Jun 6, 2010

A little humor amidst the horror.

If regulations against this breed will save us from COMPLETE MORONS like this - Then so be it!


  1. I'M a Pitbull owner and I really am not a dumb ass like the lady that posted this sign in her yard. I would like to get BSL passed here to because alot of the Pitbull owners herea are dumb just like this one.

  2. The few good pit bulls owners need to become more vocal and more involved. Demand that sites like BADRAP and PBRC be more truthful about pits. Get on chat rooms and use facts to educate other owners. Non-owners can't do it - we don't own pits so no pit bull owner will listen to us as we lack "experience". If you love your dogs, you need to become the prevailing voice.

  3. Oh god. If only it were that easy just to come on a blog, make your statement, and they would listen.
    It's not that easy. It took me many, many years to admit the truth about these dogs, and I presume it will be the same in getting Pit owners to agree that bsl is needed.
    If only Pit Bull owners would see that this would help them tremendously

    a) because the attacks that are happening, they claim their dog would never do, so they must be sick of it like me, and regulations would stop them from happening.

    b)Most Pit Bull owners say they hate to see all the Pits killed in shelters (if we put regulations on breeding them, it would greatly reduce the number of Pits in shelters)

    c)as we see from Craven desires blog, alot of people involved in criminal activities have Pits. We need to get criminals banned from owning Pit Bulls no questions asked!

    There are alot of other things I could say, but I think you get the picture.

    If Pit Bull people love these dogs so much, they WILL stop being selfish and think about what is best for people, and the dogs!

  4. This is off the topic, but I wanted to let everyone know (because I am so excited!!!!!) that today I bought a stunning full grown peacock from a guy that cannot keep it anymore.
    It pretty much goes without saying that when I introduced the Pit, it tried to kill the Peacock :(
    My other dog and the peacock (whom I have not named yet) get along fine. The peacock is not very fond of the dog but I think their relationship can grow lol.
    Today I am working on sectioning off the backyard to keep the Pit and the peacock separate. Maybe I will post pictures of the peacock later on. He sure is breathtaking!

  5. Congrats on Mr. Peacock!

    I think you bring up a very important point - if people really cared about the dogs they would do what it took to help them. Not everyone involved with pit bulls cares about the dogs, there are other things involved. But when these people run the rescues and advocacy web sites, and give the marching orders to the owners, what should be done doesn't get done. What this might actually take is exposure of these people at the top. But that takes time, and I really don't think pit bulls have that kind of time. Still, the people who own pits are a very small part of the population. In every scientific poll ever taken of a community, the majority want pit bulls regulated. You have the numbers, they just don't have an organized voice. The nutters do, and they are loud, and they have money.

  6. Sorry to say that my Peacock will not be able to live safely here.
    Today he is going to my grandmothers house out on her 3 acres. I think he will be happier there anyways since he will have more room, a lake, and his own fenced in acre to roam around on.
    We named him Fred, and I will get to see him everyday! The separate containment area for him at my house is just not going to work. If the Pit were to act like my other dog, which is basically ignoring the peacock, everything would be fine. The Pit breaks out in a cold sweat every time she goes outside and sees him. She focuses in on him and will not stop trying to get in his area. It is more stress on top of stress I already have.

  7. That's the best idea, SME. Birds can become stressed easily. I was concerned when I read this but now it seems it will work out. If you live around others, peacocks crow like roosters and many areas don't allow roosters or peacocks. You might want to think about getting him a hen, they are happier with a companion.

  8. Yes P. I found that out this morning. It is a lovely sound early in the morning. And it really is not like a crow. More like an aggravating crackhead rooster that is ten times louder than a rooster. lol
    But they really are beautiful. And I think he will be much happier out there in all of the beautiful land with no neighbors close by.
    Are you talking about getting the peacock a rooster as a companion?


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