Jun 27, 2010

Bella aka Little Mauler AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION NOW!!

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Size: Medium

Sex: female

Age: Young

Neutered? Yes

Good with dogs? No

Shots up to date? Yes

FROM THE SHELTER:Bella was in NYC happy as a clam when they said she 'turned on' their other dog -- :(

In short, Bella was surrendered because she showed a pit bull trait -- dog aggression. Dog aggression by pit bulls in various intensities, and for Bella, she needs to be an only pet -- that's all.

So, while Bella needs to be an only pet, she is WONDERFUL with people -- she can't LOVE enough -- !!

She is being sponsored by fellow rescuer Barb who had a great situation to allow this girl some time to chill and to get ready for her next home. We are very happy for those who gave this girl a chance -- she definitely deserves it!!

It's a good thing this FEMALE was neutered before going up for adoption.(neutered being THEIR word, not mine)

And, how dare the previous owner surrender her for showing a normal Pit Bull trait!

If you are interested in this little killer, just contact SMILIN' PITBULL RESCUE or email: adoptions@spbr.org

Pit Bull people, do you see why I believe that Pit Bull people are hurting, not helping, the breed? Little Miss Bella has issues and Pit Bull rescue angels do not see a problem adopting her out. PITTY-FUL!

PS.  Check out Smilin' Pitbull Rescues tips on what to do if a dog fight breaks out -- If you are adopting Little Miss Mauler, I mean Bella,  you will need it!


  1. This points out one area that these pit nutters could police themselves about. Only the "Savior" rescues believe in saving the pit above all else, other people's safety, other dogs safety. Shit happens, gates are left open, dogs dig out, or in the case of pits, anything and everything happens. You can't isolate them so it does jeopardize everyone. Why can't they see that they are the ones giving pits a bad name when they put these maulers back on the market?

  2. Stop making excuses.........Eat Shit....You know nothing about BSL. If you did then you would know the dog police would be coming to your house to take your dog. But your not a "Pitbull" person anyway! Go back to dogsbite and spread your hate with the rest of those ignorant A-HOLES!

  3. "If you did then you would know the dog police would be coming to your house to take your dog."

    Ah, if only it worked that way. Some dumb shits actually believe it does.

  4. To the above anon. The "dog police" do not come to your house to take your dog. BSL is written to grandfather existing dogs as long as they are vaccinated, licensed and registered. If you do not abide by the rules then you have violated a public trust and your dog can be seized. It's the dog owner's call and don't blame anyone else. You are attempting to create hysteria.

    Anon 2

  5. "dog police" bwahaha!! Nice term, but last I heard we still live in a free country (USA) and there's no such thing as a segment of the police force going around rounding up peoples dogs to be euthanized. Animal control doesn't do this either!! The only dogs that police shoot and ac or a vet euthanizes are those that have shown violent aggression or fail the so called behavioral exams. Show me just one news article where the police have taken someones dog (family pet) based only on the fact that it was a pit bull, no other reason (which includes dog fighting, abuse, neglect, chained, etc..)


  6. If a "pit bull person" means a person that uses bad language and spouts nonsense, then no, SME is not a "pit bull person" - and thank God she isn't.

  7. "Go back to dogsbite and spread your hate with the rest of those ignorant A-HOLES!"

    Actually I cannot thank dogsbite.org and craven desires enough for opening my eyes to the truth.

    I used to hate dogsbite and craven desires. I hated them with a passion almost as strong as the one I was using to advocate for this breed.
    But, I did not turn a deaf ear when it came to the attacks that they post on their website. I listened as all Pit Bull owners should. The stories are not made up, they really did happen. Seeing all of these attacks they were posting made me really start wondering what the heck is going on with a breed that is supposed to be so good with people. I have done my research and came to the conclusion that Pits are no longer the dogs they were at one time, and even back then they were not always safe. There are so many things hurting this breed that really it is beyond our control now. You have the dogfighters, the byb's that are inbreeding, people that are deliberately breeding for human aggression and that trait only, and also thrown in the nutty mix are the people that refuse to control their Pit Bull (whether it be intentionally or accidentally) it does not matter. It is happening every day more and more. The problem is going to keep on spiraling out of control until lawmakers get a back bone and stop it.
    It's never too late to stop the mayhem Pit Bulls are causing within our communities. The quicker we realize this the quicker we can stop the deaths and suffering.

  8. i think that you are on to something sme. i think something has gone seriously awry with pit dogs over the last 50 years. i look at pit fighters from 100 years ago in photos, loose, no leash, no chains in the presence of other animals and other pit fighters and they don't look phased. i think something happened in the 50's, 60s, 70's with the incredibly intensive inbreeding by all of the famous dogmen that today's wannabes fawn and drool over.
    i look at some of these pedigrees of pit fighters with pretty much nothing but 2 or 3 different sperm donors on in 6 generations. i think the apbt has crossed a point of no return.

  9. Well, if you agree with the Merritt Clifton line of thought that pit bulls were basically released to inner city areas in a racist plot to cause as much damage as possible, then it would make sense to bred in uncontrollable aggression unlike what was done before. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, please read "racism and pit bull terriers" http://www.bestfriends.org/archives/forums/032105cultures.html

  10. i wont that pitbull just email me at jorgeperet@rocketmail.com


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