Everyone should listen to whatever Letterman has to say?
    All pit nutters will bring up 'Petey'?
    Even when a pit bull hasn't done anything, the 'vicious killer' pit bull is what people see?

    I was just commenting on your last quote about the 'hero of the week' and all you can see is that I missed the whole point of the story.

    No, the point of the story is whenever a pit bull is brought in conversation, there is always the pit hater saying their all vicious.

  7. The point is, whenever anyone on tv makes any sort of negative comment about Pit Bulls, the breed owners go on a rampage. They ban together and bully their way into being heard. They send out mass emails, they hoot and holler, until they finally force whoever the person/people are into making a public apology, or scaring them so bad they never ever even want to make another comment on air about Pit Bulls.
    In my opinion that is wrong, everyone should be able to make a comment about Pit Bulls whether they like them or hate them, it is their own right.

    So I guess David Letterman is stupid for hearing about all of the deaths caused by these dogs and getting a little nervous about the breed. Because, after all, only an idiot would be scared of a breed that is constantly getting negative media attention because of the deaths they are causing.

  8. Anon also missed the English class where they discussed the difference between "their" and "there".

    In all seriousness, the point is, according to nutters, that if you don't own a pit bull you are not allowed to say anything about them, no matter how truthful it may be. And if such a person does say something, the immediate response is to call them a hater, to discredit them, to make them seem irrational with words like "hysteria". The hysteria and intolerance is all on the nutters' end. Dave and everyone else has a right to their own opinion, especially when that opinion does not hurt anyone. The latest nutter argument appears to be anything negative said about pit bulls must be silenced as it is these comments that cause not only fewer adoptions but violence towards pit bulls. What nutters have not yet grasped is the frequent attacks by pit bulls are what is giving them a poor image, as well as a culture of owners and advocates that are ignorant about the dogs and unwilling to address the problems they cause. The violence towards pit bulls is mainly caused by their owners, not the general public. I think I speak for most people in favor of BSL - we don't hate pit bulls. But we do acknowledge their ability to cause us harm, and the harm that is being caused to them, and have long given up on their owners and advocates to do anything about it.

  9. The irony..is that if they put a fraction of the outrage into bashing the breeders who pump out maulers and killers..the issue would go away. But then what would they have to do?!?

    The CA grandfather who just killed his grandson with his tax cheating-pit breeding hobby pumped two litters of mankillers onto the public. Other breed communities would be horrified!

  10. Gosh, has anyone read anything about PitBulls doing good, there is a ton of writings on this. There are bad dogs in EVERY breed, there are a few SMALL dogs that bite way more than Pitties. Just get the right info please is all I'am saying.. my self I'm a 65 yr old Granny with two Pitties for years. No Problem here. It is how they are raised, they are a loyal dog that will do anything for their masters..

  11. Gloria,

    You are repeating the same tired old myths of loyalty and how they were raised that are pushed on people like you by pit bull advocates, but can easily be proven false with just a tiny bit of research. Dog bites are not the issue, dog maulings are, and those are mostly done by pit bulls because of the genetic traits pit bulls have. Just because you have not had an issue with your dogs to this point does not mean you will not in the future. A woman in Florida was killed by her two pit bull after living with them for years - they were neutered, trained, and taken very good care of. And she is not the only pit bull owner that has met such a fate, although others have been luckier and have escaped with only missing limbs or scars. So please don't lecture us on getting the right information, we already have it. What you should be doing is lecturing the pro-pit lobby on why they are lying to people like you.

  12. Turkey---

    I thought pit haters always scrutinize nutters for improper grammar and here YOU are doing it to Anon.

    Also, it's not just Pit owners that get defensive when someone denounces the breed. GSD, Lab, Shih Tzu owners get defensive whenever a dog of THEIR breed is in the negative press.
    "that's not what a purebred GSD does, it must've been a mutt"
    "I have a shih tzu, they're little lap devils, haha"
    "It's not the breed, my Labrador is perfect."

    What would people say if I created a web page devoted to wiping off Golden Retrievers? EVERYONE would say that I'm insane, stupid, a moron.

    Based on your BitByPits link to 2009 fatalities.....We should kill ALL:
    Chow chows
    Great Danes
    Am Bulldogs
    Pit Bulls
    German Shepherds
    Australian Shepherd
    and all MUTTS

    Because all of these breeds were involved with fatally mauling a human life.

    Let's get rid of them ALL.

  13. To Turkey.........you stated, "The violence towards pit bulls is mainly caused by their owners, not the general public. I think I speak for most people in favor of BSL - we don't hate pit bulls"

    That is VERY hard to believe because THIS is all I see in every comment section:

    "KILL all of the pitbulls. What do you say for this Pitbull lovers!? Take them all and throw them in an incinerator! All pitbulls are viscious, nasty cretents that need to perish in hell, they are the work of the devil"

    We know you hate us and our dogs. Don't sit there and lie about it. Its ok. We're used to people calling us names. We're past the, "sticks and stones" routine.

  14. As a pit bull owner, dog trainer, owner of a pit bull rescue, volunteer at the local shelter and a member of the dog rescue community, my opinion is that you're just another media-forced-fed, uneducated, irresponsible, oblivious and mindless human who would rather blame the dog for the owner's mistakes. Labradors, dalmatians, golden retrievers, and small lap dogs bite more people each year individually than bully breeds do (the news won't tell you that, but the information is available online), yet people blame bully breeds even though they are the only dog breeds in existence that were bred specifically for human-friendly temperaments. What's more interesting: pit bull type dogs make up around 40% of the entire dog population in the US, more popular than any other breed of dog. Considering this HUGE difference in the number of pit bull type dogs, as well as the undenable fact that they are the most abused and mistreated breed in the US, if pit bulls were inherently dangerous, the number of attacks byt pit bull type dogs would be MUCH higher than the current statistics. If I have 1,000 pit bulls, 100 chihuahuas, a few spaniels, maybe 100 labs... if 2 out of the 1,000 pit bulls bites someone and none of the other dogs do, that proves NOTHING. Except that in these statistics you provide, if the population playing field was even, "lap dogs" and the other "family pets" like labs and goldens would far surpass the number of pit bull bites. Add in the amount of abuse most pit bull type dogs are subjected to...most other breeds wouldn't allow a human near them again after these things were done to them the way they have been done to pit bulls.

    In 5 years of working at the local shelter, training dogs, and being involved in rescue, I've NEVER been attacked or even shown an ounce of aggression by a pit bull, even the ones who were pulled from horrendous abuse situations and had every reason to never trust a human again. But, stick my hand in the poodle's cage and 99% of the time, it results in an attempt to bite. I've worked with pits, boxers, shepherds, dobermans, labs, bulldogs, huskies, YOU NAME IT and the only dog I've ever been bitten by was a yorkie. The only dogs I've ever been snapped at by were "lap dogs."

    Before you try to have my animals taken away who have been with me through my mother's death, sickness, job loss; who curl around a 3 year old child when he is running a fever; who greet all strangers and other dogs like they have always known them; before you continue on in your self-righteous and unfounded crusade to kill my pets, try getting your information from the other side as well. Here's a start.


    I won't be coming back to this page, only because it makes me physically hurt to know that some people can be so wrong about something, to have never actually interacted with, owned, and probably never even met a dog and still condemn it to death so passionately. But I have forwarded this page to other pit bull rescues and owners so they can provide their opinions.

  15. To Jamie. Oh lord here we go again. Every time a new nutter runs across this blog I have to take time to explain myself all over again because you did not read my blog and have no clue as to what's really going on.

    I owned a Pit for years. I Raised her right, showed her nothing but love, and true to her genetics, she "turned on" and could not be changed so I put her down.

    I was willing to give Pits the benefit of the doubt, but she proved me wrong.

    I know hundreds of people that have Pits that they have raised RIGHT from pups that are killers. You do not have to tell me how sweet and loving they can be, I know, mine was, until her buttons were pushed then she turned into Cujo dog with the flip of a switch.

    I am not wishing your dogs to be ripped away from you as you said... I am wishing that ALL owners of Bully breeds have to go above and beyond to be able to own these beasts. You cannot tell the difference between who is responsible and who is not, so ALL of them should have to take the same drastic precautions regardless of how sweet you say your dog is. Fuck that, peoples lives and also other animals are just not worth it.

    I do hear other stories about other breeds attacking. Most of the time other breed attacks are not as bad as Pits, and most of the time when you hear of a serious attack it was by a Bully breed.

    You pulled those stats out of your ass because they were way off. The shit your spewing is the same exact garbage I used to say to people. I've heard it all, and frankly I am sick of the lies (and not buying them at all)

    Just be sure to come back to my blog when your freaking face gets ripped off by your sweet babies. I can't wait.

  16. I see you have referenced dogsbite.org as 'truthful information' regarding pits. Please, it's painful to witness such ignorance. You should be embarrassed.

  17. I know anonymous. You Pit Bull owners like to refer to the truth as ignorance. It's just another tactic you use to try to lessen the blows to your beloved breed of blood craving junkies.

    It won't work here.

  18. Do you know how to determine a credible source? Can you recognize slant, bias, propaganda and sensationalism? Have you considered seeking psychiatric help for your irrational fears?
    Pssst your prejudice is showing.

  19. To: stop making excuses....If you are as ignorant as you appear to be..I would not blame any breed you owned for turning on you...All you are is an attention seeking, emotionally insecure person with low levels of self esteem and self confidence. Why else would you be on this site shooting your mouth of like you are...pure self indulgence.

    To: Anonymous, Gloria Taylor and Jamie... Why are you letting this self absorbed person get to you? I would not respond to him. Self indulgent people like this person go away if they are not getting reinforcement for their comments or actions..Ha Ha ha! As a dog trainer you should know that Jamie...I too, am a dog trainer and am very involved with rescue organizations..I have never been bitten by a Pit Bull either...not to say it will never happen ..but less likely than many other breeds. Do you really think this simpleton will read all those great websites you posted? NOT! LOL! You just can't fix stupid!

  20. this page is proof that humans don't deserve to breathe. So many ignorant f***S screaming for the death of a species. Go fuck yourselves

  21. Anonymous..not All humans are like this jerk..you are proof..all my friends are proof..we work every day on Our Help Save a Dog Network on Fb trying to find all shelter dogs home..and or transport to rescues..Ive seen this kind of person before as you have Im sure..again..dont let him/her get the best of you...He/she is just trying to get riled up...and get the attention that he/she does not get in their own life. check out these pages if you want to meet more people like you and me...there are lots of us out there





    Feel sorry for this person..he/she seem very unhappy.

  22. poster above me, all I have to say is you can call me what you want, it does not matter.
    I am telling you that I gave Pits a chance. I tried to look beyond the belief that they are born dangerous. All it took was me owning ONE Pit to tell me all I need to know about these dogs. I am not a jerk, I really did want to believe that it was not true. I really did want to prove to everyone that it's not the breed, but I found out it is. You can keep devying it all that you want, but YOU are the jerk when you can stand up to defend a breed that kills innocent people and pets on a daily basis.

  23. Stop making exuses: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You are pitiful..and I'll be praying for you...Im done. Thanks for your ignorant input though.

  24. No need to pray for me.
    Im not the one with the loaded gun at my house!!

  25. "there is always the pit hater saying their all vicious. " Jesus said the TRUTH will set you free! Pit bulls are vicious and that's the truth!

  26. "they are a loyal dog that will do anything for their masters"

    How true! Including killing other animals and people.....all for their masters, of course!

  27. Ok well I've read everything from pits should be killed no matter what to they are great pets and loyal as can be. As a pit-bull owner I love my dog as my own kid and no the chance as do all smart pit-bull owners that they might snap one day and if that ever happens with mine especially If she hurt someone else it would tear me up inside because it's like as if y raised one of your own children and they turned into a murder just as people can turn out to be a killer so can a dog no matter the breed if a person kills someone we punish the person individual not the whole race that the persons was the same should be with dogs. I will not condemn a single breed bc of individual dogs actions and will not sit quietly and let others nay say about them

  28. Dear Pit Bull Owners,

    If you pick any standardized test written in English from a legitimate source, we both take it, and I double your score, then will you believe me when I tell you that you are dumb as dog crap?

  29. After reading most of these comments, I have to say that the idiots are out in full force! Pit bulls are NOT dangerous monsters who attack for no reason. They are loving family dogs and David Letterman is a jerk for even joking about it. As for the person who says they owned a pittie and found out differently, that person did NOT socialize his dog and did not love it like he or she should have. I have known lots of pitties and NONE of them have been dangerous. The pits saved by Best Friends Society in Utah are PROOF that these dogs only want love and kindness. They are the ones owned by the cruel, vicious Michael Vick who so many people asininely idiolize. These dogs now work with children and the elderly and some are in homes...all are success stories. Those of you who are fools will continue to believe the vicious pit bull hype. The bottom line is that when and if these dogs attack anyone, it is their OWNERS' FAULT...PERIOD!! It has been proven also that pitties are not the dogs who bite the most. Of course, the ignorant don't want to hear anything like that. They feed on their ignorance like some people feed on their dinner. Shame on all of you who are spreading this untrue garbage about pitties. As for the former pit bull owner who said his dog snapped for no reason, I do not believe them. Read my words again...I do not believe you!!


  31. honestly pitbull's may attack people once in a blue moon but other than they dont ok?!?!!??! i own a pitbull she has never growled tried to bite or attack me or my family and friends... you obviously have a personal vandetta against them but seriously just knock it off with the hating against this perticular dog breed!!!! obviously you have never looked up other dog attacks well why dont you???? the pitbull's are part of the Molossian dog family and back in roman times they were used as aggressive fighting dogs in battles and wars... i think ALL pitbull haters need to grow up and do more research


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