Jun 7, 2010

Why do I think the way I do?

I have talked with several Pit Bull owners trying to get an idea what they think about what I am trying to do. They are against it. Only one that I know agrees with my thinking. Let me try to explain the reason behind my logic, in hopes of getting more people to support this thing. If we want different results, we have to do something different, right?

I used to go on the defense when I heard someone say "Look at the kinds of people that own a Pit Bull." Or "Pit Bulls attack more than any other breed."
I would personally take offense to remarks like that because I have a Pit Bull.
But if you really think about it those comments ARE true!
Pit Bull owners do me a favor, please. Just for a minute remove yourself and your dog out of your thinking.
What kind of people do you see that gravitate towards owning Pit Bulls?
You picture trashy thugs, gang bangers, drug dealers, dogfighters, etc. (exactly the kinds of people who we don't want to own one).
In my head I also picture people that want to be rescue angels, that have no idea what this breed is all about (a very dangerous kind of person because they treat Pits as though they are just like any other dog.)
Either one of these people are very dangerous with a Pit Bull.
Yet these are the type of people that are getting Pits every day!
We can help make it harder for people like this to get a Pit Bull. We can help by pushing for laws directed towards Pit Bulls. We don't really need laws that affect all breeds because Pit Bulls are the number one breed causing trouble, and also because Pit Bulls are being hurt from every possible angle!
We need to realize that non Pit Bull owners are terrified of our dogs and with very good reason! There are Pit Bull attacks in the news on a daily basis!
I understand that the people that care enough to read blogs like this are probably the ones that keep their Pit Bull out of trouble because they love them so much. I understand that their Pit Bull is probably not the problem.
The problem is the other Pit Bull owners. There could be 500 thousand websites on how to properly take care of a Pit Bull, but the majority of Pit Bull owners are the ones that do not care and will not do everything it takes to keep their Pit Bull from causing mayhem.
We do not need to advocate on how to be a responsible owner. We have been doing that for years and it just isn't working.
What we need to do is push for laws that make it very hard for just anyone to obtain a Pit Bull, and then if they do get one they should have to register them and go to special classes to learn the REAL behavior of a Pit Bull and how to handle them.
Certain people like felons should never ever ever be able to own a Pit Bull! Also, rescue angels have to know that these dogs were bred to kill, and no amount of love and training will curb that natural behavior, period.
Why do Pits need regulations you ask? Because they were bred to be a weapon. These dogs were designed to fight other animals and kill them. That's why they have a barrel chest, the strong jaws, a thick hammer-like head, and are very tenacious. Pits can take down a bull weighing in at over a thousand pounds, so a human can easily be seriously hurt or killed, that's why. If you want to be mad or hate someone or something, hate the monsters that created them. Don't hate me. I'm just telling the truth in hopes of helping them.
I am sorry, but it doesn't matter that YOU, just ONE good Pit Bull owner, never lets your dog get into mischief.
For every one of you, there are 5,000 idiots that WILL NOT control their Pit Bull.
We cannot let these attacks on people keep on happening.
I am also very concerned about the abuse these dogs endure. If we had some laws, it would help stop these things.

Just something to think about.
Now I'm going to the beach! :D

Oh I left out one very important thing that has to be said!
All of the websites that target the Pit Bull owner audience tells us that bsl does not work, and all it does is take good Pit Bulls out of good homes. THAT IS NOT TRUE!
I am not saying to push for an all out ban (although that would be even better.)
I am saying that for the protection of the public, and for the dogs themselves, we need strict regulations. Please stop drinking the kool-aid that anti bsl websites are forcing you to drink. We need a new way of thinking and
Prevent The Deed, Regulate The Breed
is it!


  1. check out faith hynoski, not a felon and a responsible pit bull owner/dog trainer/pit bull advocate in seattle:




    this is not the first "responsible" pit bull owner who's dog has acted aggressively.


  3. I hear you C.D.
    My whole thing is this. We know that most Pit Bulls are going to be aggressive. Some towards humans, some towards only animals. Some people are better than others at properly containing their dogs. But make no mistake, coming from a person that has dealt with Pits, true to their roots almost all of them are dog aggressive.
    I hope Faith Hynoski has a change of heart fast!

  4. Regulation to avoid eradication...Its an interesting idea...Its not what I've been thinking but you have a good argument.

    I guess there must be many responsible owners. I just don't see them in my neighborhood. I see an explosion of pit bull breeds...people being pulled by their various mutts, ABPTs, AMbulls, and staffie bulls.

    It is crazy right now. I am now carrying pen knife, pepper spray, a stick when I go out.
    We're going back to the middle ages.

    I guess if I knew everyone was as responsible as you, I wouldn't feel like I was under attack, but that's just not the reality.

  5. Exactly, that's not the reality at all. The number of attacks prove that.

  6. "We do not need to advocate on how to be a responsible owner. We have been doing that for years and it just isn't working."

    Here's what also doesn't work: pushing pit bulls on everyone that walks through the shelter door. Telling people they are just like other dogs and that proper training means they will act nice is not true and helps no one. This dog needs an educated owner and instead they get owners who have been lied to and who are not prepared for the dog. No wonder why there are so many attacks with owners that are completely amazed at what their dog just did. For years now, the way the pro-pit community has been dealing with pit bull over population is to adopt them out to anyone. It has backfired, severely.

    What also doesn't work: calling anyone who doesn't want to own a pit bull a hater, anyone who is in favor of BSL a dog killer. People don't hate pit bulls. People are not irrational. And people are far better educated on pit bulls than the average nutter thinks. You can't sugar coat things and fool us anymore, and when you try you just give us another reason to want BSL. When you yell and threaten us, or compare the plight of Jews or Blacks to pit bulls, then we think you are completely nuts and just want the dogs banned so we don't have to deal with your nonsense anymore.

  7. If I would have known then, what I know now, I NEVER would have gotten a Pit Bull.

  8. Why haven't you cited any resources for what you're claiming is fact?

    Until you can cite resources, and empirical evidence, your claims are simply personal opinion.

  9. anon above me, all of the info on this blog post is based on empirical evidence, evidence based on my own observation or experience. I am thinking that you are such a nutter it would not matter if I did throw you some good factual evidence, you still are not going to get it.
    Yes my claims ARE simply personal opinion, but they are the truth, you've just been brainwashed by the positive Pitbull sites so you don't know the truth when you see it.
    I am not claiming to be an expert, just going on what I've learned through years of owning a Pit Bull, and years of dealing with hundreds of Pit Bulls. On this blog post I never claimed anything as a fact.
    Another Pit butter, grasping at straws!

  10. Here's a thought! Give me a link to one Pit Bull website that tells you bsl is friend to Pit Bulls. Yes, I know you can't. That's because they get suckers to believe "it's all in how you raise them", and "bsl kills good family pets", so they can keep gaining financially one way or another!
    Think about that!

  11. "Why haven't you cited any resources for what you're claiming is fact?

    Until you can cite resources, and empirical evidence, your claims are simply personal opinion."

    pit nutters demanding that you cite your sources. that is fucking hysterical.

    did you know that oprah winfrey, albert einstein and jesus christ had pit bulls? really, einstein was hog dogger and oprah likes to attend those oh so noble dog matches.

  12. What is there to question? Seriously, anonymous, what are you having issues with that needs to be proven? I'm sure we can find whatever sources you need to put your mind at ease.

  13. How is it the only voice of reason in this whole mess, are the victims of pit bulls and those who had a "come to Jesus" moment with their pit bulls? This advocacy is doing too much harm, they are to blame. It's pointless to blame dogs, pit bulls will be pit bulls. That "It's all how you raise em" Koolaide is flavored with blood.


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