Jun 23, 2010

Am I the only one that sees a mauling in the near future?

Pay attention to the condition of these dogs, they sound like ex Pit fighters to me.
Kelly NUTTER (ironically that is her real name) anxiously awaits the day when they will go to their new home... WTF?

Pacific Junction, IA - It's a story you saw first on Action3news. It was in May that we brought you the story of 27 pit bulls rescued off a rural Mills county property. Sadly, some had to be put to sleep. Those that survived are in the care of Loess Hills Humane Society in Pacific Junction, Iowa. They look defenseless. As they sit in their large wire cages, they eagerly await the arrival of that special someone that will take them to a loving home.

It has been more than a month since their rescue. Kelly Nutter with the Loess Hills Humane Society tells Action 3 News that many of the dogs are extremely loving. She continues a daily observation of those she is still helping. "Right now we are still in custody of most of the pit bulls. I have sent a few out to foster, the ones that need more detailed medical help," she says. Those in foster homes will receive the care they need by foster parents who will pay the costs associated with their medical care. It's a special part of the rehab that Nutter says is essential.

Some of the dogs are missing their teeth. Many have raw skin exposed as a result of harsh conditions and prolonged sitting.

Since their rescue, many of the dogs have improved leaps and bounds over where their original condition over a month ago. Nutter believes with a little love, training, and fostering these pit bulls will be ready for adoption soon. Giggles, one male pit bulls has absolutely no teeth. Nutter believes the previous owner may have had them filed down or they could have fallen out. His face begs for love. He licks every time you say his name. While scared of his surroundings, Nutter tells me that he's like that at first and in time he'll adjust. As for the other dogs, "They probably have a couple more months. The optimal thing to do with these dogs is to get them in good foster homes," Nutter says.

After some TLC, they'll be ready to embark on their last journey to what Nutter calls their "forever homes."


  1. as long as it's a pit nutter receiving that mauling, who cares?

  2. lol I was talkng about an innocent child riding a bike, or someone out walking their dog, or someone standing at the bus stop opening an umbrella.

  3. i thought you were referring to the pit nutter in this photo. :)

  4. That would be fine by me!! Did you notice her name is actually nutter? lol


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