Aug 13, 2010

North Fla. child apparently attacked by a pitbull

CITRA - Authorities say a child was apparently attacked by a pit bull in north Florida.

The 2-year-old child's mother told authorities that her son was riding his tricycle between her and her neighbor's home on Thursday when she heard him crying and saw him covered in blood.

The woman told authorities that he was bitten by a pit bull. The child was bitten on the left side of head and face and had two puncture wounds on his scalp. Authorities said the wounds weren't life threatening.

The deputy captured the dog and animal services quarantined two pit bulls because of conflicting reports as to which dog had bitten the boy. The dogs weren't up-to-date with their shots. After a 10-day quarantine they will be euthanized because their owners said they don't want them.

1 comment:

  1. How about a Grandmother who was gardening, and a K-9 unit started to suddenly maul her. Then, to only be taken to the hospital in the back of a van because the police officers told her she is "bleeding too much" to sit in their patrol cars.


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