Jun 17, 2010

John Elliot issues warning after his own dog attacks him.

Jun 17 2010

A DAD suffered horrific injuries when he was attacked by his American bulldog during England’s World Cup game against the USA.

John Elliot, 24, had his bottom lip torn off when his pet turned on him – and says his daughter could have been killed by the crazed animal.

He was watching the second half of England’s World Cup opener on Saturday night when he heard the three-year-old dog growling in another room.

He walked in to find the dog, named Bully, attacking another of his dogs but when he went to separate them the animal attacked.

Bully clamped his jaws around John’s arm, fracturing it and leaving severe bite marks. When John freed himself Bully leapt for his throat, but John managed to move meaning the dog bit his face instead.

After he got free John was taken to hospital where he was given 52 stitches. Because of nerve damage he can no longer feel his bottom lip.

As the drama unfolded John’s girlfriend Amy Arrol, 21, protected their ten-month-old daughter Kenzzie Elliot. Amy’s three other children were sleeping upstairs.

Now John wants to warn other American bulldog owners just what their pet could be capable of.

“You read about all these horrific dog attacks,” John said. “But until this happened I had no idea just what an American bulldog could do in this situation. I just hope that people understand how powerful these dogs are.

“We’d had him for a year, he was a family pet. The crazy thing is when I first got him the police thought he was an illegal breed and took him away for testing.

“They eventually gave him back and said he was legal.

“I’ve had lots of dogs before and I’ve never been in a position where one has turned on me like that, but this has convinced me that it can happen to anyone.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if the dog had got hold of my daughter he would have killed her.

“My lip was hanging off my face, it was horrible.”

Amy immediately called Coventry Police following the attack at their Aldermans Green Road home.

They arrived and took Bully away. At John and Amy’s request he was destroyed.

John has now given away his other two dogs and temporarily moved back to his parent’s house, in Henley Green, because he cannot face returning to the scene of the incident.

“As far as I’m concerned those dogs should be subject to tighter controls,” John said. “I’m relieved Bully was destroyed.

“When I saw him coming for my face I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen to me.

“But despite the injuries I’m just relieved that it was me and not my daughter who was hurt.”

You didn't know an American Bulldog was a Pit Bull?
Read here -- http://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/faq-pit-bulls-dogsbite.pdf


  1. These types of dogs are different. Nobody can ever change my mind after seeing one attack 2 dogs at the same time relentlessly. Until you see it with your own eyes it is hard to describe.

  2. I have three APBTs. I can say I can see how the dogs aggression in the heat of a fight with another dog could be directed on a human trying to break it up because it happened to me. My two females that are mother and daughter got into it and I tried everything to break it up ;0 The momma dog directed her attention towards me and got my hand real good. If my husband would not have come outside just at the right time she could have killed me and it took over two months for my hand to completely heal and I still have the scars. The fight itself was scary but when she turned on me it was even scarier. I had to have them both put down.

  3. It's a shame that this is what it takes for pit bull owners to understand what the majority of us already know. I don't want to see anyone get hurt or be put in the position of having to put their dog down, or even have to live with the fact their dog hurt or killed someone else or their pet. But this appears to be the only way to get them to listen. I'm glad there are people like SME standing up and talking about it. Maybe other pit bull owners will listen to them and derail an attack.

  4. Yes, thank goodness we have a web designer who was bitten by a dog and started collecting newspaper articles 2 years ago to tell us what is and is not a pit bull.

    Wow, what a wonderful resource for breed genetics -

    Quick, someone call Davis University (who does DNA profiling), Wisdom Panel, the AKC, the UKC and everyone who owns a AmBull to tell them this new discovery by Dogsbite.org.

    All these legitimate organizations will have to change their DNA profiles, their breed regsitries and all their information on breeds because Colllen Lynn says so !!

  5. So, you only disagree with the last sentence? That's a good thing. We are making progress. You can learn later about Ambulls being in the same group as Pit Bulls.

  6. DogsBite.ORG, the site the pit nutters don't want the world to see, is more like it, Nutter/Anon.

  7. Darling, I've been dealing with APBTs, AMbulls, Dogos and Staffie bulls for 30 years.

    My posting was sarcastic...

    My toe nail clippings have more stored knowledge about dogs than your entire brain.

    Glad you think progress can be made with me, but I see that is not possible with you.

    And Pat, do you have any life at all? Man, there isn't a pit bull webpage that you are not posting on. You must sit in your PJs all day just banging away at those computer keys. Don't you ever walk your dogs?
    They must be almost as frustrated and pent-up as you.

  8. Anon 9:58
    Please don't call me darling, coming from you it makes me feel wierd.

    You dealing with Pits for 30 years does not change the facts.. Really it only makes you dumber for staying with it that long.

    We are not in daycare so I am not going to hammer you with insults about our brain capacity. You don't know me, and I don't care to know you.

  9. It probably only took P a few seconds to post the comment and you accuse him/her of being in there pj's ALL day and not walking the dog.. There you go, just like a Pit nutter to try to distort everything to make them or their breed look better. Or try to put someone else down to make up for their own pathetic life.

  10. Anon # 1 and 2, I am glad that you see the problem. Sorry you had really bad experiences like that.

  11. Dogsbite.org is getting more publicity:


    The OP's original posting, which had several links to attacks, was edited by the moderator.

  12. When it comes to Pit Bulls the fact remains that these animals are not all bad, but are all capable of great damage. The capability of the animal is what makes it illegal to have rattlesnakes, alligators, and rhinoceros in the backyard. Pit Bull owners need to look at this from a common sense angle.

  13. Looks to me like all Anon the Nutter has is insults, not facts. But then again, why would today be any different than any other day?

    Psst, Anon the Nutter: insulting and bullying people into sharing your opinion won't work.

  14. Psst, Turkey...
    Then how come YOU braniacs haven't found that out yet?
    You've been insulting and bullying people into sharing YOUR opinion, you and the rest of the "dogsbite dimwits", for over 2 years now, and you're still talking mostly to yourselves.
    Physician, heal thyself.

  15. another pit bull owner lying about the breed of their dog. hmmm, i wonder why this pit nutter would claim it is an american bulldog?


    So I've been going through a ton of stuff with my pit and a new apartment situation. We moved into a new apartment on June 1st and the look of my dog sent the neighborhood into a frenzy. While my dog is well trained (the neighbors even admitted it) and does not bark, growl, or leap at people or animals while leashed the neighborhood has decided that my dog is a menace. I never let him out without a leash and walk him there only in the morning and night because I take him to the park to play during the afternoons after work. My neighbors literally had a meeting without my knowing and caleld my landlord about my dog - mind you I haven't met any of the neighbors and none of them have met my dog. My landlord called me and asked me to provide documentation about the breed of my dog - which I didn't have because I lied and said it was an American Bulldog mix (which I've done before and gotten away with it - In MA its hard to find a place that will rent to a pit because it means taking out extra home owner's insurance). I was thinking about getting documentation however that night I got teh phone call I hear my neighbors outside my window talking about how they want us gone. So I decided it's not worth the hassel and told my landlord I would move out.

  16. This reminds me of a pit owner who also thought his dog was a harmless angel. His dog did "not bark, growl, or leap at people or animals while leashed" either, it just stared them down as if it wanted to eat them.

    Psst, Anon the Nutter...how are dogsbite people bullying and insulting other people when we are only talking to ourselves?? Is that more nutter logic??

  17. Why do nutters think that if we just meet their dog everything will be okay? I know the dog can be nice to me today and still want to kill my dog. What part of dog aggressive do they not get? I am not interested in chatting with a neighbor that owns a pit bull and puts my pets in danger, especially one that lies because they know what the law is and doesn't want to follow it.

  18. Wow - who reaches in to a dog fight and tries to separate? That's just multiple dog owner 101 to never do that. I don't know if I just grew up with smarter parents? Dad taught us that at an early age. When my brother reached in to pull my jack russell off our corgi mix and got bit, my dad lectured him all the way to the hospital about getting what he deserved and that he wouldn't do that again, would he? He did, but with his dachshunds as an adult. More stitches than the jack russell and he's having to do physical therapy in hopes of regaining the use of his hand. As you can see, my brother isn't the brightest bulb. He got what he deserved a second time.

    American Bulldogs are not American Pit Bull Terriers anymore than Chows or Rottweilers are. That is quite a stretch there (though given the source, not in the least bit surprising). Though many are included in the breed restrictions on apartments, insurance, etc., it doesn't make them the same breed. Or are we going to include Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers as one breed now as well? Since they both have "retriever" in their name?


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