Jun 19, 2010

Never underestimate the power of a Pit Bull!

This is not my video, I did not make it and I do not agree with some of the things they do in the video.
It's not really a Pit Bull fight, but I think it does a good job of representing how the Pit Bull is different from other breeds. I Mean, Pulling cars? Wow!

If the video is acting up and you would like to watch it on youtubes site go here


  1. pulling cars, yeah scary but i find other things in this scarier, like running up 6' plus high surfaces to get their teeth into something and hanging from their jaws. i always thought you were supposed to train your dog NOT to use its teeth. i guess the world of normal dogs and not mutant pit fighters are two completely different worlds.
    it's unfortunate when these worlds collide.

  2. you can train any kind of terrier to do those things. not just pitbulls.

  3. Valid point anon, I see all kinds of Boston Terriers, scottish teriers, and Fox terriers pulling cars. Can't take a drive through my neighborhood without seeing atleast one!

  4. This is coming from the same anon that lets it's Pit off leash because it's never done anything aggressive before, right?

  5. Scary that he's teaching his dog to hang on a person's arm even though he's being hit on the head! What kind of training is that?

  6. attackedtoo, I don't know for sure but I think that is some sort of schutzund training. You can watch an example of a G.S.D. at work here.
    G.S.D. are typically trained for this, not Pits. Although rarely sometimes Pit nutters have their Pit Bull trained in Schutzund to try to prove that Pits are like every other dog.

  7. I know I'm gonna get crap for my response but...in the words of a hater: Retrievers retrieve, Hounds hunt....The APBTs strength is its strength, (weight pulling, hanging, agility)
    Just capitalizing on what kind of stuff apbts do. A Rott, Kengal, Mastiff can very easily do whatever the Pit does. In fact, Kengals are used to pull, hoe, whatever work around the property.

    Everyone that thinks Schutzund training is just protection training is WRONG. I've talked to multiple people that have their dog IN training, and those who actually instruct. Schutzund is a decathlon, not just protection work.
    And so what if nutters have their dog in it. What next? Are you going to tell me they can't be therapy dogs either?

  8. No, they shouldn't be therapy dogs, and there's plenty of examples of why they shouldn't. They don't have the temperment for it. Just like they shouldn't be used for police work and they shouldn't be seeing eye dogs. They shouldn't herd sheep, they shouldn't retrieve ducks, they shouldn't race around a track, they shouldn't guard. And saying the obvious does not a hater make because there is a whole list of "shouldn'ts" for every type of dog out there, but you don't see their owners throwing tantrums. The APBT's strength is fighting dogs to the death, the other stuff is just an excuse to keep them around and cover for the dog fighters. No other breed can do it as well, because if they could they would be used for fighting too. And I'm not too worried about Kengals because I don't know of a single person who owns one nor are they 50% of the local shelter population.

    And I'm not giving you crap. It's just that people need to be better educated about dogs and more honest about themselves. If people really want to do Schtzund, then get a breed that can best handle it. What we've seen with nutters is they get a pit and then they try to make pits do everything under the sun to prove their dog is just like every other. You can't put a square peg into a round hole without looking like a mental midget. So when the therapy pit doesn't like kids or attacks the police horse in the park, we're not surprised. Nutters would help pits a lot more if they were like other breed enthusiasts - be honest about their dogs' traits and limitations, and stop setting their dog up for failure. Because every failure brings them that much closer to the dogs being banned, regardless of how many good intentions were behind the idea. You just don't take chances like that.

  9. Have you ever heard of a Toy Poodle being the strongest pound for pound dog in weight pulling??

    Any dog can weight pull: 250lb. Mastiff to a 12lb Poodle.....

    According to you, anon. 50% of animal shelter is Pit Bulls. Well, the other half are chihuahua's------http://articles.latimes.com/2009/dec/10/local/la-me-chihuahuas10-2009dec10

    I can't speak for all pit owners, but my dogs are just inside family dogs. They've gone through obedience training, they are altered, microchipped, up to date on all shots, and licensed. I can't say that about my neighbor's that have some sort of shih tzu mix and poodle mix that constantly run loose on the street.

  10. If your neighbor's dogs are running loose, call animal control as they as a hazard to everyone. But just because your dogs are trained, licensed, altered, etc. doesn't change the fact that they are still genetically dog aggressive and are far more likely to attack and kill another pet then both the shih tzu mix and poodle mix conbined. You chose to own pit bulls, that means you also chose the extra responsbility that comes with them. And that has nothing to do with how well or how poorly anyone else owns their dogs - don't expect a pat on the back for doing what you are supposed to. As for the chihuahua issue, that is a local problem, not a country wide problem. There are no chihuahuas in my local shelter. Out of 12 dogs, 5 are pit bulls and another 2 are pit mixes. And pit bulls are not popular where I live, the most popular dog by far are labs. Our shelter has 3 lab mixes. As for weight pulling, we all know toy poodles are not the most common dog doing these types of things. Weight pulls are frequently sponsored and hosted by various pit bull clubs as these dogs are the most frequent competitors and winners. http://www.weightpull.com/

  11. Chihuahuas are a problem in California shelters but they aren't killing people, are they? What's your point?


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