Jun 4, 2010

How Pit Bull "lovers" are hurting, not helping, the breed.

Read this crock of bs that MCABSL is passing off to people. A friend of mine forwarded this email to me that he got from them.
Wise up PB people! Read how they say they are trying to get it into the hands of non-PitBull owners and once they read alittle they are hooked! Listen I will be the honest one here and tell you that the average person DOES NOT NEVER EVER EVER need a Pit Bull.
See it is people like these, that are enabling people and pets to get killed.
By passing Pit Bulls off as if they are just like any other dog.

A message from MCABSL


Ruby the Pit bull and I are excited to announce the book we’ve worked on steadily for the past ten months has been accepted by a publisher. They have put “RUBY’S Tale” on the “fast track” for release in July or August. Come mid-June, you’ll be able to order your own copy at her website! Later it will be available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and other book stores as well. The book will includes lots of color pictures and will come in at around $14.95

Visit Ruby’s fun website to find out more …. www.rubystales.com

RUBY’S Tales is not being promoted as a book about a Pit Bull, but rather about the incredible life of a wonderful dog that just happens to be a Pit bull. And while Ruby is a great dog, she’s not the exception to the breed. In promoting the book this way, we hope to get the book in non-Pittie owners hands too. Once they’re into the story, they’re hooked! It’s way more book then you expect…

Drop Ruby a note if you like. Tell her that you want your name on the “Early Bird’ list for a book. When you let her know your interest in ordering “RUBY’S Tales”, it will help ensure you’ll get your copy as soon as they are available.

Perhaps you have a question or a comment. You can contact Ruby by E-mail: rubystales@aol.com

Ruby's Tale Book Summary

Found like unwanted trash in an abandoned house, Ruby went on to achieve the impossible. Ride along with her on a stunning, wild and wonderful odyssey that has been Ruby’s life... A real doggie epic!

Ruby went to school, became certified as both a therapy and service dog. She was inducted into the Minnesota Veterinarian Medical Association Animal hall of fame. She also worked as a “co-host” at a radio station and is the veteran of stage plays including “Cheaper by the Dozen”.

Meet the fascinating people, celebrities and dogs Ruby has worked with, lived with and helped along the way. Wait with Ruby and her family in the blistering South Dakota sun when the motor home broke down, only to wish they hadn’t been rescued when the tow truck operators tuned out to look like those cannibal woodsmen from the movie “Wrong Turn!”

As a finalist in a national Milk-Bone contest, Ruby was flown to Hollywood appearing on “The Bonnie Hunt show” Then it was off to Chicago for a photo shoot. Again it’s a driver, a limo, and a four star hotel. Not too bad for a dog nobody wanted and left to die.

But the kindly canine found “All that glitters is not gold” in corporate America and then cancer came a calling. Once again, with help of a mysterious Angel, Ruby rallied her indomitable spirit to survive. There’s more, much more.
Ruby’s story is multifaceted. There is fun, gritty drama, high emotion, sadness, anger, wonderment, excitement, tenderness, betrayal and laughter. (Whew!) It is a living, breathing story that will leave pittie owners cheering.


  1. This is not going to help keep people and pit bulls safe! Keep telling it like it is

  2. It sure won't!
    And trying to get bsl overturned in Miami sure won't help either! Look at all of the Pit Bull problems they have there even with bsl.
    I'm sorry but these people make me sick!
    Like I said before, if you want to help Pit Bulls, then push for bsl! In MCABSL's case, they should be pushing for STRICTER bsl to curb incidences like these .

  3. This is just another way to scam the public into sending them some money so they can continue to let Pits attack and be abused.

  4. If it were any other breed, MCABSL would have cared less. I'm sure "pittie" owners will eat it up, but no one else will.

  5. dahlia canes and edel miedes are worthless human beings. they fight to keep dangerous pit bulls with a history of attack in the hands of violent habitual offenders. they should be deported back to cuba.




  6. Sorry folks, but the Book, Ruby's tale was not written as a book about a pit Bull, but about the incredible journey of a little rescue dog that just happens to be a Pit Bull. And no I'm not from Florida and MCABSL did not sponsor the book. Ruby did however make hospital and rehab center visits in Miami however.(Heaven forbid!) I know there is no debating people with the same type of mentality as dog fighters, drug dealers, gang bangers and common street thugs. Yes, like I'd like to throw bad owners in prison or worse, but then no one has made me king. thank you, Pat B-Ruby's tale

  7. SME I have tried to read up on your views and opinion in regards to bsl and pit bulls.I am now an owner of a pit and he's roughly 10 months old. I would like to ask you if you think you have made an impact, or enlightened anyone on the subject matter? How many pit bull owners have you befriended and woke up in your efforts? Do you think you are getting your message across, or has everything fallen on deaf ears? Thanks E.


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