Jun 11, 2010

Gah, these are good Pit Bull bsl quotes I found.

Pit Bull quotes...

"Pit bulls were bred for dogfighting, fight with little or no provocation and have a high tolerance for pain. Unlike guard dogs like German shepherds they don't attempt to simply restrain their opponents by biting and holding -- they try to inflict maximum damage by biting, holding, shaking and tearing."

"How many breeds of dog need a crowbar to pry open their jaws?"

"Due to increased likelihood of aggression, pit bull owners need to have a higher degree of accountability for training, controlling and breeding these dogs."

"The breed is the problem. We don't allow lions to roam free because they are dangerous. Why should we allow something else that is BRED FOR KILLING."

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  1. Hey! You know, I can bet every single one of you all have never ever in their entire lifetime met a TRUE pit bull. Instead, your all so ignorant and clearly blind as a bat!! I have control over my dog. My dog does something wrong (which I have him under control ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time), it is MY responsibility, not his. Yes, pit bulls can be a weapon in the wrong hands. And duh, you have to be a complete moron to actually hand over a pit to an inexperienced owner. But that doesn`t mean these dogs are vicious, it means owners need to be accountable for their dogs actions. That goes for ANY breed of dog. I don`t care if you have a freaking chihuahua or a lab (which two actually attacked my pit in the dog park, and the lab owners did apologize and took notice that THEIR dogs started it, not mine)! The point is, yes pit bulls are very much capable of doing harm, but with the right owners, the proper training, and everything that goes along with it, pit bulls can be just as loving as any other breed can! Oh, and if you would actually do your research, you would find this breed was meant for owner handling in the pit (fighting ring) because the owner had to be able to pull the dog off without the dog turning around and biting back. As the years progressed and they needed a tougher dog, the breed became known as a good fighting dog and so they bred the terrier`s tenacity into the breed. This breed is so over bred it`s not even funny. Please just do your homework. Every attack that occurs, you weren`t there. Yet you go by what the owner said. You don`t know if that owner was a good owner that actually took the time to train and properly socialize the dog, or if he just let the dog off with basic commands.


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