Jun 13, 2010

Sad Sunday surprise (not really a surprise)

NEWHALL, Calif. -- Witnesses say five-year-old Jose Sadino never had a chance. They say the pit bull was crazed and attacked with a vengeance, severely mauling the boys head.

"All we saw was dog going for his head," the victim's friend Anela Flores said. "And then the dog started pulling out his hair."

The attack happened around 6:45 p.m. in the middle of a large Newhall apartment complex full of kids.

"The dog jumped out of the window, started biting everybody and then went for the little boy," Flores said.

The boy's mother ran outside as she heard her son screaming. Witnesses say she threw herself on top of her son to try and save him from the pit bull. With the help of neighbors, the pit bull was finally scared away.

"The sheriffs came in around the corner," witness Steven Rodriguez said. "They drew their guns on the pit bull and the pit bull jumped over the balcony and then finally they apprehended him and they had him in the back seat of the sheriffs car, but it was already too late."

The pit bull is in the custody of animal control and will most likely be put down and there is no word on whether the owner will face any criminal charges.

Jose Sadino is in critical condition but his family says he is expected to survive.


  1. another kid is scalped because a pit bull SOMEHOW escaped the apartment.

  2. 900 stitches. Over 1 million dollars in hospital bills!

    “He’ll probably have to learn how to walk again. We can’t get him to walk. He will have to learn how to eat all over again"

    "We would of never thought that he would of done that," Wright explained

    --what in the world could've done this? A Pit Bull? NO!


  3. Horrible! That is a terrible attack story! But please, again, show me some proof that Blue Heeler attacks are a common thing.
    The point I am trying to make (which you are overlooking) is that Pit Bull attacks are very common, and are usually alot worse than attacks made by other breeds.
    Yes I could list a link to an attack story made by every other breed, including an attack by a Pomeranian that actually killed a newborn baby! But the fact is, that attacks by other breeds are less frequent and USUALLY not as serious.

  4. Start posting Pit attacks. I'll post other attacks equal to or greater.

    It's not hard. You just have to look outside the Pit hater bubble

  5. You had to go back to April to get the Blue Heeler attack while this pit attack happened recently. I just did a quick google search for "pit bull attack" - in the past 10 hours all this happened:








    These do not include editorials on past attacks, discussions of towns looking to pass BSL, or all the cases of pit bull abuse that made the news in the same time period. I challenge you to find ONE other breed that has this many stories associated with it. ONE breed in the last TEN hours. Oh, and at least one of those stories have to include an attack on a large animal - horse, cow, llama, etc. Good luck.

  6. 1. First link...the only SENTENCE to mention Pit Bull attack is: "A firefighter was injured when a pit bull attacked him."
    -You, me, SME...can't assume anything. One sentence doesn't describe anything.

    2. LOL! Thes 2nd link has 20 burglary and pervert calls. ONE pit bull 'chased' a lady in the street, no attack. I would be worried more about the sick, perverted bastards that are trying to steal your car.

    3. 3rd link. Was she attacked? The article states that she escaped. It doesn't mention anything about injuries to her.

    4. This link actually has maulings in it. One dog that is aggressive and mauls people. YES, I agree THIS Pit Bull is aggressive.

    5. This link shows how irresponsible people are. The Pit Bull attacked the Beagle, the owner stepped in and was bit...not attacked.
    The Pit Bull owner needs to be cited for not containing his dog.

    6. ----"past 10 hours all this happened" This particular attack happened in, "killed a neighbor's pit bull in MAY." Not past 10 hours.

    7. "pit-bull that was being walked without a leash. There is a leash law in Garland that mandates ALL dogs to be either in a fenced area or on a leash. The city did not issue a citation and only asked the owner to upgrade their fence."
    Again, another irresponsible owner.

    ---I'm not making excuses or stating it was the victims fault. Because I'M NOT. When it was an attack, I agree.
    I agree there was ONE mauling article. The other articles were either: inconclusive, or mistaken bites in which the owner tried to intervene. NOT HUMAN maulings or attacks.

  7. So no pro-pit people could come with that many stories of another breed causing that many problems. The rest of us already knew that. What we got instead was a lot of excuses and a complete lack of regard for other animals. But we knew that would happen, too. Nutters are all the same.

  8. 1) a pit bull attacks a fire fighter, fire fighter gets injured from said attack, Anon the Nutter doesn't want to assume anything. I don't see what there is to assume here. Perhaps with nutters attacks on police, fire, AC, EMS crews don't count. Perhaps these people don't matter, or they put their lives at risk so its okay if a pit bull hurts them.

    2) One pit bull chased a lady down the street. Does Anon the Nutter not want to count this one because there was only ONE pit bull? Does there now need to be more than one pit bull for it to equal an attack? Or perhaps the lady should have stood there and allowed the pit bull to maul her, then we could count this one.

    3) "She escaped" - the word escaped generally means got out of a bad situation. But Anon the Nutter would like this person to also be injured for it to count.

    4) Anon the Nutter announces that the person was mauled and that is when we can call the pit bull aggressive. Ooh boy, hot fudge sundaes tonight!

    5) Now here's one that really pisses me off. Anon the Nutter doesn't want to count this one because it was a beagle that was attacked, not a human, and the human only got hurt in the process of protecting the beagle. In other words, it serves the human right for stepping in and trying to prevent a pet from getting killed. Nutters think those of us who get in the middle of a dog fight deserve to get bit. News flash for Anon the Nutter - THIS AINT NO DOG FIGHT! A pet was attacked and injured because of a pit bull's instinct to attack. The human was injured because of a pit bull's instinct to attack. Calling the owner irresponsible does not make the attack go away and is an ASSUMPTION on the part of Anon the Nutter. Note: its okay for Nutters to make assumptions, but no assumptions can ever be made that place pit bulls in a bad light.

    6) The story was reported in the last 10 hours, I missed that it happened in May. May is more current than April. Sounds like more excuses on your part, but I'll let you have that one. Please keep in mind the goal of this exercise was to see the volume of media reported incidents of pit bulls, and like I said earlier, I omitted MANY including abuse cases, BSL discussion, and editorials. The list would have tripled.

    7) Two dogs are killed and owner bitten but all Anon the Nutter cares about is calling the pit bull owner irresponsible for not using a leash. Anon the Nutter, I think we've gone past irresponsible with this one, I think criminal and murderer are better terms. But again, we see a clear pattern with Anon the Nutter as we see with all nutters: other pets don't matter. Anon the Nutter, how would you feel if my dog killed your pit bull? Don't you think other people would feel the same about their pets? Or do only pit bulls count as "real dogs"? An owner trying to protect their dog does not receive a "mistaken" bite, they get an INJURY from an AGGRESSIVE dog that is ATTACKING their family member. THESE THINGS COUNT!

    Anon the Nutter, you make me sick with your excuses and disregard for other living things. You have proven yourself to truly be a nutter with your convoluted logic. You are a disgrace and pit bulls deserve better than advocates like you. You are also spineless. You could not find this many stories for another breed, and instead of admitting that you ATTEMPT to pick apart the links I provided. Thank you for playing. This was a good exercise to show other people how a nutter thinks. Although I doubt you learned a damn thing from the experience and are probably mad as hell now for being made a fool of. Go ahead, get your little nutter friends and post anonymous hate-filled comments now. We'll wait.

  9. Definitely did not learn a damn thing.
    With them, other pets don't matter, and since Pit Bulls are at the top of the doggie food chain, they don't care because it's not their pet!

  10. Huh. A story posted about a child getting mauled is left in the dust because a nutter wants to "prove" that other dogs can cause just as much damage. It just goes to show that they have no heart and could care less about the victim, whether it's a human or an animal. By the time I finished reading the comments, I had forgotten what the story was that prompted the arguements. I had to scroll back up and look.

    I feel just as sorry for people and animals attacked by different breeds as I do with pit bulls. Fortunately it doesn't happen as often with the other breeds.

    Please don't forget Jose Sadino. He was SCALPED! Say a prayer for him. Remember all the victims before making a comment that "all dogs bite."

    BTW, ANY dog that attacks another dog or pet or person should be put to sleep immediately. No second chances.

  11. Lots of kids have been scalped, 4truth. http://charlotteblevins.org/ is just one of these children.


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