Jun 11, 2010

Pit Bull mix was horribly abused.

Found Dog Victim Of Suspected Abuse
Investigators Believe Dog Was Used In Animal Fight Training

A dog has been found severely bleeding, covered in ticks and with a face so swollen, officials couldn't tell what breed it was.

Veterinarians said they believe the dog's face was swollen because his collar was on too tight and for so long it began to grow into its neck.

When officials found the animal wandering around Valencia County Friday, the collar had been ripped off, leaving behind a deep gash that was gushing blood.

The pit bull mix has been named Trooper by those who are fighting to save its life.

"We just had hopes for him," said Erik Tanner of Valencia County Animal Control.

Trooper was also found covered in ticks and starving with visible ribs, said officials.

Officials are investigating whether Trooper was used as a bait dog or prey for other animals being trained to fight. Officials said Trooper's wounds lead them to believe that at one time his mouth was wired shut so he couldn't defend himself against his aggressive attackers.

Trooper has had surgery and needs to gain at least 20 pounds to get back to normal health, caretakers said. Veterinarians said the dog is happy, friendly and gentle and will be adopted out in a few weeks. for adoption information, you can call Animal Amigos at 888-828-5822.

Valencia County Animal Control is investigating the incident and trying to track down Trooper's owner. They are pursuing animal cruelty charges.

If you have a tip or want to report animal abuse, call 1-877-5-HUMANE.

To watch the video - Go here http://www.koat.com/news/23863875/detail.html


With all of the horrible cases of abuse like this against these poor souls, we should be urging to get regulations on the breed passed so it will stop.
More than likely as the article says, dogfighters were probably involved in all of this. This is why we need to wake up!
All of the signs are there that they need our help, they are just waiting on us to do something!


  1. Why adopt out this animal when there are so many other pit bulls not suspected of dog fighting? Yes, the dog is gentle now, but we all know many of these dogs show their true colors when they return to health. And I am so tired of the bait dog routine. Every pit bull with scars is a bait dog to these people. Far more likely they are fighting dogs. Anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of having a pit bull clamp down on their pet knows "bait dogs" don't live long. These people just make things up to make people think the dog is safe and to promote sympathy for it.

  2. Yes, just like rescue angels/shelters pass Pits off as a different breed just to get them out the door. Another commentor made a good point in a different post, as soon as the dog is out the door, that's it. They feel their "good deed" is done with no regard to the threat the dog poses to people and other pets. It's a shame.

  3. I guess Anon. 8:54 can't read.
    "...Trooper's wounds lead them to believe that at one time his mouth was wired shut..."
    Yeah, fighters always wire their dogs' mouths shut before fighting them.
    So this dog was abused, let's regulate it and allow the humans to continue.
    Every one of you claim that you are "animal lovers", but I haven't seen anything from any of you, yet, to validate your claims.

  4. By the way, SME, I do ike the new design that you've chosen for your blog.

  5. Thank you, I think it's cute.

    Anon #3, what they are saying is that animal control always assumes that the animal will be okay after all it has been through. That is can be rehabilitated if it is loved enough and given time.
    They found evidence that the dogs mouth was wired shut so they think he was a bait dog.
    Well, what if the dogs owner tied it's mouth shut to keep it from barking? That is a scenario that could have happened.
    I see anon #1 point.
    What if they are wrong, and that dog was trained to be aggressive, or worse, trained to fight, and then ends up getting adopted by an unsuspecting family?

  6. in the words of terrierman, these dogs are being abused by pit bull lovers not pit bull haters.

  7. That really is the truth! How can Pit haters do it when they don't have one!

  8. The ASPCA guideline for dealing with rescued pits warns that these abused and weak dogs are often are affectionate and calm while they are recuperating, endearing themselves to shelter workers, and then suddenly become aggressive when they've regained enough strength.

    I don't like the idea of euthanizing animals any more than any other animal lover, but I remember when any abused or severely ill animal was euthanized because of this reason, and also because, since resources are limited, and there are SO MANY healthy, non pit bull, non-fighting dogs that require fewer resources to get in shape for adopting, the worst cases were put down.

    It is called triage, and the idea is to maximize resources so that the greatest number of potentially adoptable animals can be saved. It makes so much sense.

    But, pit bulls have big financial and consequently, political pull, and rescues have learned that if they have a story of a heroic save from the brink of death, they get more press, and maybe more money coming in.

    The rescues should try to save the greatest number of viable pets, and humanely put down those that are very ill and those that create a greater safety issue for the public - ie obviously abused pits - whether they were the fighters or the bait dogs.

    And I believe this to be true for all breeds, if the rescuers know that the dog was severely abused, it makes more sense to give it a humane end and spend resources on the literally millions of other dogs that can possibly find homes using fewer resources.


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