Jun 25, 2010

Vicki Croke on the recent Bulldog attack in Massachusetts

Come on Vicki -- You don't have to beat around the bush to try not to hurt the Pitty peeps feelings!
Why is she talking about Rotties when the attack was by a Bulldog?
A young Massachusetts boy is hospitalized after he was attacked by a pet who then turned on its owner. Police say they had no choice but to put the dog down.

Family members say 38-year-old Karen O'Leary was babysitting for her neighbor's son and her own five year old daughter inside her Helen Street home in Lakeville, Massachusetts Wednesday afternoon. The family says the kids were playing with O'Leary's one-year-old American Bulldog when the dog lunged for little Lex Lizotte.
Lex's dad Kevin says the dog tore chunks of flesh from Lex's cheek and bit his neck, head, ear and hands.
Vicki Croke, an animal expert, and host of The Secret Life of Animals on NECN, joins Chet Curtis to provide some insight on the case.


  1. People say they are an expert all of the time when they really are not.

  2. The attack was not by a Pitbull; it was a one year old American Bulldog that attacked the woman and the child she was babysitting. Before attacking specific breeds, you ought to check your facts. This mistake makes one think of the politician who didn't think Mexico and Arizona shared the same border.

    Take a moment and read <a href="http://bulldogbreeds.com/americanbulldog.html>this site</a>. It contains descriptions and photographs of all bull dog breeds. I think it is unreasonable to think that you can regulate specific breeds by legislation, but you can inflict plenty of damage on stupid owners by fining them no less than $1000.00 per violation with jail time if injury to a person results and encourage victims to file civil law suits.

  3. Rick - Pit Bulls, Ambulls, are pretty much one in the same - http://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/faq-pit-bulls-dogsbite.pdf

  4. Yep, American Bull Dogs (aka American Pit Bull Dogs) are pit bulls and generally fall under the same breed specific laws passed for dealing with pit bulls.

    I finally got to chance to play the video, and that woman is clueless. Fighting dogs were bred to not show signs of an attack in order to get the upper hand in a fight. That is why we so often hear the attack came out of nowhere or it was the first time the dog showed aggression when pit bull attacks are reported. This is a very clear example of why dog breeds are not the same and why researching dog breeds is important to understanding behavior. Another thing that threw me was the idea that food guarding was a warning to an attack. I think that is a bit of a stretch. Many starving stray dogs are a bit possessive of their food and this sometimes goes away in time, often on its own when trust is built, sometimes with a little work and training. I've known many spoiled dogs who were food/toy possessive their whole lives and never came close to attacking anyone. We need to stop treating all dogs like pit bulls and start treating pit bulls like their breed traits dictate.


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