Jun 23, 2010

San Bernardino County Pit Bulls will need to be spayed/neutered

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- An ordinance was passed Tuesday for all pit bulls in San Bernardino County to be spayed or neutered.
City officials worked with the county's Animal Care and Control Division to create the ordinance. Authorities say the objective of the ordinance is to reduce the overpopulation of pit bulls in San Bernardino County, to encourage responsible pet ownership and to reduce the number of violent pit bull attacks.

"In the past five years, four people in San Bernardino County have been killed by this breed, and just this year there have been seven attacks by pit bulls. No other breed has viciously attacked or killed anyone in that time," said First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt.

The new rule requires all pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs older than 4 months to be spayed or neutered. Also, all such dogs used for breeding will be required to be licensed.

State law prohibits any breed of dog from being deemed potentially dangerous or vicious, but the law allows local agencies to enact breed-specific programs for spaying and neutering to control over-population.

Owners or pit bulls will be required to spay or neuter their dogs within 30 days of the new rule's implementation.

Animal Care and Control will help pet owners comply with the ordinance by offering education and vouchers to those who are eligible.

Pit bulls or pit bull-type dogs represent about 20 percent of all dogs that are admitted to animal shelters. They are also one of the top three breeds impounded at county shelters and the most frequent to be euthanized.

For more information or to access San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control services call 1-800-472-5609.


  1. "In the past five years, four people in San Bernardino County have been killed by this breed, and just this year there have been seven attacks by pit bulls"

    5 mixed breed dogs, 2 of which were Pit mixes, several had merle coloring (not a APBT coloring) escaped and mauled three children.
    1 dog-dog attack fatality
    1 dog-dog attack
    1 attack by 3-loose dogs, identified as Pit Bulls
    So, one of the attacks wasn't inflicted by Pit Bulls at all. Two were dog-dog attacks. One was a Pit Bull attack, so far as the media and witnesses are concerned.

    But the claim is that there have only been six vicious dog attacks in San Bernardino County, and only by Pit Bulls.

    Not true.

    From 2008-2009, there were 686 dog bites. 20% were from dogs identified as Pit Bulls.

  2. This is not a vicious dog ordinance, this is a population control ordinance. Over 20% of the population in the shelter are pits, a disportionate number as compared to their population as pets. And listen carefully, there is a BIG difference between bites and fatalities. A bite can be as simple as a breaking of the skin. A fatality, well do I need to explain that to you? And pits don't bite, they maul, they leave you with life altering scars if you are one of the lucky ones to survive. You're out in left field with your comment.

  3. Let's add the latest fatality prior to this report you took off the county's web site.Their fact sheet was published before this last fatality. And the attack in Fontana was indeed by a mastiff and pit bulls/mixes. If you are depending on the report by Jamie Simmons, you should know that she is totally incompetent and has caused more problems than you can imagine with her incompetency. I guess you aren't one of those who considers your dog to be a family member since you disregard the dog on dog attacks. And you failed to show any other breed that has done this much damage in San Bernardino in those numbers. If I am not mistaken, there have been no other fatalities by other breeds in this decade. Pits kill, plain and simple.

  4. SB is doing the right thing by controlling the pit bull and pit bull mix population. The genetics of the pit bull comes out in the mixes. Requiring spay/neuter is a good thing. Its a start. There are not enough good responsible homes for pits or pit mixes. Isn't it better to avoid over-breeding than having to euthanize them?

  5. it is really quite astonishing that pit nutters oppose mandatory spay neuter of their wiggle butts, considering how many of their dogs are euthanized, abused and languish in "rescues".
    i hope the county doesn't cave in to the shrill demands of the pit bull community.

  6. Oops! What's this?!?!


    Could this be ANOTHER city that is lifting BSL?

    "The new draft bylaw reflects research showing there is no list of dog breeds that, according to a staff report written by Vanstone, are "more genetically prone to fight or kill other animals or people."

  7. I have a question: Why do nutters insist that pit bulls are not a breed but a type encompassing several breeds and mixes, yet when you mention pit bull statistics they want to claim the stats are wrong and only talk about APBTs?

  8. I could give my own response to Anon the Nutter, but I'll let a local do it for me"


    "Vanstone notes of the 90 dog attacks in Delta, 27 per cent (or nearly one in three) were by pit bulls or pit-bull like dogs, double the attacks by the second offender, German shepherds.

    I don't believe Vanstone gave the data much of an in-depth analysis. I believe the number of pit bull attacks are even more significant given what I believe is the small number of owners in the total dog population in Delta."

  9. Turkey even if there are 20 Pitbull atacks in one city in a year is that really even that bad? People try to make you think that there is a dogbite epedimic but if there are 20 Pitbull attacks and 10,000 dogs that is not bad really if you think about it.

  10. Wow. Anon, if there was only 1 attack and it was your child, do you think you would be posting that its really not that bad? I'd love to know what your limit is, really, of how many child can be bitten and other pets killed each year before we should consider doing something about it.

    Yes, it really is that bad when you COMPARE pit bulls to OTHER BREEDS. We are told pit bulls are just like other dogs. If that were true they would be acting like other dogs. When 5% of the dogs are causing 27% of the attacks, something is wrong there. It means other breeds are attacking at a percentage far less than what their population is. And if we had more of those dogs and less pit bulls, we would have far less attacks.

    I'm not naive. I understand that as long as we have dogs as pets we will have dogs bites and attacks, and some deaths. Education and proper ownership can help with that, but will not erase it altogether. However the constant misinformation and poor education that has gone on within pit bull rescue and ownership has created an entire culture of breed enthusiasts with genetically dangerous animals and no clue how to properly and safely own them. The results can be seen in the statistics, which I whole heartedly disagree with you, are that bad. Nutters may accept collateral damage for the ability to own a pit bull - the rest of us DO NOT. Dog attacks are not normal and not acceptable, by any breed. No other breed club would stand for it, and the public would not be acting differently towards any other breed that had the same statistics.

  11. treating breeds "differently"? isn't that some form of RACISM?

    i agree SME, turkey lays out the problem extremely well.

  12. Oops, Anon, last time I looked we were in the United State, good old America. Those crazed Canadians don't have the problems we have with pits. Pits don't do well in cold weather.

  13. "Oops, Anon, last time I looked we were in the United State, good old America."

    Ya, too bad we're talking about BSL and how BSL is international. So if I post articles that involve countries that HAVE BSL....they are very much on topic.

    By the way SME, never saw a post about the Border Collie that almost ripped off the 7 month old boy's leg off.

    --DDA of '91 is working wonders for people in the UK.


    "Usually very friendly': The dog had a 'moment of madness"
    "Bill has spent plenty of time with the child so they were both used to each other."

    Was that implying that the dog was UNPREDICTABLE?

    -So how many of you are going to say, "this is just one." And "pit bulls are built to kill."

    Well, this one was a FAMILY DOG, this one was NOT built to kill and almost did.


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