Jun 17, 2010

"My dogs are nicer than Cocker Spaniels!"

"My dogs are nicer than Cocker Spaniels!" says Summer Davis.
 Funny, because Cocker Spaniels are high on the list for being biters, and stupid because so called nice Pits are frequently in the news for attacking

Woman upset over police shooting of her pit bull.

BOCA RATON -- A Boca Raton woman whose pit bull was shot by a police officer says her dogs are "nicer than cocker spaniels" and the use of a firearm wasn't necessary.
Summer Davis said her 75-pound pit bull, Max, would have to be euthanized. The 6-year-old dog was shot Tuesday night when officers responded to a call about pit bulls on the loose.
Police say the dog was shot when it ran out of a residence with another pit bull and charged toward officers. Max was shot once under its eye.
A police spokesman says it is too hard to effectively use a stun gun device on an animal. He says dogs aren't a wide enough target and it is difficult to hit the animals with both prongs of the stun gun.


  1. what if the dog was just running up to him to play? just because a dog is charging goves them the right to kill it not fair

  2. If you were an officer, and a dog was charging at you, and you know they are capable of killing you because you hear of it happening time and time again, would you let it come up to you and see what would happen or shoot it? The officer did the public a great service. The owner should not let the dog out to roam in the first place which is the point I try to get people to see. Too many people own these dogs and do not take precautions with them and that is why people/pets gets mauled and killed regularly.

    Which headline would you rather see?

  3. It's obvious when a dog is running up to you to play and when it's running up to you to attack. And nobody wants to wait until the dog is all over you to find out whether or not it just wants to play. The officer was correct in his decision to use deadly force.

  4. Yes it is obvious. I am sure officers do not want to kill a pet, but when they are threatened I don't think they have much of a choice, really.

  5. 4truth you must not have a dog and if it was your dog you would not say that

  6. So obviously anon you have a Pit Bull, and you are so emotionally attached to it that you are putting your own dog in this scenario.
    It does not matter if 4truth has a dog. An officer has the responsibility to protect the public and themselves. And that is just what the officer did. Protect himself from a dog.

    I have a dog, and I am saying in my opinion he did the right thing.

    If Pit Bull owners would do what they are supposed to and keep their dog contained at all times things like this would never happen. Get mad at the idiot owner, not the police officer.

  7. I owned Pits for many years and thought it was all in how they're raised. They were good to me and my family. The last Pit I had attacked my roommate one day when he got home from school. That was the last time I ever had the desire to have one. Now I have smaller, manageable breeds that can't do as much damage if they decide to go crazy. Can Pits be good pets, yes. But when they go crazy for no specific reason and decide to attack there isn't really much you can do. It's hard to defend a breed that makes headlines so often for unprovoked attacks on children.

  8. Well, I don't want to argue with a person who is so in love with dogs that they value a dogs life more than a human life.

    But, I will say I do have a dog, and I still stand by what I said.

  9. Pits are not obvious with their body language, they don't distinguish between body language that says play verses attack. Note in the fight ring how their tails are wagging as they attack, no growling, no barking, you can't tell the difference like you can with other breeds. That is one characteristic that sets them apart from all other breeds.

  10. "Pits are not obvious with their body language"

    Yes they very much are. This is not something I can 'prove' to you. But every dog will give warning signs....whether it's subtle or not. Pit Bulls DO give signals.

    1. a dog becomes very still.....sign
    2. it lowers its ears and head..sign
    3. it licks its mouth...........sign
    4. a very high wagging tail.....sign
    5. the dog will stare right back. sign
    6. the dog becomes very stiff....sign
    7. hair on the neck and back will rise...sign

    Anyone can miss these...but it's our job to stop it from ever escalating to that level.

  11. past pit bull ownerJune 29, 2010 at 5:58 PM

    To the Anonymous above with the big list,

    I'm not sure I really care if pit bulls give aggression signals or not. My dog probably does, and maybe she can read them, and maybe someone who studies your list will be able to "read" them, although I doubt it. I'm pretty sure, though. that my 11-year-old daughter standing in the front yard with her leashed pet, cannot, however, read them. And I don't really care if pit bulls were to come with big neon signs around their necks that lit up when they were about to attack--they would probably still be able to do just about as much damage as otherwise.

  12. Someone who "studies" my list? It's common sense. How do you know when they need to go outside? They give you a sign, right?

    This is EXACTLY why we need a 'responsible pet license' To train people how to give basic commands to a pet and the proper way of caring for a pet. Instead of throwing the dog outside on a chain after its all grown up out of the puppy stage, only leaving food and water. (Not saying YOU, PPBO)

    An 11 yr old should have the maturity level to understand that having a pet is a big responsibility and not a big stuffed toy.


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