Jun 16, 2010

Wierd news from Florida.

LAKELAND, Fla. -- A pitbull named Tiger narrowly escaped with his life after he was attacked by an alligator near Lake Hunter in Lakeland Tuesday.

Tiger's owner was taking him for a walk near the Polk County lake when the nearly 6-foot alligator rose from the water and chomped into him.
Tiger was fighting for his life, according to the Lakeland Ledger.His owner even tried to pull his leash to get him out of the alligator's deadly jaws. In the end, the 66-pound dog was freed.
The dog suffered scratches and puncture wounds. Those wounds allowed water to get into his lungs.
For now he's being cared for at the Christina Animal Hospital. Veterinarians said Tiger should make a full recovery, but will have to have frequent doctor visits


  1. So it's a gator Pit, literally!

  2. weird news from texas.

    the fairy tale world of pit nutters...
    i have a little bit more insight into the mind of a pit nutter. a family pet pit bull was stolen. after 3 days, they got it back and the poor thing was a wreck. his ears were cut off and infected and he had been fought. he was in pretty bad shape, i would have euthanized him right off. (the owners euthanized him later) the pit nutter in the video (it's not in the written story) says "if he's at home he'll get better just because of the love of his family".

    in the child like mind of a pit nutter, LOVE not only tames aggression, it heals life threatening injuries. i think we have new insight into what makes a pit nutter tick, they are emotionally naive and immature.


  3. Oh god that is awful! Seriously people that do something like that to a dog should be wiped off of this earth!
    But they defintitley are nutters! Did you hear her say, he was missing for a day, and we really didn't worry, by the end of the second day that started to worry. Honestly they don't need a dog. period! And especially a Pit that they let get out and roam like that.


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