Jun 11, 2010

Center, Missouri -- bans Pit Bulls


Center MO. -- Stepping up to keep everyone safe!

Center, MO — The Center City Council has approved new animal ordinances.
The first bans pit bulls. The second would allow the council to declare an animal to be dangerous if it bites or chases a person or attacks another animal.
Animals that violate the law would have to be removed from city limits or destroyed. The ordinances were drafted after complaints.
Several other Northeast Missouri communities have discussed or enacted similar bans.



I will follow up as new info becomes available.

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  1. can't wait to read melanie's next diary entry!

  2. Lol C.D.
    The name is not Melanie. Look at my profile on blogger. I know, you have many people to keep up with so it's okay!

  3. Wow, SME, getting a feeling of self-importance are we?
    I believe CD would be referring to Melanie Coy.

    I just LOVE watching you make a fool of yourself. Or, should I say, MORE of a fool.

  4. I must not be following along right.
    Idk who Melanie Coy is.
    anon - stop coming to my blog if you don't like me - FOOL!

  5. Yeah I know, right???
    Somebody comes on my blog and says they can't wait to see the next post, how stupid of me to think that since they were on my blog, they were talking about my next post.

    C.D. Am I missing something? Who is Melanie?

  6. And therein lies the rub.
    In order to impart knowledge, one first must have it.

  7. Why do you keep coming back anon?
    Obviously something intrigues you lol.
    But, I am so stupid and foolish, or do you really think that? I think you are just fuming over there because you know what I'm saying is true. You think your little petty comments will hurt me, but oh I got news for you!

  8. sorry SME. yes, i was referring to melanie coy, a missouri pit nutter and groupie to the dog fighters.

    i've blogged about her a couple of times.


  9. CD is such an expert, and an encyclopedia of pit bull facts and lore. And only been blogging for a year. It's hard to keep up! I'm glad she cleared that up.

    I love that you are blogging about your experience and want to hear more about your journey owning a pit bull and how you came to believe what you now believe. You are fearless! Its great!

    I have no doubt that the biggest problem with pit bulls is that they can be so engaging.

    I mean, if pits were all these snarling, slavering, vicious beasts all the time, there would be no problem. The biggest problem is that they can be so engaging and goofy so much of the time.

    I like the topics you bring up, but I'd also like to hear more about your experience in realizing what's going on with the breed. And other people's journey's too. I'm sure there are so many like you. It would be great to hear their voices, too. I think if you continue with this blog, those people will find you.

  10. SME, just ignore the people making stupid comments. They are obviously nutters, and their behavior continually does damage to their group and way of thinking. If a nutter asks a legitimate question, fine. But no sense answering someone who only wishes to clutter the page with insults and has no interest in helping people or dogs.

  11. I thought about just disabling posts from anon people. Idk if that would help anything. Your probably right though. Just ignore the stupid comments. Why do these people proudly exhibit their low IQ, and find enjoyment in sharing ignorant and unsubstantiated dialogue with the rest of us?

  12. i sometimes get frustrated with those comments on my blog too but i think it is important to let those comments in (especially the punk in texas who keeps threatening me with physical violence).

    cking, thanks for the compliment. i have been blogging for one year but i have been heavily researching and completely immersed in the on line world of pit bulls for much longer. if you want to REALLY know about the dogs and the people who own them, you have to become one of them. it is the only sure way to get honest information.

  13. that is not even a pitbull in the pictue. this is going to be a problem in missouri, as identifying a pitbull is almost impossible

  14. Anon:04, the only ones who have problems identifying pits are those who own them, fight them or breed them. The rest of us damn well know what a pit looks like, even children know a pit when they see it.

  15. What is it? A Boxer/Weimeraner mix?
    Nope don't think so. It's a Pit for sure.

  16. that dog in the picture you put up is a cane corso mixed with pitbull. that is why bsl will never work. because its not easy to tell which are and which are not pitbull or mixes.

  17. If its mixed with pit bull, then it is a pit bull by definition. A "pit bull" is not a purebred animal, it is several breeds and mixes that contain those breeds. So it is a pit bull. And if you can tell what it is mixed with based on one picture, you are showing the rest of us how easy it really is to identify these dogs. Thank you.

  18. the constantly expanding and contracting definition of "pit bulls". bogart owned a dog. it must be a pit bull. a dog attacks, that's not a pit bull. your'e hypocrites.

    apbt are bred for function, not form. that's why all the variation. take a look at actual sled dogs and compare them to huskies. same thing. the dog at the top of the page may or may not be a purebred apbt but it is a pit bull.

    not all american pit bull terriers are emaciated and living on a chain in the mud.


    click on the larger photo of jessup's book. what kind of dog is that? compare it to this one.

    check out this first dog, buster joe.


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