Jun 18, 2010

Another Pit Bull owner "wakes up."

It took an attack to push Gina Brashear (a Pit Bull owner) over the edge.

"They're used for fighting and guarding. It's a people problem. But if we can't do away with bad owners, we need to get rid of the breed."



  1. Hi. Just thought I'd come to visit since you stopped by Child of Illusion.

    This is such an interesting blog. I've never owned a pit bull but I've known some who were absolute sweethearts and so I have had the sense that they, as a breed, were given a bad rap. You've opened my eyes; thanks for that!

  2. I'm so glad I found this blog. You can't believe the trauma of being attacked by a pit bull! These dogs need stricter regulations than other types of dogs, they should be neutered/spayed and owners should be certified in dog training before they can own one and also have liability insurance. I am out thousands of dollars from an unprovoked pit bull attack on my mule. She did nothing to deserve the mauling she got. The owner could not call his un-neutered pit bull off. No leash. Of course he said, "But, he's never done anything like this before". My sweet mule did not deserve to be the first time for this assault. And of course this 20 yr old owner does not have the money or insurance to pay for all the damages. Something needs to change. There are too many attacks by this breed that was bred to kill. The instinct is always there. Why take chances on more children, adults and other animals being attacked?

  3. Thanks, I am glad you found it. They do need a different set of rules than other dogs because they are different. They are an extreme breed that need extreme regulations.
    I am sorry for your pet, and sadly horrible things like this happen everyday. There is no excuse for what happened to your mule, I hope she lived through it! Something does need to change, and I hope I can help change some Pit Bull owners minds with this blog.


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