Jun 14, 2010

I'm very busy today, so I'll serve you up the usual.

I apologize for this but somedays I (like alot of people) are just too busy to sit down and write a long blog post.
So when I am, I will try to at least post one of the horrible Pit Bull attacks that happened that day.

So here is today's, this happens far too often in my neck of the woods!

4 Year Old Boy Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack
The child is hospitalized, the dog's owner could face charges

SANTA CLARITA -- A four-year-old LA County boy is hospitalized in stable condition after being bit in the back of the head by a pit bull.

Sheriff's Sgt. Michael Wright says the boy was playing with other children Saturday night outside his apartment complex in Santa Clarita when the dog approached and bit him at the base of his skull.

Wright described the bites as "severe."

The boy was transported to a local hospital and then airlifted to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Sheriff's officials say he is in stable condition Sunday.

The pit bull's owner gave the dog to deputies, who turned it over to animal control authorities.

Authorities say the owner could face charges.



  1. AIRLIFTED AND SERIOUS. Two words you rarely hear in other breed attacks.

  2. That's just because you're too closeminded.
    AIRLIFTED and SERIOUS that IS another breed


    2 yr old boy, unsupervised in backyard while playing with Belgian Malinois aka, former K9 unit.
    Boy was attacked, boy was airlifted to level one pediatric hospital.

  3. Anon #2, I don't think anon #1 is being closed-minded... Okay, so you've produced 1 link that shows another breed, I can provide you with 100 Pit Bull attacks this year that were made by Pit Bulls that left the victim in serious condition, and countless others that resulted in having to be airlifted. Yes attacks by other breeds that are serious do happen, but not nearly as often as Pit Bulls.

  4. Just like your dogsbite friends.
    Boy mauled by Belgian Malinois? So what? It wasn't a Pit Bull.

  5. Belgian Malinois are hardly in the news regularly for attacks.

  6. Belgian Malinois are also not sought after by drug dealers, they were not bred to fight, and are not being used as weapons.

  7. If anon is so concerned about the Belgian Malinois attack, why not then also be concerned with the literally hundreds of pit attacks to that one Belgian Malinois attack? This is what I don't understand about nutters, they claim to be concerned about all attacks from all dogs, and they are quick to provide these media reported accounts of other breeds attacking. But when it comes to pits, the worst offender of all, they are silent except for stating the media is not a reliable source. Well, which is it? Is the media a valid source for dog attacks or not? Are pit bull attacks issue for cencern or not?

    No one ever said other breeds can't hurt people, or that all pit bulls are bad, or that anyone hated pit bulls. Yet nutters return to these ideas time and time again to switch the discussion from the damage pit bulls are causing. STOP IT!! What I'm interested in is how are pit bull owners going to stop pit bull attacks, stop pit bull abuse, and stop pit bull over breeding. They are the only ones that can do this as they own the dogs. Lack of answers coupled by continued nonsense equals BSL.

  8. Anon, get this thru that thick head of yours, all dogs bite, all breeds can attack, but pits just do it so much, much more. Look at the background of this malinois, that is one good reason to explain this attack, the best one. Did you know that the smell of burlap can set off a trained police K-9? Bet you didn't know that. Bet even the handler didn't know that much less the child. Now here's some homework for you, go find another attack by a malinois along the same lines, airlifted, severe, etc and come back here. No excuses like the dog ate your homework.

  9. Whats up with that?? SME posts a dog attack, I post one back. After SME's 100th pit bull attack....I'll have 100 other breed attacks.

    What's with all the hostility?????

  10. Anon 2:44
    Seriously, save yourself all of the work okay.
    I know there are other breed attacks, many are just a scratch or stitch or two. I am not saying those are okay, the dogs owner should still be in trouble, and it is still sad when someone gets bit.
    But most other dog attacks come nowhere close to the severity of Pit Bull attacks. In RARE cases yes it does happen, but what is RARE is for a Pit Bull to be involved in an attack and it be minor damage.
    Nobody is being hostile. P said get it through your thick head, YOU DO HAVE A HARD HEAD OR ELSE YOU WOULD GET IT!

  11. "After SME's 100th pit bull attack....I'll have 100 other breed attacks."

    Yes, 100 attacks by DIFFERENT breeds and 100 attacks by PIT BULLS ONLY. Please do that, it will only make SME's point, and you still won't get it.

  12. "Yes, 100 attacks by DIFFERENT breeds and 100 attacks by PIT BULLS ONLY."

    I was REALLY hoping somebody was going to leave THIS comment.

    'Pit Bull' is highly overrated and often mistaken.
    What defines a "pit bulldog" aka frankenmauler?
    1. square head
    2. muscular body
    3. jaw line is defined
    4. short hair
    5. weight range anywhere from 40-100+ pounds.
    6. ANY color
    That sounds like anything from an APBT, AmStaff, Staffy, AmBulldog, Bull Mastiff, Dogo, Presa, Boxer, Boerboel, and Cane Corso.

    10 different breeds that are physically described as "PIT BULLS"

  13. Good lawd anon 7:23
    I'ts too bad I am leaving for work at this moment. I have a lot I would like to say to that.
    You should be leaving as well. Wouldn't want to miss your counseling session.

  14. If you can't tell the difference between Bull Mastiffs, Dogos, Presas, Boxers, Boerboels, and Cane Corsos, you need to get glasses. Most people can clearly tell the difference in any of those breeds vs. a Pit.
    They are hard to identify is definitely another myth conjured up by anti bsl people.

  15. The only people who confuse pit bulls for other breeds are the rescues trying to get them adopted by calling them anything but pit bulls. St Francis Terriers anyone? It's still a pit bull. APBT, staffies, American Bulldogs - all pit bulls. And with the out of control pit bull breeding going on, if it looks like a pit, it probably is a pit.

  16. "Most people can clearly tell the difference in any of those breeds vs. a Pit."


    dog trainers AND experts can NOT!

    Check this out:
    http://www.gcnewsgazette.com/view/full_story/4939892/article-Retired-librarian-killed-in-dog-attack to this:


    reported as 'pit bull' ends up being a 'BOXER'

  17. http://nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/dog-bites/dog-bites-and-the-media/audience-interest/


    Enough said... Game-dog Marty

  18. LOL - National Canine Research Council. You've got to be kidding! If Karen Delise said the sky was pink nutters would believe it.


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