Aug 11, 2010

If a Pit Bull is attacking you -

A new hub I ran across.

Do not kick or punch

These animals are very good at taking a beating without being discouraged. Pit bulls are noted for their lack of reaction to pain, and their outstanding tenacity, particularly with those strong jaws that pride themselves in "hanging in there." Obviously, these are beneficial traits for dogs bred to win a fight.

The practical human advantages over this dog are:

most adults are heavier than a pit bull -- think about how this might apply to falling on the animal instead of dancing around while it removes pieces of your flesh;

human beings have nifty little fingers that can poke, grasp, and pull -- with regards to a pit bull, think about how this might apply to their eyes and the collar around their throat, if they have a collar.

Do not play the dog's game; do not fight the dog's fight; you will lose.

Bring the match into your arena, where your skills are beneficial. The pit bull is a killing machine, but it has limitations, not the least of which are its:


squat posture;

collapsible chest cavity; and

soft little eyeballs that can be plucked out.
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  1. great find. great advice. i agree, hitting these ugly fuckers most likely will only increase their aggressive. shoot them, stab them, gouge their eyes out. whatever you do, you need to try to kill them, not just ward them off or disable them.

  2. In general with women, our strongest muscles are in our legs. If attacked by another human, it is wise for a woman to fall on the ground and use her legs to fend off someone. Wouldn't want to do that with a pit but remember to use those legs, grab ahold of something for balance if you can and kick like hell. If you can grab something then you can use both legs at the same time.

  3. Good advice P, nything to protect your neck and carotid Artery.

  4. My husband put a pit in a chokehold. The only thing that made the pit stop trying to kill our dog was loss of consciousness.

  5. Great Find! I'd love to turn the tables on these beasts. Only hope I can keep my presence of mind.


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