Jun 8, 2010

The Truth Hurts

My blog is not even a week old yet, and already I've had mostly nothing but warm welcomes. Thank you everyone!


  1. So if you want to make pit bulls illegal to own....that means you want all of the ones currently alive and in shelters to be killed? You do realize that only people who are law abiding will follow the law that forbids the breed....meaning good people will give up their dogs

  2. Well I know you won't like my answer, but if you want the answer then here you go.
    If your a rescue angel, you probably should not read this as it will hurt too bad.

    There are dogs of every breed on deathrow at shelters. Dogs of every breed die daily in shelters. I think it is very sad, don't get me wrong. But yes I am saying there are much safer breeds to adopt than Pit Bulls, so try to save them first.
    But what is truly important in what I am saying, is that regulations against Pits (including breeding regulations) will help curb the mass numbers of Pits in shelters.
    If you are one of those crazy save them all rescue people, you will not find comfort in anything I am saying. I hope that you can crawl out of the hole you have been hiding in and notice all of the Pit Bull attacks in the news. Hopefully you care more about people than you do a dog.
    But if you really are tired of seeing all of the Pits die in shelters, then please, by all means, start trying to get some restrictions on breeding them! I am all for that!

  3. Also, to reply to what you said about good people giving up their good dogs, let me just say that all of the Pit Bull websites tell that lie to Pit owners to get them to be anti-bsl, ONLY to further THEIR OWN agenda.
    It is a lie and you have fallen for it! They make you think that bsl is so scary, that it rips Pit Bulls away from good owners. It does not do that! Later on when I have the time I will will uncover some of these popular Pit Bull websites that do lie to people, such as stopbsl.com, badrap.org, NoPitBullBans.com and some Pit Bull rescues as well. But not yet. It takes alot of time and I just don't have it right now.
    Please, please, please, for the love of god, stop believing the crap they are drilling in people's heads because it is all lies!

  4. If a Pit Bull rescue group is in rescue because they love Pit Bulls so much and hate to see them dying in shelters, don't you think they would do something if they could stop it?
    They can stop it and they know it. But they know it will be an end to their little money making schemes so they don't do it!
    breeders, dogfighters, anti-bsl, positive Pit Bull promoting websites, they all have ties to groups that are making them money. And sometimes illegally!

  5. Anonymous,

    Are you aware that we have laws against speeding, stealing, killing? And that these things still occur? Perhaps with your line of thinking, we should just throw these laws out as criminals don't abide by them. Or perhaps they are called criminals for a reason?

    Maybe you are not aware of the concept called "grandfathering" where current dogs, as long as they are registered, would be exempt from any bans or any other regulations? Therefore current owners have nothing to worry about, and only have to make a decision about whether they want to deal with regulations or disregard a ban for their next dog.

    Maybe you are not aware that many shelters currently do not adopt out pit bulls due to liability reasons. All these dogs are currently killed now anyway. As they are generally killed in shelters that do adopt them out. Many are relinquished by their owners due to aggression issues - the owners are not caring enough to have the dog put down themselves at the vet and abandon the dog to die alone. Nice huh? I've read that by a large margin this happens with pits - relinguished for aggression - more so than any other breed. Pit bulls are also the least likely to get adopted due to regulations, insurance issues, and just general common sense - most people don't want them and can't be suckered or bullied into taking them. These dogs all are dying now. And in some cases their overpopulation are pushing other safer, more adoptable dogs to the euthansia room to make room for all the pits coming in. None of this is fair. So how about a crackdown on pit bull breeding to help stop it? Yeah, maybe some people will still breed their pit bulls, and we can find them and prosecute them, while we kill less dogs. Seems far more humane than what's currently going on.

  6. don't forget the freaks in utah known as best friends and their ridiculous BSL calculator that they use for fear mongering.


    awesome cartoon btw.

  7. Omg. How could I forget one of the worst ones!
    I will be writing a blog about them soon.

  8. Good dog owners don't surrender their pets because of a law. Only bad owners do and with that said, probably the dogs are better off in the shelter or being euthanized than to continue to live with these types of owners. I don't know of one place where BSL has gone into effect that the shelter was overwhelmed with owner surrenders. It just doesn't happen that way. I've said it before and I will say it again, there are far worse things that can happen to a pet than being euthanized in the shelter.

  9. Well dang. I was going to post an email that someone sent me, but I deleted it and can't get it back! That's what multi tasking for women will get you. Screwing up several things at once.

  10. Well I thought it would too.
    I am using a brand new way to open up email and I am not familiar with it so I can't find the trash, lol. I gotta get it and share. It was funny


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