Aug 6, 2010

Pit bull spay, neuter ordinance pitched in Contra Costa

Two Contra Costa County supervisors are working on an ordinance that would require owners of pit bulls to spay or neuter their pets.

The effort follows the July death of 2-year-old Jacob Bisbee, who was killed by three of his stepfather's pit bulls in the garage of the family's Concord home.

Supervisors John Gioia, of Richmond, and Mary Piepho, of Discovery Bay, want to model the ordinance after a 2006 San Francisco law that followed the death of a 12-year-old child.

The measure will be aimed at reducing the number of unwanted, unclaimed or neglected pit bulls, Gioia said. Dogs that are spayed or neutered also tend to be less aggressive, he said.

"If you walk into a local shelter, the most prevalent breed is a pit bull or pit bull mix," Gioia said. "(Controlling overbreeding) is a humane thing to do since unclaimed animals are eventually euthanized."

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  1. A spokeswoman for the pit bull advocacy group Bad Rap criticized the San Francisco law. She said it has forced many owners to hide their pit bulls, resulting in more isolation and poorly socialized pets.

    "If Contra Costa goes ahead with mandatory spay-neuter, it will create an atmosphere where people are hiding their dogs," said Donna Reynolds of Bad Rap. "It's not a proactive response to irresponsible owners or too many dogs."

    What is this nut job talking about? My dogs are spayed and neutered, and I don't hide them in a garage. Why would anyone? Either pit nutters are ashamed of any fixed pit bull and can't allow the dog to be seen in public, or they are breaking the law and breeding more dogs to die. If "many" pit bull owners are breeding their dogs, all the more reason for the law. But the comment makes zero sense, although I'm not surprised the reporter didn't question it.

  2. Turkey, I agree. I thought the same when I read it. Bad Rap is into the "No Kill" philosophy which is any legislation means people going underground, hiding their pets, surrendering their pets. Why would people go underground unless they are breeding. Bad Rap is defending the irresponsible pit bull owner/breeders as they always have. They don't want these laws to work and San Fran's has worked great for them in all aspects.

  3. Donna Reynolds of Bad Rap. "It's not a proactive response to irresponsible owners or too many dogs."

    Umm, yes, Donna Reynolds, "proactive" is exactly the correct word for the Contra Costa proposal and the S.F. law. There is nothing in the world more proactive to address the issue of "too many dogs" than spaying and neutering. What’s more, anyone that would correlate isolation and poor socialization with spaying and neutering is pathetically confused.

    “Ah, this doesn’t look good, Bill. Our esteemed panel of judges is either scratching their heads or grimacing. And here come those scores, Bill… let’s see what our judges had to say about Donna Reynolds’ performance tonight.


    Reality orientation and reasoning… Zero!
    Integrity… Nada!
    Credibility… Zilch!”

    “She’s finished, Jim! She’s outta here! A historically embarrassing performance by the mixed up American! I don’t know where she came from or how she got here, but show her the door - she is DONE!”

  4. I know I'm late on this news but these people are fucking retarded.


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