Jun 25, 2010

Smooshy wooshy Pit Bull owner needs advice.

Browsing the internet this morning I ran across this snippet on  a website. It's a Pit Bull owner asking for advice.  It's scary to think how many clueless people there are out there, but it tickles me to see how naive and just plain stupid people can be.   I used to be that person and I am so glad I woke up so I don't look as dumb as this one. 

I have a 7yr old red nose chocolate brindle.I've had her since she was 1hr old.She was the runt she was only 9grms when born.She was bottle fed and thinks she's a human.She's really spoiled rotten.She's(Boo Boo) the love of my life. From the moment she came into our lives she's had cats.She's always loved her babies.In most of the pictures I've taken of her thru the yrs there's usually a cat with her playing,sleeping,or just cuddling.It started 2 weeks ago she attack a 6 month kitten(Zac). She broke his Jaw and punctured his eye I had to have him put to sleep.He was a sickly kitten but he loved Boo Boo he'd rub on her & I never knew there was a problem.Since then she's went after 3 more of our cats.2 of them are getting up in yrs ones 16yrs & one is 14.Thank God someone has been around to holler at her before she does any harm.I just don't understand why.I make her go to our room and go to her bed for discipline.I hope someone can help me understand why & maybe how I can stop it.Shes a loving wonderful pet so WHY?



  1. "My golden Retriever puppy chew and bites me and my little girl how do i get her to stop?"

    When I browse the internet, I see this everywhere on 'yahoo answers'

  2. Yes I know, I see those all of the time too. But obviously there is a big difference in someone asking for advice on how to stop puppy biting, and someone saying my Pit Bull is killing cats all of a sudden, how do I stop that?

  3. SEVEN YEARS OLD! wow, the oldest i have ever heard of a pit bull's aggression towards other animals turn on.

    i was reading a thread on game-dog awhile back, where the pit bull, from the time of its birth, was raised cats/kittens. it was fine with cats until about the age of 2 (i think) then one day the pit nutter came home to a blood bath.

  4. Geez, Anon, tell those with the retriever the same bullshit you tell about pit bulls, it's all in the way you raise them, it's the kid's fault, blah, blah. For one to ask the question why their pit is doing this, a big DUH!!!!

  5. Get a clue lady, its a pit bull!

  6. Yeah, I mean, come on - all puppies nip. Only a nutter would equate basic puppy behavior with the genetic instincts to kill of a 7 year old pit bull. What do pit bull rescues say? Never trust a pit not to fight, no matter how long you've had him or her, no matter how well the pit has gotten along with other animals in the past. It can happen at any age at any time for any reason, no one knows the triggers of an individual dog. Those poor cats - the owner should be arrested for animal cruelty.

  7. Don't be surprised to see postings (in the form of questions and / or unverifiable stories via forums) on the internet about other breeds attacking animals and people. These postings would be propaganda posted by the pittards to make it look as though other dog breeds attack in same number and intensity as their beloved "nanny [killer] dogs".


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