Aug 10, 2010

Judge Judy on PIT BULLS

Judge Judy: Do you have grandchildren?

Man: Yes 3.

Judge Judy: Do they come to your house?

Man: Yes all of the time.

Judge Judy: It can happen in a second. Lhasa Apsas doesn't cause alot of damage. Just telling ya sir. I read about it everyday in the paper, and so do you.

Man: I know your honor. I know they are very different dogs and thats why he's well taken care of, he's always home, I walk him.

Judge Judy: Listen to me, so do all of the other people who are owners of this breed, that say I never had a problem with them, [snaps her finger] turn in a minute!


  1. i saw that episode. i like judge judy, i just wish she would stop with the locking jaws stuff. i do believe pit bull jaws lock but it is a result of their determination, not their physiology.

  2. This episode has a lot of nutters in a frenzy, and they are honing in on her locking jaw comments. Many nutters are writing to the network, I guess to try to get Judge Judy off the air because she "hates pit bulls".


  3. Yes, anyone that speaks the truth about Pit Bulls "hates" the breed. She may have saved a life if a Pit Bull owner that was watching caught that truth she was speaking.

  4. What I'm confused about is...the vet bills. The plantiff is suing for over $4,000 and he stated @ 2:07- 2:15 that there were no puncture wounds, piercing wounds, or internal injuries. Where are the medical expenses going to? Superficial scratches?

    My dog was bit on the hind leg by a standard poodle at the dog park, causing a puncture; and the vet bill was only $347. (That WE paid by the way)

    The Vet they went to must have a clinic made out of gold or something.

  5. Locking Jaws - the only people who take this literally are the nutters, and they do it to cast doubt on the inteligence and credibility of the rest of us. Pit bulls bite and latch on instead of normal dogs that bite and let go and move away. The latching on gives the appearance of locking jaws, and this is what everyone has always meant. It's time to start calling the nutters on their nonsense with this one.

  6. Turkey....
    "The latching on gives the appearance of locking jaws"

    Is this why every person that doesn't know anything about the breed has said, "their jaws unhinge and lock on." "They lock their jaws" "their jaws lock"

    That doesn't sound like "latching on"

  7. Im a pit bull owner and i also have a lab and a Pomeranian they been together all the time alone nothing like that has ever happened. You all a bunch of haters. Just need to be responsible dog owner of any breed not just pits.

  8. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!! she doesnt know anything about animals in GENERAL .. lhasa apsas HATE CHILDREN!! they are mean and they bite and this is from personal experince and pitbull are wonderful loyal clownish dogs.. They have a horrible rep and its so sad.. with any breed they need a firm hand and expeirenced leader.. PEOPLE have made this breed mean! they arnt mean by nature!!!

  9. o and another thing pit bulls DONT lock their jaws!! ITS IMPOSSIBLE!! a domestic dogs bite pressure is 320 llbs.. out of a german shepard, pit bull and rottweiler the pit bulls bite is the weakest.

  10. Dear Anonymous pit owner,
    Being a responsible dog owner includes acknowledging what your dog is capable of. I own a border collie and a pit bull. Technically the border collie is more likely to bite a person, but the pit bull is much more able to cause serious injury if he does bite. It is great that all 3 of your dogs have gotten along so far. Personally my pit is crated when we are not at home. Why take a chance? "Out of a german shepard, pit bull and rottweiler the pit bull's bite is the weakest". Might want to do some fact checking there. Pits are the only breed in that group bred to "latch on/lock jaw". Shepards and Rotts are both herding breeds intended to protect/control, but not damage the goods.
    I love my pit, he is a goofy,lovable,cuddly dog.
    I check these sites regularly to remember he is also potentially a loaded gun, whose trigger I can not control.
    Anonymous pit owner who is neither a "nutter" nor "hater" and just trying to be responsible.

  11. there is nothing wrong with pit bulls its the owners my brother and his whife have one and she is the most gentle dog ever and very cute to

  12. For all those who claim 'locking jaws' is an improbable theory spawned by 'nutters,' google Toledo v. Telling and see what you come up with. Scientific research of pitbulls locking their jaws while suspended even after having undergone unconciousness due to tanquilization.(Interpretation for pit bull owners: Dey dint let go even afta bein knocked the f'ck out)

  13. For truthful information about pit bulls, go to - the people that worked with the Vick dogs. (The fact that those dogs were able to be rehabilitated after the horrendous treatment shows their big hearts and courage.)
    Go Maddy - American Staffordshire Terrier - winner of Terrier group in the National Dog Awards.
    And - you know what - they are just dogs. They can do a lot of damage (as can many other dogs) so keep them out of harm's way because no matter what, they will always be blamed (and, ask any reporter, the only newsworthy dog bite is that from a pit - so that's all you hear about) and all dogs should be supervised around children - think of the Pomeranian who killed a baby....


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