Jun 15, 2010

What do I want to accomplish with this blog?

As I go through a pile of emails from dissatisfied blog readers, and also the most  recent rash of Pit Bull attacks, I can't help but wonder, where's the disconnect between owners of Pit Bulls and reality?

This recent increase in traffic to PIT BULL OWNERS WAKE UP! has caused me to reflect on why I will fight for bsl, and more specifically why I write this blog.

I have been asked over and over, how in the world I could have a Pit Bull and think they deserve different requirements than other dogs, I feel like I need to explain this in depth.

What is my Pit Bull like? My Pit Bull is very strong willed, often high strung and highly aroused, but sometimes a couch potato, hard headed, goofy, very protective of her yard and home, loving towards my family, and okay with certain dogs.

I'm going to tell you, taking care of her is a full time job! I have to go above and beyond to make sure everything is always properly secured so she does not escape, because she is very good at that! I have no doubt that if she got out and ran up on the wrong dog, she would kill it. And cats? Well, no cat is safe if she can reach them! Well, let me rephrase that, no small animal is safe around her, her prey drive is off the chain! So, we know what we have to do to keep her and everyone/thing around us safe, we deal with that, we do it, and that's just something we live with. There is too much chaos in owning a Pit Bull! If I didn't have a relative on the inside, I would never have been able to get insurance, WHAT A HASSLE! Not one single insurance company in my area will insure a Pit Bull! Insuring a Pit Bull is too much of a risk for them! It is such a pain in the butt having to always check and recheck the locks and gates and make sure there are no new holes in the fences. It's too much of a hassle to make sure no dogs come up in her space when we are out walking, so I just started muzzling her so I don't have to worry about it. I'm sick of the mean looks and sometimes harsh comments we get when she is seen in public. There are too many other breeds out there that are just as loving and don't come with such a big risk.
When you own a Pit Bull, you get a ton of extra baggage!

My dog is perfectly safe in my hands, I take all of the precautions to make sure of that. But you could take my dog that is safe under my ownership, give it to my parents (who have more of a laid back doggie ownership approach) and the results could be deadly. Heck, I highly doubt that my mom and dad could even handle her out on a walk! She has almost jerked my arm out of socket so many times I cannot even count, and that was just because she saw or heard another dog!

I apologize if this offends anyone, but I honestly DO NOT believe  that dogs like these should be allowed in today's world. If you put a Maltese or a Schnauzer in the hands of an irresponsible owner, someone may get bit, but if you put a Pit Bull in the hands of an irresponsible owner someone can get killed, and that is unacceptable. Since I was an advocate of the breed for many years before I had a change of heart, I know hundreds of Pit Bull owners and their dogs. I know many that have killed dogs on more than one occasion. I know many Pit Bulls that were raised from puppies in good homes that have a screw loose in their head. I know some people that have dogs that are so aggressive they are never allowed around their children! How stupid do you have to be to own a dog that will kill your kid if given the chance? Not that it's a surprise, but there are many stupid Pit Bull owners, that can be seen in some of the "anon" comments on this blog.

When I say that we need bsl, let me be more specific. We need the following for Pit Bulls: they should be spayed and neutered, no felons can own them, they should be muzzled any time they are outside, if they are housed outside it should be inside a kennel with concrete floors and a roof. They should have to be microchipped, registered with the city, and the city should have a picture of said dog. Pit Bull owners should never be allowed to go to dog parks as they are a fighting breed. Pit Bull owners should have to pay an extra fee to own a Pit Bull, have to obtain separate insurance policy, and also be required to attend classes before they obtain one. Any new owners that move in the city should have to attend the class as well. There should be a limit on how many per household.And last but not least, any owner of a Pit Bull who's dog is involved in an attack on a person or an animal should be punished with higher fines and jail time (they knew the risk when they acquired the dog, and were not being responsible to let an attack happen, now people are paying the price for their stupidity.) Pit Bull owners have been shown to be careless, and there just isn't any room for mistakes when you have a Pit Bull.

To answer the questions before they are asked; WHY DO I THINK PIT BULLS NEED THESE REQUIREMENTS, here goes: Pit Bulls are very athletic and can easily scale a six foot fence. They will find a way to escape if there is a way. Criminals are attracted to this breed and use them illegally and sometimes as a weapon, so they should not be able to have one. Pit Bulls have been known to attack while on a leash being walked by their owner, so they should always be muzzled in public. Pit Bulls are dying by the millions in shelters each year so they need to be spayed and neutered ALL OF THEM! Pit Bulls often attack and cannot be traced to an owner so they should all be accounted for by the city they reside in so a person can be held responsible for the damage. Pit Bull owners often do not know the power and great responsibility that lies in their hands, and they need to be educated about the breed they choose to own. Often times when Pit Bulls attack  the owner makes excuses and tries to downplay what happened. If owners were not just given a slap on the wrist when their Pit Bull attacks they would probably wise up and be more responsible with their killer. Now, this is what I would like to see happen, but more than likely no lawmaker has the cajones to do it.

I truly believe that when I got my Pit Bull and started doing research on the breed, if I would have been presented with THE FACTS by Pit Bull people, or ran across a blog like this, I would never have got into advocating for this breed. While I do love my own dog, I believe that because of their tremendous strength and being bred for the sole purpose of fighting and killing, I do not think they should be in society without restrictions and strict ones at that. Every opportunity I get, I will push for bsl and write lawmakers educating them on why we need it. I have opened my mind to perceive Pit Bulls in a different way, and I strongly encourage all Pit Bull owners to do the same for the safety of everyone, including Pit Bulls. It really didn't take much for me to change my mind. Just pay attention to the headlines and that should be enough.

The main goal of this blog is to get Pit Bull owners to change their thinking about bsl. Crazy Pit Bull lovin' websites lie to us about a lot of stuff. The main thing they lie about is saying breed specific legislation is our enemy. The truth is, if there are no more Pit Bulls it will hurt their pockets, so they do all they can to keep them around.

We bitch and whine every time a Pit Bull attacks someone and say we are sick of the irresponsible owners that let them do this. We hurt when we see another dogfighting ring broken up, and we cry when we see the awful acts of abuse inflicted on Pit Bulls. Well, if your truly sick of all of those things, then start looking at bsl in a new light. BSL will ward off all of those things.

So far today I have covered why I believe these dogs should be restricted. Sorry I rambled on for so long about it. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

And Pit Bull owners, if your still in the mood to read, please read this blog post for yet another reason you should change your mind about breed specific legislation:


  1. i can feel your hate mail from here. i like this post, i think you do a very good job of covering all of the bases. unfortunately, these dogs can and do chew through chain link fences to get to another dog, so a roof and concrete floor will only stop some dogs. when i think of proper containment for pit bulls, i envision something like zoo enclosures. 12 ft high heavy gage chain link but electrified, with razor wire at the top and surrounded by a moat preferably with alligators :). the dogmen will see this as an opportunity to promote chaining as the only way to control these dogs. well, there are two issues with chaining, one, it doesn't prevent anyone/anything from wandering into the pit's chain spot and two, an honest dogman will tell you that those chain set ups can and do fail and requires DAILY checking to ensure they are secure. containment is my number complaint of pit dogs. when these dogs are determined to get another dog, little can stop them. i've heard of them getting out of muzzles, jumping off of second story balconies to get to the dog below and i've even read about them busting windows, through glass not screens to get to a dog.

  2. I commend you for keeping your pit instead of shooting it or putting in the shelter or with a "Savior" rescue group to be re-homed. Yes, it is a lot of trouble. My dogs are great with people and other animals yet I go through some of the same precautions that you do. I walk my fence line at least twice a day. When we are out and people walk up, I stop them before they get to us and tell them I have a chow mix, I don't guarantee anything. I never allow children to come up to my dogs except under certain conditions. I don't trust dogs in general, but I certainly don't trust any pit bull. You are saying what we have been saying for awhile now. Pit nutters are in denial, always saying it's all in how you raise them. I suspect the owner of that chimp who attacked said the same thing. Exotic animals that are raised as pets get all the TLC in the world, yet they still remain true to their nature.

    Pits were bred to kill, we all know that. You don't change genetics that easily. It is an evolutionary process and instead of pits being bred with better temperaments, they are bred to be more aggressive. Mixed with larger bully breeds for more strength and all this is done in many backyards across the country. You don't know what you get with a pit and to adopt one without a history from a shelter is a sure invitation for trouble. It's hard to imagine parents putting their children in danger in order to own an animal known for attacking and killing. Pit nutters think the world revolves around them, rather than the other way around. They expect us to accept what their dogs are and do, we don't. These are people who have a need to feel special, and they are special when they think they can control a dangerous animal.

    And as long as pit nutters are in denial, their chosen breed will pay the price. Doesn't make sense to me at all. I just wish the attacks were kept in the family and not on innocent people. Maybe then the nutters could turn on each other and leave the rest of us alone.

  3. P.
    I had to laugh when you said you commend me for not shooting it. I can't even bring myself to kill the nasty little rats we have around here, I definitely could not shoot a living thing lol. But, I know what you meant by that. I made the poor decision of bringing home a breed that I didn't research FIRST (oops my bad!) and I am not going to pawn my dog off on someone else. And I couldn't give her to someone else anyways, because like I said she would be dangerous in someone's hands that didn't know what she's capable of.
    Pit owners are very much in denial, I wish they could all wake up and realize the things that are painfully obvious before it is too late for them, like another blogger said in an earlier post it's time I don't think they have. With each and every attack and kill, people hate them even more.
    Yes I see the new breed of Pits getting more and more popular. They are even worse than regular Pits. Aside from the fact that alot of them have serious health issues, they are huge monstrous beasts that are barely controllable because they have been bred with even larger, stronger dogs than Pits, making them beefier than the already substantial Pit Bull.

  4. C.D. Lol, the moat with alligators! Now there's a great idea!!

    At least the dogmen you speak up do recognize the fact that these dogs require special methods of containment (THEY ARE STILL SICK FUCKERS AND I HATE THEM!)
    You are so right, just like how that famous colby breeder you blogged about awhile back who had a dog that killed his nephew I think? A child probably wandered up in that dogs chain space and the Pit killed it. I hate chaining a dog because like you said it does not keep someone or some animal from walking up in the area.

  5. SME, where I grew up people shot aggressive dogs, their own and neighbors, and ate aggressive roosters. They also fight pits in that area, very much so. When I was growing up, no one had a pit as a pet, we were told they aren't pets. Never even saw one til I was grown because they are kept away from viewing, chained in the woods. There were unwritten rules regarding fighting dogs. The first rule was that if you see one, you shoot it and the owner doesn't have a problem with that. Why wouldn't an owner get angry, because the owner knew it was his fault if the pit got loose and accepted the responsibility that his dog was killed. I was always told that the way to make a dog mean was to chain it (tether). What does that say about the accepted way endorsed by the dogmen and the AKC?

  6. You guys are too funny!
    Thanks for the laugh.

  7. P. I am not familiar with dogmen nor the AKC.
    I mean sure I've heard of both, but that's it.
    I do believe that chaining a dog makes it mean, neurotic, bored, and I do not believe in it. Even if they are just dogs they still have feelings and are capable of getting bored out of their mind just as we are. I would not want to live like that, so I know they don't.

    Dogmen accept it so therefore they are wrong. As far as the AKC, I don't know if they accept it so I won't talk about them. If they do, thank god I don't support the AKC because I would be very pissed off.
    So what are you saying, AKC supports chaining Pit Bulls, but not other breeds?

  8. I too enjoyed the post, it makes so much sense. One line I really liked was "There are too many other breeds out there that are just as loving and don't come with such a big risk." This is so true. Nutters like to believe they have the monopoly on loyal, loving dogs and that we are all missing out because we don't own a pit bull. The only thing I am missing out on is the dirty looks, the loss of insurance, and the constant worry. These people have no idea what its like to own a real dog and all the joy that comes with it. If it was really about a love for an animal, any dog would do. Their insistance on pits means there is something else going on, and I think P is right about it taking a "special" person to own one of these dogs - I think they are damaged people getting some sort of emotional boost (mostly women) or it fulfills some macho need (mostly men). What other reason could there be for keeping a dog you know would hurt your children and the constant defending of these dogs when everyday there are attacks reported, and even more unreported. At what point does the light bulb go off that the current situation is not acceptable and getting worse? The truth is pit bulls are not being treated any differently than any other breed - they and their owners are acting differently than any other breed. If bichons were acting like pit bulls, then bichons would be the subject of BSL and no one would be complaining it wasn't fair. Pit bull advocacy and rescue has flat out lied for a very long time and I hold them solely responsible for all aspects of what is happening. I seriously doubt they will change their tune.

  9. Thanks Jersey. It is so true that other breeds can be just as good if not better. My other dog is buddies with a Peacock. The Pit Bull just wants to kill it. She doesn't get to have any fun playdates like my other dog. I look at her and say "Think outside the casket!"

  10. SME, I am going to steal your line "Think outside the casket", if you don't mind. Applies very well to pit nutters. And yes, the AKC fights anti-tethering legislation primarily because tethering is the accept way to keep a pit.

  11. sure use it freely!
    AKC -- What a disgrace!

  12. "My dog is perfectly safe in my hands"

    "She has almost jerked my arm out of socket so many times I cannot even count"

    Sounds to us like you need training in "how to walk a dog"

  13. Yes I know it sounds bad. She was already full grown when I got her, and I spent two years at obedience classes with her and I will tell you she is the worst behaved dog I've ever saw. She is getting a little better as she gets older (I think she is just too tired to do certain things anymore)
    It would seem as though I am not good with dogs but this dog is crazy, not me. My other dog is very obedient and never had any obedience training, so that tells you it's not me (the owner) it's the dog!

  14. Anon/Nutter, you can't destroy the message about pits so you try to nit pick the blogger, how disgusting you are.

  15. I know whatcha mean! You can't even mention the word 'walk' to my buddy's lab/great dane dog. We head out and he has to wrap his arm with the leash so tight that by the end of the walk his arm is numb and he can't move it because his dog pulls so hard. My dog stays right with me though....even when I take my baby's stroller out, right there by the wheel. I guess it's just a dog thing though.

  16. "My dog is perfectly safe in my hands"

    "She has almost jerked my arm out of socket so many times I cannot even count"

    Sounds to us like you need training in "how to walk a dog"

    What do you suggest that I do for her wanting to attack other dogs for no reason? Or her instinct to kill anything small that moves?
    She is fed 3 meals a day, it's not like she is starving and trying to get food. She gets this crazy look in her eyes and starts sweating real bad when there is a small prey or a dog she wants to attack and nothing can stop that. Not even dangling a steak in front of her face will remove her attention from the animal.

  17. "And I couldn't give her to someone else anyways, because like I said she would be dangerous in someone's hands that didn't know what she's capable of."

    Actually it sounds like she'd be safer in the hands of just about anyone with any dog training skills at all. You seem to have what is commonly known as "lion tamer's syndrome" - only you with your special abilities others lack can control this dangerous animal you own.

    If you can't train your dog not to pull when on leash, either you need to take some real classes (not ones of questionable worth like the Pet Smart ones) or your dog is one of the ~0.00001% of truely insane, unstable, untrainable dogs. Either way, keeping her is a danger to all those around you.

  18. This dog has been through so much obedience training it's not even funny. Two different professional trainers, each one working with her for a year, with no success. It is the dog not the owner.
    Lion tamer syndrome? You are crazy. I got my dog because I love the way she looks, and because I felt sorry for it, AND because the nutty rescue told me to love her and she will be like any other dog. I did not get a Pit because I wanted to look bad, or needed approval from other dog rescuers, or because I think I am the only one that can handle a Pit Bull. I hope this does not hurt your feelings because you sound like a Pit Bull owner, but I will never ever again get one of these crazy ass dogs. Your post is way off beat because that is not me at all.

  19. This was mentioned earlier, but it deserves to be repeated- If you feel that your dog will attack another dog or person if given the chance, then it is your responsibility as an owner to rehabilitate it.

    I just discovered this site, and in almost every post you preach ad nauseum how the owners of pits are morons. I find it pretty ironic that you are admitting that you can't control your dog. That isn't your dogs fault, it needs training. If your dog is hyper, you need to exercise it. Are you catching my drift? Your dog relies on you for obedience, they can't teach themselves how to behave.

    Also, if she's pulling your arm almost out of the socket, and you can't figure out how to train him not to do that, you shouldn't have a dog.

    Sounds to me like you got a high energy pup, and your can't figure out how to train her properly. Now you have a cute little grudge that inspired a blog full of ignorant sound bites from the media.


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