Aug 2, 2010

Pit bull dog euthanized after injuring owner and guest at small party

A pit bull dog is dead and two people are injured after a weekend incident at a small house party in Surrey.

Pit Bull dog (not the dog involved in attack)

According to the RCMP a 57-year-old man was bitten Saturday by the dog. And as the 22-year-old dog owner fought to get the pit bull to let go of the older victim, he was bitten as well.

A weapon was used to get the dog to let go off its owner.

“The pitbull apparently, to the best of my knowledge, was not used to gatherings and got a little overwrought,” explained Surrey RCMP Staff Sgt. Bruce Anderson.

“They tried to break the dog off the owner, but he wouldn’t release, and unfortunately they used a weapon on the dog resulting in fairly serious injuries.

“By the time we arrived the dog was severely injured and upon request of owner the dog was euthanized by the member.”

Both the dog owner and the other injured man went to hospital for treatment of their non-life threatening injuries and have since been released.

The incident happened in the 108th Avenue and 152nd Street area. No names are being released at this time.


  1. I am glad to see they put the dog down because often the offending dog gets another chance and does the same thing over again.


    Lab/GSD mix wanders into a Dollar store and attacks 3 people. It takes officers 7 shots to kill it.

  3. ^Everyone here who hates Pit Bull and wants them dead will ignore this. The non-lethal solution to he Pit Bull problem; breed out bad genetics such as aggressiveness towards humans and other animals.


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