Aug 24, 2010

Man Killed In Pit Bull Attack

 A Calaveras County businessman was killed by two of his friend's pit bulls, and the employee is now facing charges, according to authorities.

Mountain Ranch resident Jerry Yates, 69, was attacked on his own property after his employee, tenant and friend's pit bulls escaped their cages.

Yates' son found his body lying between two cars on the property parking area. The son was also attacked after finding the body, but was able to escape.

Deputies said they found a lot of blood on the two vehicles and saw obvious signs Yates was trying to escape when he died.

Friends described Yates as a valued member of the Mountain Ranch community and said the loss would be difficult to bear.

"Truck broke down? Jerry'd come and help you," said friend Doug Josef. "This isn't the way he should've went."

Calaveras County Sheriff's deputies said the pit bulls' owner was arrested and charged with owner neglect and having an animal that caused human death.

The two pit bulls were euthanized by Calaveras County animal control.


  1. How arrogant we humans are to think that we can take an animal and "socialize" it to human standards. Yes, there are many "humans" who can't or won't live up to these standards, but the dog owner (whom I do not know) and the victim (whom I am familiar with)were not among the "irresponsible". This is a tragic, tragic loss that spreads like rings on the lake of our county. The dogs were euthanized WITH THE OWNER'S PERMISSION; how this human tendency to "own" animals has changed her, and so many others', life. All because someone did not think about the animal potential of their "pets". How sad for both families.

  2. it is sickening how these people think they can get a pit, love it, and it is going to be okay. they need to get it through them thick skulls that pits were bred to kill and most of them will eventually.

  3. A lot of the blame comes down on 'humane' societies, people like Jean Donaldson, Ian Dunbar, etc, who keep telling us the pit bull type dog is like any other dog. Shame on them.

    There is one expert who is speaking honestly about pit bull type dogs: Alexandra Semyonova. Anyone interested in hearing real facts instead of propaganda and science whoring should Google her name. Or for a start look at:

    Her book about normal dogs is also really good, in it she has a couple chapters with the truth about the fighting breeds.


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