Aug 18, 2010

Crowbar used to stop savage pitbull attack

A pitbull that attacked another dog in Hastings on Tuesday had to be pried off with a crowbar.

A man who was cycling with the pitbull on a lead was pulled off his bike when it rushed a black labrador, a witness said.

Dog-control officers have now impounded the pitbull.

It's not known how badly the labrador or its owner were injured, but the woman was understood to have received bites to her hand. The attack occurred about 7am on Heretaunga St, near Riverslea Rd.

A witness said the pitbull, which was wearing a red bandanna, couldn't be controlled by its owner. "The guy had it on a lead but it just took off and pulled him off his bike."

The witness, who didn't want to be named, took a crowbar from his vehicle and ran to the other dog owner's aid. "I went over to it and stabbed the crow bar in its mouth and levered it open to get it off the other dog."

The man said the pitbull's owner was apologetic at first, but became aggressive when confronted by other passersby.

"People started telling him he should have had a muzzle on it and he got quite aggressive, saying he would smash over the people, then he took off."

Having seen the attack, the man said he would now back moves to ban pitbulls.

"It could have been pretty nasty if it had been a child or a smaller dog."

Hastings District Council community safety manager Phil Evans said dog-control officers impounded the pitbull.

They were waiting on more details on the attack from police, who interviewed the dog owners and witnesses, and investigating what charges could be laid.

Under Hastings dog bylaws, all pitbulls are classified as menacing, and must be muzzled and on a lead while in public.


  1. At least this incident opened someones eyes to the truth. It also brought out the true character of the owner. I hope the city throws the book at him for violating the law, and puts the dog to sleep.


  2. the mayor in hastings has huge kahones.

    this pit nutter and his thug buddy broke in and stole the dog.

    "Initial investigations indicate the owner had not registered the dog - it wasn't neutered, muzzled in public or even properly under control when it attacked. And just as we get this menacing animal off the street someone has the gall to take it and put it back out there to possibly attack again."

    Yule said the community needs to stand up and say they've had enough of these dogs roaming the streets.

  3. You people are fucking weirdos sayn shit like throw the dog in the incinerator and I hope they put them to sleep. You sound like a bunch of nazi's. Its not the dogs fault it would be the owners laziness to take the time and train his dog. take the time and see what wikipedia has to say about the American pitbull terrier you ignorant fools. The most decorated war dog in our nations history for crying out loud was a pitbull.

  4. You can’t reason with these people so don’t pop a blood vessel trying to explain anything to them. I have recently learned the Golden Retriever and Labrador bites have increased in over thirty years. They don’t make the news because most criminals don’t own Retrievers, most own Pit Bulls because they look intimidating and they want people to think they’re tough. Here is a link that shows that dog bites caused by so called fighting dogs have began to go down but dog bites and bite related fatalities have increased with Newfoundlands, Golden Retrievers and Labradors. Notice how they mentioned other breeds of dogs and not just Pit Bull types. All dogs bite and all dogs can caused fatal injuries or even fatal infections. Does anyone remember the Pomeranian killing the baby girl?


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